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  1. Caption the profile image above you.

    Y u no liek soup?!
  2. Omg those are hilarious! I'm crying :)
  3. Kamikaze (and her sisters) is a very interesting, and seriously OP ship in good hands. It has better torps than the IJN "Torpedo" DD, and better guns than the IJN "Gunbote" DD, so it can comfortably fill either of those roles. Couple that with the best-in-category detection range (equal to that of other IJN DDs) and you've got yourself a very potent and versatile package. Yes, it will still struggle going toe to toe against the true gunbotes like USN, German, or Soviet DDs, but she'll see them coming long before they can see her, and if left unchecked will cause severe case of NaCl among enemy team's battleship drivers. Oh, did I mention she can spit torpedoes out at around the same rate most BBs fire their guns? Yeah...
  4. I laughed so hard at that line when I first heard it during processing for the mod :) And still do every time I hear it ingame.
  5. I'd like to insert a shameless plug for my own tool that allows for a much more streamlined and easier (all in one, no extra conversion tools necessary) editing of the global.mo file.
  6. Moreover I am not even sure the current WoWS client actually supports sound mods differentiating between nations. I'd have to dig deeper, but for now it would seem that the client itself picks the sound pack from language groups (each language is a separate VO pack, just like Mermaid's Wrath is), and selecting a mod overrides that. Which is also why MW now overrides the anime captains as well. Regarding anime captain override: in theory, I cound merge the ARP and HSF mod.xml data into MW's mod.xml, but it would result in a veritable mess of data inside it. Very hard to maintain. Also I do not recall there being any national signals/flags for the voice events for the mod.xml, so there's that.
  7. Name replacer tool has been updated for your convenience! Grab the new file from the main post. The mentioned Magic™ involves the tool's ability to automagically find the source file and put the converted file into appropriate folder, as long as the tool itself is placed into WoWS's root folder. Just a single button click after patch and you're ready!
  8. None that I know of, outside of the stats tracking websites like warships.today or https://na.wows-numbers.com/WoWS Stats & Numbers.
  9. Slowly backs out of the thread while maintaining eye contact... ... I, uh, I'm needed in another cap circle! ... ... engages engine boost and runs away as fast as possible.
  10. Premium Browsing...I Need Help

    The Molotov has a rather dubious honor of having less armor than a Leander (which in itself is quite an achievement), while having much larger citadel and lack of smoke. It is a glass cannon in the truest sense of the word. The guns are great, but it'll spontaneously explode if anyone as much as sneezes in its general direction. With that said, it's a rather enjoyable ship if you know how to play it. Atago is another favourite of mine. A pure-bred IJN CA that has repair kit, awesome guns, great concealment, and can actually launch torpedoes forwards.
  11. I really don't see a problem with Wargaming just putting in an extra restriction in division queueing to only allow CVs to que if they are of same tier as other ships in the division. Anchoring problem solved, fail divisions can still que if they want to.
  12. Mermaid's Wrath v2.0! Now with 100% more of Soup Loli! Also, that's Lieutenant Soup Loli for you :)
  13. It has finally happened!!! Cheering ensues
  14. Oh, right! It is in there! :) Shows how much attention I gave the files when processing them, lol...
  15. I think that line was specifically for trailer. The rest, though, are indeed present in the v2.0 files! Coming soon™ to WoWS forums near you!