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  1. Buying in multiples of ten gave you a boosted chance.
  2. Absolutely. I had a screenshot, but it got lost when I reformatted my hard drive.
  3. When I bought the most expensive pack of Santa Crates, the first one I opened actually told me it would reward me with +2% WR overall within three hundred games.
  4. I have been greatly enjoying playing the latest premium IJN battleship. Fast, great alpha potential and DPM. But it's always spotted, and has a poor armor profile. You'd think people would be falling over eachother to get their free damage on it, or to simply take the glass cannon out of the match. I suspect these folks in this game from last night bought in a little too much to the assertions this was a "garbage boat" or a "meh boat" and didn't acknowledge the threat. Zero damage taken, and less potential damage than my HP. And it's not like I was sniping, either - this ship's accuracy at range is abhorrent - I pushed an entire flank, three kills and good damage.
  5. I'm gonna send you this replay later just to show you the level of inanity the enemies displayed.
  6. #warpack confirmed. Only the most intelligent players in the game (Notser comes to mind) can achieve spectacular results without cheats.
  7. Nah, it hasn't always been the case - have had several games in it. Just a first for any ship of mine that isn't a DD.
  8. Turns out people don't even read, or notice the bold text. Shocker.
  9. Who cares why, really. It's just out of the ordinary that an entire team lets a top tier battleship just waltz up and dump them, never responding. See:
  10. I sure hope not, considering that would reverse years of WG policy.
  11. The problem here is not the Ashitaka. It's that nobody shot at me.
  12. Indeed. Hence why you probably should not outright ignore any....especially a top tier BB.
  13. It's a great reference, because it's a famous game and they spell it out so [edited]clearly. Eat a snickers.
  14. Go pick up a board game since you think that, as WG has no intention of reinventing the wheel with squares when it comes to MMOs. Successful ones ignore scrubs and balance off of unicums. That's just how the systems work - the successful systems, that is.
  15. League of Legends thinks it's nonsense, and they do pretty well on the money front (and playerbase) compared to this game.
  16. I want to experience again the majesty that was NavyField HA. I remain hopeful we could see something as epic in the future of Warships. Until that time comes, I will gather as many ships as possible to be ready.
  17. You think this game should be balanced based off of complaint volume? Yes, that's nonsense.
  18. Repeating nonsense loudly does not make said nonsense any less that. Reymu, reymu....You're a bright guy but clearly the balance side of things escapes you. CVs are balanced within tier, generally, by the amount of aircraft airborne. Shoukaku has six squadrons with four planes each - 24. Lexington, the reverse, still 24. AS changes the totals mildly (28 vs 27) but the idea remains. Giving Lexington another squadron - making it 30 vs 24 - is not balance. Have you seen the T10 stats since the patch? Hakuryu has the lowest winrate at T10, because WG missed the mark - Hakuryu puts up 32 planes to Midway's 36 and Midway's other advantages compound it. Or just remove it because it's nonsense. Ending DFAA....that'd be OP. No, that rewards poor play. Agreed, but not capable within WGs coding. I can see it right now. Average games in the Midway getting 2500, 3000 base exp. But it's not a bad suggestion, just would need refinement. +1
  19. Massive, blatant AA buffs that I've seen posted over and over (under the guise of encouraging team play) are not going to help underperforming CV pilots.
  20. All of the "suggestions" in this thread are laughable attempts that would only serve to eradicate the CV population.
  21. So they're completely incompetent and haven't managed to shorten games on average, yet still want to keep trying.
  22. Please feel free to repeat or simply link your previous response.
  23. Did you graduate with a Masters from the Nikolai School of Balans, comrade?
  24. As a follow-up to Grizley, the system cannot anticipate which ship will be hit by the shells - players dodging, etc or even other ships running into the shells ensures this (as the ship you lock onto may not be the ship you hit). Due to the mechanic of different tiers and ship types having different fire vulnerability coefficients, the calculation cannot be made until the shell connects with its target.