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  1. Saetre

    A complete joke.

    Defending this as balanced is delusional.
  2. One upcoming option of premium Clan MM is to opt out out facing CVs in Clan Battles.
  3. I fully understand that English is your second language, so I've taken the liberty of applying a correction to rectify your post.
  4. I was investigating a crashing issue I had in a few games today, when astonishingly the Wargaming launcher client (WGC) revealed to me an unannounced trade secret. Enjoy: Through Wargaming's client, I learned today that I had actually been using a secret unreleased GeForce RTX 2080Ti 4GB graphics card over the last year and a half. Wow! Huge fax!
  5. Saetre

    203 Mogami

    Indianapolis has always been and always will be among the worst cruisers in the game in terms of survivability. She is fat, slow, can't turn, and takes citadels from angles that would make Minotaur blush. Add to that her miserable gun performance. I am astonished that you think for a moment it is in a better spot than Mogami.
  6. Saetre

    203 Mogami

    Considering she is not one of a select few 30mm plated cruisers, yes. She, as well as the vast majority of T8 cruisers not named Baltimore, is overmatched by 15" guns. Now, there's no denying that her armor scheme leaves a lot to be desired. That's true of almost every T8 cruiser. Charles Martel is no different, Admiral Hipper is hardly tougher (and suffers in numerous other ways). Chapayev is as much of a floating citadel as Mogami. No tech tree T8 cruiser is in a particularly good spot, except perhaps Cleveland, whose wonky layout leads to far more damage reduction than justified.
  7. Saetre

    BB skill ceiling is higher than DD

    I am not as good as the 3 misleading snarky bullies, but let's use mine for your sake. Ships we both have in which I have a higher winrate than you (4): Yorck, Alaska, De Grasse, Myoko Ships we both have in which you have a higher winrate than I (0): - Now, we don't actually share a lot of ships, because you went up UK DDs (which I have not touched) and only have recent premiums. So let's be a little more fair and consider all of them. I'll spare the exact ships and stick to numbers this time. Orange numbers will represent your own account, and Blue will represent mine. Ships in which you have over 70% winrate (0) (65) Ships in which you have over 60% winrate (0) (122) Ships in which you have over 50% winrate (3) (145) Ships in which you have under 50% winrate (10) (19) Ratio of positive to negative ship winrates: (0.3) (7.6) unsimplified, (3:10) (145:19) Overall, I have played 138 different ships in which I have achieved a higher winrate than you have in any ship you have played. I can't wait.
  8. Saetre

    Resource cost of Puerto Rico

    The cost is two hurricanes [wins].
  9. Saetre

    Smolenks dmg score thread

    When someone chimes in that 200-300k is normal and easy in ships XYZ, when they haven't accomplished it themselves, they opened that door. It being used to defend this brokenly OP monstrosity is why I responded.
  10. I'm sure we're not questioning the immorality of the Nazi regime in this thread, only that the Stalin regime wasn't also bad, and no amount of genocide on one side makes torpedoing a refugee ship a moral, much less commendable act. Bad is bad. The Germans did a lot of the same thing, such as Lusitania in WW1 - and her being an auxiliary cruiser in British records doesn't mitigate the horror there either. No acts of this kind were anything but reprehensible. I'm proud of my family in which my grandfather flew Catalinas in the Pacific. I also doubt the Germans subjected to the Soviet advance through eastern Germany would consider themselves let off easily.....but another time.
  11. Saetre

    Smolenks dmg score thread

    Yet in your Massachusetts your max damage is 185k, Iowa 189k, Alabama 138k, Norcal 127k, Musashi 141k, oops. Is it fairly normal or are you just below the curve?
  12. Saetre

    Matches like this should never launch.

    You are a pine cone. but Vak, that's the only place they can compete! High tiers are 'stale'!
  13. Saetre

    Matches like this should never launch.

    Busy being a contributing member of society now. Less time to worry about WGs problems. Highly enjoying Smolensk thusfar though, the few games I've played. You could say this thread doesn't contribute one iota of value.