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  1. I believe that 'feature' was in some of the Alpha or Beta versions. It proved to be hilariously broken.
  2. Hahahahaha. You're funny.
  3. I have my own opinions, and these are more relevant here as it is NA meta and not EU meta. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/136804-graf-zeppelin-testing-thread/?page=2
  4. After playing a lot of the GZ 1 and GZ 2 tonight - a few thoughts: The fighters are totally inadequate. There's no getting around it. They have very low ammo, underwhelming DPS, and are too fragile. Dogfightig Expert does not seem to alleviate this in any noticeable way. I have come to appreciate their speed more. Many more interception opportunities are possible than with the other T8 CVs. But it's not enough of an advantage to offset their other issues. Now, the redesigned dive bombers...where to begin? Fragility, for one. Like the fighters, they suffer from tissue-paper-plane syndrome. Especially to AA, but even moreso to strafes. I had several instances tonight where I would be dodging strafes, and get clipped and lose half (three per squad) of the bombers. In a similar situation with three squads on the Shoukaku, Lexington, or Enterprise I may lose one or rarely two per squadron. I will note that damage output between the two types was largely consistent (!) despite the superior pattern of GZ1. GZ2's ability to not give a damn about the angle of attack meant it spent less time inside AA, and therefore more planes survived each attack, and went out to do further strikes despite landing fewer bombs per strike. I ran out of bombers nearly every game, usually because lolpowercreepAA at tiers 8-10 (the only games it seems to see). This exacerbates the last issue: plane reserves. For a CV with fragile planes, guaranteed to lose many against all but the weakest foes, its reserve plane capacity is seriously poor. You will run out of planes, and which loadout (GZ1 or GZ2) merely influences how soon. On a brighter note, the secondaries are trolltastic. They have the lowest dispersion in the game, achieving often up to a 75% (!) hit rate in a round, and around 40% on anything that's not a 47 knot Russian ship with Loony-Tunes acceleration and turning. Some fast targets included Kiev (who didn't utilize cartoon physics), Gearing, Lo Yang, Shimakaze, and others. Some such as an unfortunate Tirpitz, Lion, and Missouri fell victim to nearly 90% hit rates and many, many fires. The 150mm guns are especially deadly, since they penetrate 32mm plating.
  5. Any destroyer (and any other ship for that matter) can take an unlimited number of torpedoes to its bow or stern. This is not difficult to understand.
  6. Monarch as well. Has fires per minute in-line with the other T8 BBs. Pretty much plays like a NorCal without the AA but marginally better in other areas (concealment, maneuverability, etc)
  7. Not again....
  8. Yes, I'm actually investigating reasons people do not use them so as to influence future seat belt design.
  9. What part about seat belts do you hate the most? I'm looking for some qualitative answers about seat belts. I personally wear mine all the time, and think it's very important, but I know a few people who choose not to, whether it's uncomfortable, unnecessary, etc. so I wanted to get some opinions from you guys.
  10. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/136804-graf-zeppelin-testing-thread/ All of that information you requested and more.
  11. Sounds like a bunch of BB mains whining.
  12. E-lawyering doesn't change the fact that the presence of CVs makes games longer on average. The details are immaterial when your thesis was that.
  13. After initial testing with the Minsk I have chosen to discontinue the test. It takes forever with this ship.
  14. Testing has started. Enemies are stock Nassaus (33100 health). Akizuki: 8% fire chance (DE, flags, no IFHE). 1354 shell hits so far recorded, 76 fires. Perhaps 100 hits can be discounted due to excess from salvos. This places us at 6.5%. Will update at halfway. Edit: Another way to correct for salvo excess may be this. If we correct the Akizuki to 8% chance (by 'adding' fires), then apply that same bonus fairly to the Minsk (at a 5/8 ratio to give consideration to the lower broadside volley). Would anyone be opposed to this?