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  1. And most importantly: never feed them after midnight!
  2. Stuff updated where stuff needed updating... Now, off to clean that damned snow off my ships!
  3. Aessaya

    Dropping Complement Bombs

    Eeek! I've been compliment-bombed! Why thank you, but I would like to point out that the mod wouldn't exist without @Chobittsu, who's put heart and soul, alongside with rather lump sum of real world cash into it.
  4. Aessaya

    Who have you seen in game

    Hi @Notser, love your vids!
  5. Aessaya

    .mo file editor [v1.2]

    Re-uploaded the file and added a mirror link, because forum is being uncooperative for some reason and borking up the archives.
  6. Dear forum mods, can you please stop archiving the thread every time I forget to update the title? The mods in this package are pretty resilient to minor patches breaking them, and there is a tool to regenerate the names file for those who use it. p.s. new names file for uploaded, assuming you need one.
  7. Oh, just saying, it should be possible to make special sets of VOs for special commanders if you're going to associate certain Mermaids to replace specific special commanders in both portrait and VO, as long as they have their own VO lines in non-modded version (ARP, HSF, the hockeyballer captain, etc.).
  8. Oh, by the way, I've completely forgotten! New names file for has been uploaded!
  9. Mermaid's Wrath v2.25 released! With 196 new lines voiced by none other than Tiffany Grant herself!! Get yours now!!
  10. Another week, another mini-patch. Crew names updated to
  11. Updates on a few changes: main battery fire, torpedo launch, torpedo hit audio cues are 100% working, but WG has decreased the frequency the main battery fire audio is triggered. There's also audio cue for player's ship destruction, and hydro/radar activation/deactivation, but some of latter are not 100% working.
  12. I think it should be possible. However, I, personally, haven't tried to. Plus I've been taking some time off WoWS, so don't really have any motivation to try and poke about it right now, sorry. I'm still here for MW things, though, so don't fret about it!
  13. Weird, works fine for me. Anyway, does this link work?
  14. Yeah, it's on the list. Just cannot tell you when, exactly. Stay tuned :)