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  1. In my view, the biggest problem with CV really stems from its real life source. Quick history recap: arrival of CVs turned naval fleet balance on its head. If you look at the naval tactics and squadron composition, it really splits up into "before CV" and "after CV". No other ship class has had such a severe impact on how naval battles are fought. Why? Damage projection and battlefield control. While many ship classes have toyed with ability to launch planes, to varying degrees of success, CVs took the idea and cranked it up to 11. Having planes allows the CV unprecedented presence on the battlefield and reach distance. Up till then battleships were the kings of the high seas, having heavy firepower and extensive range of 15-25 nmi. Enter CVs, with plane range of over a hundred nmi, easily. That's an order of magnitude more! CV is the main reason to why BBs are extinct or limited to being (sometimes) floating museums. This very same reason makes CVs so potent in this game as well. CV has the absolutely unbeatable ability to see anywhere and strike anywhere, and do so without any significant threat to itself. If focused a CV can easily shut down and destroy any ship anywhere on the map. The only ship class capable of countering the CV without relying on team support is another CV. All other ships must rely on teamwork to fend the CV off. And how much teamwork do you actually see in your typical random match? This disparity and superiority of CVs over any other ship class is why we can only have one or two of them per team, and from there stems the other issue. It's not about the skill ceiling or floor, its about the case when a below-average CV player meets a good CV player and gets absolutely dominated. There are no other CVs on their team to pick up the slack, which results in the better player easily achieving air superiority and ability to project their firepower onto any enemy of their choosing nearly unopposed. So, basically, the problem with CVs is that you need another CV to keep the enemy in check. And if the skill gap between players is too great (or even just RNG gods prefering one over the other), you end up with a greatly superior ship running free doing whatever they want to. There really is no easy solution to this problem. In a more or less rock-paper-scissors balance of other classes CV is the shotgun. The most reasonable solution would be scrapping the class as a whole and returning it to the drawing table. Or not returning it at all. Making the CV fun to play as and against will require a lot of effort from the developers. And I'm pretty sure they are aware of this.
  2. I'm all up for having different ops for different tiers. The more the better. PvE aspect of WoWs has long been in the state of the proverbial ginger step child, and any additions and love for it is welcome. But reducing eligibility for something that was already limited to only two tiers is ridiculous.
  3. Been around since CBT. Just don't post much.
  4. Not according to the poll votes. Who's the minority here again?
  5. Not all of us can afford to free-exp their way through entire ships. Especially the newer players who may not even have enough free exp on their ships to do so. That's a very assholeish view. So you're in for denying a PvE thing to entire tier of ships just because you don't like tier 5 ships in your matches? Well news flash for you, some of those players in T5 ships do better in their T5 botes than most of you in your T6 ones. In my case Ops was a great way to bring more than two of my friends together for some warship violencing. And not all of them even have T6 ships yet. So what are they supposed to do now? Sit on the bench and watch the big boys have fun without them? First and foremost, Ops is a co-operative game mode. Not a place for [edited] measuring.
  6. I wasn't arguing about that. 1-1-1 indy is my ship of choice for all of the ops. But you realize that in order to play Independence you have to get through the Bogue, right?
  7. I disagree on the Bogue. AS Bogue can still be super useful in some of the CV heavy OPs, like Raptor Rescue or the Aegis. Yes, it cannot help you with killing enemy CVs directly, but it still can safeguard friendly ships and, most importantly, spot for you. This change is nonsense, as it removes players from the Ops que instead of making it more fun for everyone.
  8. I just had a bot earn "Eat It, Toaster!" achievement for two kills. We had no bots on our team. So it's just two enemy ships in co-op battle :)
  9. Played a battle in Co-op, smoke appears to be working again properly. Only was spotted once enemy ship got within guaranteed spotting distance. Even moving and firing did not get me spotted. Thank you, i can play one of my favourite ships again properly!