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  1. Well, the new T7 scenarios just do not have VOs in them, but at least they had the messages. Killer Whale always had VOs, but in this patch they're gone, along with the text as well, so something's scwewy...
  2. It would indeed appear that Operations voiceovers are currently MIA. This looks like a problem on the Wargaming's side, since stock mod.xml still carries all references, and all text updates are gone from chat as well. Welp, every patch there's some hidden surprise...
  3. At first I thought it was a problem with the VO mod I use, but the stock game voices are missing too. Furthermore, there are no mission texts in the chat either. I hear the beep sound when the mission update should be, but no text comes through. Operation: Killer Whale. Haven't tried the others for lack of 6 other people to test them with. If anyone else has noticed this, please update.
  4. In theory, it is. But that would involve merging all of the other captains' mod.xml files into MW's mod.xml, which would not only be quite the undertaking in and of itself, but also pose a great headache to maintain, and would limit the "opt-out" ability. In short: it's not really feasible until WG changes something about how the files affect the sound mod hierarchy.
  5. I was so disappointed with that!
  6. Just English. For now, maybe :)
  7. For a week until they come back later in the rotation and then hang around for another week, and then again, and again, and again...
  8. That's still too much. 5k FXP for a five-starred op every time? On top of already fairly good rewards? Too much. 1k for 5-stars, that might be reasonable.
  9. 10k FXP and 17k Elite XP per day? Damn, but that's too much. I would settle for that weekly, though.
  10. Audio Mod Requested

    Just out of curiosity I went through the mod.xml file supplied with the client looking for specific triggers and events for the requested parts, and could not find any. So unless the client has them hidden somewhere it may actually be not possible to mod. Not without digging through the client's code and applying a binary patch to it. Which, like Chobittsu has pointed out, would instantly red-flag it to Wargaming.
  11. I've already said that removing all of the loadout options completely for one CV line and leaving the other one untouched is a bad idea. Either IJN line needs to get the same treatment, or USN line needs to retain the optional loadouts as well. Just ffs how hard it is to update the balanced loadout and leave others as specializations? Who would be hurt by that?
  12. Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely investigate this further. edit: I think I've found the source of this problem. It's a little bit embarrassing... I gave @Chobittsu the new (this time proper) pack, should be up as soon as they wake up. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  13. Hm... I'll investigate that. If you can find me more specific details (like which specific command lines seem to not play, etc.) I would appreciate it a lot, thanks!
  14. Define "new"? The new 235 lines added in 1.6 are not a replacement to the existing ones, they're an addition, so you'll be getting both pre-existing and newly added ones at random as your client decides.