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  1. GE_Capital

    Take Command Tuesday - Your Warship

    I would choose the Giulio Cesare, since while in the middle of captainship it would magically be uprated.
  2. Averaging in the 200-300k range is not normal. Even for the best players on the server. Overpowered/meta ships, such as the Graf Zeppelin (pre-rework) and Henri IV only get to 130-170k. Most other T10s, good players average in the lower 100s. Meanwhile, @Gaishu_Isshoku broke the all-time highest damage Random Battle record for the NA server. That's any ship. A mere week after this was released. He did 550k damage. That's not possible with most other ships.
  3. GE_Capital

    Remove Carriers from Surface Warfare

    You lost everyone when you started ranting about radar, HE, and chat bans. Grow up.
  4. GE_Capital

    320k average Hakuryu damage is fine, right?

    Keep up? I was the #1 by average damage Graf Zeppelin player during the majority of its live server time. (Rested at #2 by a couple hundred points). He is outscoring that horribly broken and OP ship by a factor of 2.6. You have no idea what in the holy [edited] is going on. Jesus, do you even know what it means to get 440k damage? Do you even know what it means to get 300k damage? (Or should I look at your account and see you haven't reached that?) Much less AVERAGE that number? That's not something that will "smooth out" statistically or get fixed by messing with numbers.
  5. GE_Capital

    320k average Hakuryu damage is fine, right?

    This shows a severe lack of understanding in statistics. Let me demonstrate simply: How many battles do you have above 320k damage?
  6. GE_Capital

    Post CV first impressions here.

    Playing CVs I can see being fun...after awhile. Playing surface ships is now just annoying. There's way too much going on. It feels like I'm playing pinball, or at a casino, or maybe a crowded beach or something. Unfortunately this is not a numbers or balance issue rather than systemic. Swing and a miss. You gave it a good college try. Hang up the hat on the rework or save it for Xbox or something. But for us..... Roll this crapback and realize the "devil you know" is wayyyy more friendly.
  7. GE_Capital

    Please Stop the Clan Battles Notifications

    Maybe WG thinks you're interested in Clan battles because you joined a Clan.
  8. This coming from a player who scores over 2.5x as much average damage in his "not powerful" battleships.
  9. GE_Capital

    Way to turn off new AA visual Effects?

    This is your problem.
  10. GE_Capital

    Way to turn off new AA visual Effects?

    Once you've put thousands of hours into the game I don't buy the argument that you can't afford to spend some time at a short gig to pay for a better PC. It's silly. Mmm, as long as your hardware is reasonably good I'd look at drivers, hardware malfunctions, file integrity, etc. The game can be sensitive to those things. It is very much a canary in a coal mine. When I replaced components or drivers that were even remotely faulty, the game had far fewer issues. Like any regularly-updated game, it will still crash on occasion. More than once every ~50 battles indicates a problem on the user's end.
  11. GE_Capital

    Way to turn off new AA visual Effects?

    Game isn't the problem, your Celeron and integrated graphics are. A new $400 coomputer runs this game perfectly with no issues, consider upgrading.
  12. GE_Capital

    Opt out for cv

    Welcome to the new age of WOWS posting.
  13. GE_Capital

    cv opt out

    Look, the same tired "REEE CVS LOWER GAMETIME" argument, mixed with some weird thing about WG experimenting in player retention that is about the least strong argument in this thread. You have an imagination. I'm also pretty sure you don't play the game and haven't in years. So why are you here?
  14. GE_Capital

    Where are The Nelsons Torpedo Tubes?

    Wouldn't be a mid-January week without a pointless, already-answered question from the OP. The developers made a choice to not include any submerged BB torpedo tubes. This is not subject to change. Please stop asking.