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  1. Updated some stuff! Mermaid's Wrath Crew Names File (for WoWS client ver. -- added Halloween 2019 commanders Mermaid's Wrath Crew Names Tool (to automatically convert new client version names upon new patch) -- ^ Happy belated Halloween.
  2. Mermaid's Wrath Crew Names File (for WoWS client ver. You know the drill :)
  3. Yes, it's that time of the month again. Stuff has been updated. Mermaid's Wrath Crew Portraits Pack (v2.9.2) Mermaid's Wrath Crew Portraits Historical Add-on (requires base pack) Mermaid's Wrath Crew Names File (for WoWS client ver. Happy boating!
  4. Aessaya

    .mo file editor [v1.2]

    That's super weird. Anyway, I used this as a chance to put the entire thing on GitHub. So knock yourself out :) NB: The project is made in an older version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, so you may have to jump some hoops to make it work.
  5. It is possible Aslain hasn't updated the mod for 0.8.8/ yet. That would explain this behaviour, as the pre- mod would result in national voices being played instead.
  6. Hmm... That's odd. The file paths haven't changed at all. At the very least you should still be getting the portraits. Have you tried repairing the client?
  7. A wild update appears! Mermaid's Wrath Crew Names File (for WoWS client ver.
  8. Yes, unfortunately, both of these are on the sound engine side and there's not much we can do about it until WG gets their ship together.
  9. Okay, so, after running with our hair on fire, the Mermaid's Wrath development crew is happy to announce the following updates! Mermaid's Wrath Voice Pack (v2.5a) For those updating from the previously latest mod, you only need the mod.xml file, attached to this post! Mermaid's Wrath Crew Portraits Pack (v2.9.1) Mermaid's Wrath Crew Names File (for WoWS client ver. Please, report any bugs you may encounter with the voiceover mod. Any out-of-place lines, missing lines, or lines that aren't supposed to be playing. Please, try to provide as many details as possible. Known issues: Main battery fire, Torpedo launch, and Torpedo hit sound events are missing completely. Post-battle Victory/Defeat/Draw sound event is missing. Your Azur Lane / High School Fleet commander may poke through and say things whenever a ship (friendly or hostile) is sunk. I believe this is a problem on WG's side, there may be a workaround, but it'd involve silencing the entire line completely. Sometimes module activation VOs and/or other VOs may not be played, or played in a delayed fashion. We believe these are caused by switch to the new sound engine and we're working on getting it sorted out.
  10. Aessaya

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Bug Reports

    Yes, there is a HUGE discrepancy between the volumes of gunfire sounds on ships. Also huge discrepancy in volume of different gunfire sounds on same ship.
  11. Aessaya

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Bug Reports

    Gunfire sounds are way too loud and inconsistent between ships, calibers, and weapon types (main battery, secondary battery, aircraft, etc.) Overall volume is much louder than it used to be -- this is at ~1/5th general sound volume slider (but that seems to change with every patch, goddamnit, WG, get your ship together) Voice lines are drowned out by everything and i can't hear what my commanders are telling me (both vanilla and modded ones, as well as special commanders). "Player ship destroyed" sound line line is being played for every ship destroyed in the match, for Azur Lane commanders. "Main battery fire", "Torpedo launch" and "Torpedo hit" sound lines are MIA for HSF/AL captains. Victory/Defeat/Draw sound lines are MIA too for HSF/AL commanders. Clock's Tick/Tock sound is out of sync with the wall clock hand movements (not sure if it is new or was like this) in Azur Lane Dorm port. edit: Hey, also while we're at it, can we have voice slider go 0-200% instead of 0-100%? Please? So We don't have to fiddle with all the other settings that work god-knows-how to try and get voices up a little louder than the rest of them. Because not all sounds are even affected by the sliders...
  12. We're aware that patch 0.8.8 broke the voiceover mod. We're working on it, please stand by... Meanwhile at MW HQ:
  13. It's patch time! Mermaid's Wrath Crew Names File (for WoWS client ver.
  14. Cool, that may have been the issue indeed :)
  15. Thanks, I will investigate too, please, let us know of your investigation results as well.