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  1. Does it say "ship torpedoes" in the mission description?
  2. uninstalling this game

    @Crucis, you are an incredible liability on this forum. Everything you present revolves around sheltering noobs and snowflakes and assuring that any modicum of fun beyond manipulating a mouse & keyboard is left behind. No matter how badly the numbers and experts disagree with your conclusions. Your attitude and stance is the bane of this forum and I eagerly await the day you permanently excuse yourself from it.
  3. Snowflakes, this issue has been prevalent for at least 18 hours, on and off. WeeGee isn't out to waste your 4 cents of premium time by shutting down for an hour. Chill.
  4. I run vanilla. Until this mod, I had no issue with anything in the official or Aslain's modpack. This, however......friend showed me it a few weeks ago, this is unfair and should not be allowed. I would feel shameful using it.
  5. Yes Midway's double digit advantage over Hakuryu clearly indicates abysmally poor performance. PS Hak has the lowest winrate on the server.
  6. Kurfurst secondary build.

    Wha.....? OK, where do we start..... First: IFHE affects all things. I use it on my KGV so I never have to change ammo. It affects KGV, it affects 128mm secondaries, and it affects 150mm secondaries. It affects everything. Am I unclear? Next: German 105s have been relegated to garbage status. Little damage, atmospheric flight time, and recently now abysmal fire chance. Finally, even picking IFHE on either ship is awful, because most secondary damage occurs from fires starting.
  7. Hahahahaha. I'm sure you're shaking in your boots when a cruiser pops up at 12km. Basic competence / not driving a German battleships saves you from most of this damage. ....You don't think being damaged by your own class happens to literally every other one too? Except when an AP shell double penetrates for 10k damage. Do you really want to take a gander at survivability rates versus cruisers and DDs? You're gonna lose that argument badly.
  8. Unnecessary Hate

    So link us to where WG stated they did those things because CVs don't belong in the game - oh wait, they didn't, because that's just your crap-for-brains interpretation. So that's a CV problem, not a noob problem? What's the difference between this and a Shima spending 15 torps on a 1k health BB 10km away? Nothing. So interrupting knife-fights from 20km away is only okay as long as battleships do it. This logic is completely unbeatable. And suggesting CVs are not yet in CW because....they interrupt knife-fighting. Brilliant. Wow. You conceded this, thanks. Lone BB is the key player, because it's the only one in the match that can do what it does, and the skill of the BB player in CW makes or breaks the team. Wow! Look at what happens when you restrict ships to one per side! AKA, you just like [edited] about anything that harms your DD gameplay. Well, we all knew that already, thanks for reiterating that. Your argument was so nonsensical I had no other response. In fact, I did. Your data showed that matches with CVs, on average, were longer than those without. Trying to draw any other conclusion from that data, which was clear, is intellectually dishonest, no matter how badly you want to push your agenda. So do BBs hurt it too? They got hit hard by CW rules too.
  9. Unnecessary Hate

    because AA is overwhelming, this is basic knowledge. In early matches during the tournament (aka bad teams) I was putting up 100-150k damage a match.
  10. Unnecessary Hate

    Forget logic. The "Say it enough times and it's true" approach. How novel for you....oh, wait. CVs kill stealing....forget the part you think KS is a problem, that's hilarious on its own, but you genuinely believe CVs do it more than other classes. Priceless. You do realize what battleships do every game, right? In a match with one DD, what's the key ship? In CW, with one BB, what's the key ship? Radar and hydro exist too, including stealth radar. I wish I could press a button to disable enemy radar like I can planes! Oh, but I am immersed in enjoyment of your salty baby tears. Once again proven wrong by your own statistics you collected, but who cares about pesky facts! By hurting it. Brilliant.
  11. Yes, that's exactly the effect of removing manual drops. You will never hit a DD, and rarely hit a cruiser, unless either player is a complete moron.
  12. Unnecessary Hate

    vision is worth [edited] all in randoms beyond keeping DDs from being cheeky. why do you think USN AS spec had the worst winrate of any loadout. damage wins games. this is why I hate people who don't play CVs talking all about how they work.
  13. MIdway Fighter Nerf

    They are easily usable. It is not difficult to score very highly with current USN CVs. It *is* difficult to score very highly with Hakuryu against a semi-competent Midway. There is a reason Hakuryu has the lowest winrate in the game. That's because you don't understand comp play. GZ testing is following a schedule laid out in week one. Not their fault you don't like the schedule. Saipan is dumb. Anyone who took 3-fighter Ryujo, Hiryu, Shokaku, or Taiho into randoms was a guaranteed potato, same with AS Bogue, so those are irrelevant and your inability to defeat them reflects more upon yourself than anything else. You...do realize 2-fighter Midway was always able to do this, but suffered in strike power to compensate previous to this patch....right?
  14. MIdway Fighter Nerf

    Hakuryu, since previous patch, by far the lowest winrate ship in the game. WeeGee attempts to balance it ASAP. Forumites outraged at this injustice!