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  1. Scrub CV.
  2. You shot at a teammate because he didn't move his Shimakaze into a spotting role.
  3. No different than hitting the 50mm deck of a Yamato. It's autobounce.
  4. Ah....so this is why the ignore function exists. Congratulations on being the first and only poster on the list.
  5. I do not compromise integrity for the sake of appeasing a veritable chimpanzee of a poster.
  6. They get slaughtered by enemy fighters protecting said formation. I have 70s-80s winrates and unicum avg damage playing strike US CVs, I'm aware of how to operate under ineffective fighter cover They are not faster than empty dive bombers. This is easily shown in training room. I'm not sure if you are poorly interpreting my posts or something else, but.... AA is why their health matters. High-health planes resist AA exponentially better. Every 25% difference in health (say, 2000 versus 2500) equates to up to a 2.0x slower shootdown rate, depending on the ship. And in competitive play, those destroyers that usually put out 50dps are putting out 600. So it's quite stark.
  7. Incapability of properly contesting enemy strikes, and inability to ensure your own get through, is more what I was getting at. Relying on randoms to hit targets you spot is an optimistic outlook on the game's average player. They are marginap scouts because they have the lowest health of any fighter, and are slower and have much less health compared to empty IJN and USN dive bombers. On a level of play where that kind of scouting is truly relevant, DDs are carrying AA, and GZ fighters drop like flies.
  8. Absolutely not the case. The double fighter squads were useful for marginal scouting only. The new single squad can take on an entire CV's loadout at once.
  9. On the contrary, the single fighter squadron is broken beyond belief. I have been shutting down Enterprise, AS Lex, and AS Shoukaku like nobody's business with it. Other fighters can't compete, whereas before GZ couldn't.
  10. They announced this is likely the final round, with one more possible, of test ships and that the release will be rapidly afterwards. Given the likelihood of a complete overhaul, rendering the GZ-specific skills that would have been developed, useless, I'm not losing sleep. The bomb timer is all but guaranteed to disappear or be irrelevantly short. Fighter tactics are no different than traditional IJN CV ones, that is if the fighters remain as two 5-squads (which I highly suspect it will). Several versions have been identical to original GZ, but with buffed plane stats. Objectively, they were better.
  11. It's put quite a damper on my weekend. I responded to a derail of a derail, if we're fair. This topic was pretty DOA anyways, I doubt anyone's feelings are hurt. I have more than that number of public battles while evaluating revised Graf Zeppelin Test ships, and many hours into writing responses, after recognizing I was one of the few (if not only) people testing the ship with comp experience in CVs. I take the testing very seriously (read: do a lot of it), so rest assured I am playing the ship in some capacity while trying to ensure it isn't hamstrung in a way only pros would catch. 'Till that's over I won't be playing original GZ, because it's worse, and why learn a ship that is going to disappear soon? Time better spent getting gud at Moskva for CW or acquiring Hindy for the same reason.
  12. I should preface this by informing you I'm in a very foul mood following being DDOS'd during SL finals. Filling a post with unfounded condescension isn't forgotten by ending it with "fair winds". Anyways, it's just a public service. The amount of everyone's time you wasted in the other thread, that could have been avoided with you possessing a few more IQ points, probably would have been enough to cure cancer. I'm simply ensuring that doesn't happen again. Git gud and read more before you try to talk game mechanics. Until then I may as well listen to my dog talk about HE bombs. She is more likely to come to a correct conclusion than your clown [edited]. Taichunger feeds on stupidity without realizing it sometimes, so I chose to clue him in.
  13. While I disagree fundamentally with how you interpreted your own data on game lengths, I do respect you enough to give you a piece of advice regarding the poster you're arguing with: don't. He's a moron. He tried to use "personal experience and empirical data" to explain that HE bombs did more damage to KM and IJN BBs. It took a half dozen people to explain to him that wasn't how HE damage worked before he gave up. And he thinks the GZ is awesome.
  14. "HE is op" -battleship player A tale as old as time.
  15. Quite a scathing accusation. Do you want to know the combined number of Ryujo, Hiryu, Shoukaku, Taiho, and Hakuryu games I've played this month? Zero. Last month? Two in Hakuryu. The last six months? Maybe 20 total. But go ahead and keep raving about what I play or don't play. I haven't spent much time in CVs besides Enterprise, Midway, and GZ testing because I've been working on my cruiser play. Otherwise, I'd be playing more Essex and probably Ranger. But please, tell me more about dishonesty. I take it incredibly seriously.