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  1. As a CV SL captain I'm well aware of the NC's abilities. There was something up with this Lion, I've never seen my squadrons in any match disappear as quickly as they did entering the Lion's mid range AA.
  2. It sounds like this is the case. That level of AA is still absolutely insane - per barrel, the Bofors on the Lion do about 60% more damage than those on the Montana (and other USN ships). The normal dual Bofors mounts on the Lion do double that of dual Bofors mounts on USN ships. It's inane.
  3. Here's my toy car: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwCRAYLBbWH7V3NhZ3Zydjh0RWs/view?usp=sharing It's a surprisingly competent all-rounder. 360whp, does 13s, and has a very predictable chassis plus hydraulic suspension. Mostly do drags and drifting, though I've taken it to some cone dancing events to support the local community (I lead the University's car organization, so I'm obligated). Though it's most at home at high speeds, something I won't exactly post here. I torched the original trans a couple of months back, and my 6-speed manual is clearing customs from Hungary right now and will be in the car within a couple weeks.
  4. They did not die within short range AA - they were outside long-range drop, so close to 4km. And the short range DPS is pathetic.
  5. Hello, With everyone up in arms about the smoke nerf, another issue has shown its ugly face that is flying a bit under the radar - the AA values on late tier British battleships. I had the immense displeasure of meeting a Lion in my Enterprise, and looked up these values afterwards. 2200 DPS. 2500 DPS. Those are the approximate damage of the Bofors and STAAG mounts combined on each the Lion and Conqueror. This does not include their long range mounts (add in approximately ~300 for that without manual AA). This is with defensive fire running, AA spec'd. I am fairly sure these are the highest DPS values at mid range in the entire game, bar none. This is compounded by another issue - as far as I can tell, they do not panic bombers. You cannot tell when the defensive fire is running. I lost one round of Enterprise bombers - all 22 - each squad instantly when they breached the bubble. I thought it was a bug, or just really bad RNG, so I sent another round in - and lost every plane, again, without any ordinance released on either run. So let's get this straight. Wargaming has stated, fairly recently, that battleship populations are a bit high. So on their new battleship line, they include radar, super heal, and defensive fire. No weaknesses, right? Actually, they appear to take more damage than usual from battleship AP. Wargaming's solution to a glut of battleships - make a BB line virtually immune to anything other than BBs.
  6. Take a long, hard look at my stats in each US CV and tell me what I play AS in. (Hint: none). Now, no more from me - I simply had to quash the insinuation I play AS.
  7. It also has a chassis so prone to snap oversteer it makes a Diablo blush. It also makes the NSX look composed in inclement weather. The technical grip is Corvette-level overperformance, sure. Combined with a small track and quick rack make it a great cone dancer. One of the best cars for cone dancing. But it really lacks the power to compete on anything with straightaways beyond 3rd gear. I'd be a lot harsher if you liked Miatas, or Subarus, or something. S2Ks fill a performance niche well. Still slow
  8. People undervalue that airspeed change. It has its uses, though I'll choose to remain tight-lipped about which CVs and situations I pick it. Keeping my advantage thanks.
  9. Too bad S2Ks are slow
  10. Honestly, how has this thread not been nuked by now? Are the mods on strike? Being bribed? Or looking for their next partner here?
  11. While true. About a half dozen other CV mains and I did a ton of testing in training room regarding the actual usefulness of this skill. Honestly discovered that due to the implementation of AA RNG, it was more punishing to the attack squads to remain in the bubble despite the health increase. It's a stupid, bad skill.
  12. Ah, yes - I seem to remember reading something like that in Friedman. No, drivetrain vibrations (what I assume you are talking about) are not a consideration. For one, any cylinder configuration based on a straight six (I6, V12, etc) is naturally balanced based on firing order. Others (V8s V6s I4s etc) are balanced in other ways but usually well enough to not matter. Between transmission and wheels, there's very little opportunity for vibration - the closest thing I can think of is material fault in a driveline but that typically ends catastrophically before it would be a power leak.
  13. Enterprise is literally a superior Shoukaku that can't mount three fighters (and so will never be relevant in competition play).
  14. Ironically, even with cars, weight actually has very little to do with top speed as well. It simply seems that way, to most people, because heavier cars tend to have worse Cd and larger cross sections (and obviously poorer acceleration). Following that line of thought, if Khabarovsk uses the same hull as Tashkent, the damned ship can weigh 100,000t and it wouldn't affect top speed, bouyancy aside. But again, something about Khab acceleration being unrealistic....