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  1. Emails from Wargaming in Spanish -- halp

    Uh, I'm sorry, I have deleted the mail already. I can forward you the next one I receive!
  2. Since about a week or two ago I've started receiving emails from wargaming (promotions, newsletters, etc.) in Spanish for some reason. Is there something i can do to make them in English again? Please send halp.
  3. Yeah, that's about what my own experience says. Looks like for now you'll have to put empty structures for the unused events.
  4. Oh, well, that one's outside of my jurisdiction, I'm afraid. Also it's an outdated thread.
  5. Get your Wows Unpacker here (

    Well, unfortunately, I don't have Steam client, so can't help with anything beyond that. Maybe someone else can. And you're welcome!
  6. Had a little snafu, and afterwards decided to consolidate everything into one thread for accessibility reasons. And there's more to come soon™. Uh, where's this text in, exactly? If there's a borken link in the root post of this thread, let me know!
  7. Get your Wows Unpacker here (

    Are you sure you're using the most recent version of unpacker and unpacker GUI? They updated it with 0.7.6. There ya go: camouflages.xml
  8. I don't think there'll ever be a male version of this project, unless someone else completely starts their own one. IIRC this project was born out of will to reduce the sausage fest that is vanilla WoWS client :)
  9. There is one! Subscribe to the thread and you'll get notified when I post new updates! As for automated update, yes, that is in the future plans when we have a dedicated installer for the modpack.
  10. Guess what? More updates! And it's not Windows 10! Updated the Crew Member Names tool to now properly include the new Pan-American crew members. So now they will not only look properly, but will also have appropriate names! All you have is to re-download the global.mo file from the linky above, or download and re-apply the tool!
  11. .mo file editor [v1.2]

    Updated the tool with some more quality of life: multiselect. Enjoy!
  12. V2.0 captain portraits mod has been released! Includes portraits for future Pan-American captains spotted in the client. Note: the Historical pack has not been updated, but you will need to re-apply it once you update the base pack.
  13. New Captain Names replacement file is available for the most recent client version! That is, if you don't use my magic tool. If you do, you don't need this! p.s. we're still working on the Azur/HSF captain lines that get through, but progress is hampered by the fact that i do not have any.