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  1. I've talked about NF and WOWS CV gameplay previously at length, no need to rehash it in detail.
  2. A quaint breeze blows in, and you can barely make out the words, "NavyFIELD made CVs work in an identical format, WG can too." Unfortunately, it ends up mostly drowned out by the cries of players in Kurfursts and Bismarcks, "mY bAtTLeShIp GaMePLaY iS rUiNeD bY cVs", as they sail in straight lines and eat 20km Shimakaze torps that were spotted ten minutes ago (and then whining about those).
  3. I'd like to see your economics degree, please. Or your successful enterprise. What's that? None? You are not smart by using silly psych 101 terms. It is not convincing (nor right, in fact). It is a joke.
  4. Well-aware you still read the post. And have no answer.
  5. For a guy all about evidence and empirical observation, it's amusing you deny the very well-researched correlation between people trying to succeed in competitive games, and in life.
  6. It's quite simple, really. Our skill gap demonstrates that you are much less capable of understanding the simple concepts that the game is built around than I am, and it is readily linkable to outside of the game. Your endless tirades about oft-misused debate concepts only serve to support that conclusion.
  7. Hardly seems to be the case, given my extensive education, work experience, and for our direct comparison - the skill gap between us in the game.
  8. 48%er's got some big opinions. Maybe he should spend less time on the forums and more time polishing (or, rather, heavily reforming) his skills in-game before he points fingers at other people's plays.
  9. Zarth seems to really love semantics. Nothing he 'argues' in response to people has any bearing on the subject.
  10. Well, that certainly sounds like a seal-clubbing justification from someone who can't make it at high tiers.
  11. Well, these 'stupid people' are winning tournaments and setting records, so.....
  12. It costs you all credibility, and given how often you post on the forums along with your insatiable ego, that's quite a lot.