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  1. New patch, new Crew Names File! Enjoy!
  2. New patch! New Updates!! Mermaid's Wrath Crew Portraits Pack (v2.7) Added 18 captains for the “Rogue Wave” event and 2 community captains. Mermaid's Wrath Crew Names Tool (v1.2.2) Updated for the 2.7 of captains portraits. Crew Names File for Updated for new client version.
  3. Well, maybe Chobi can figure something out from the art end :)
  4. The major problem here is that the skillpoint text/font is outside of our control, it's not part of the portrait in any way. This would require us to delve into the actual .swf files for Scaleform... Something I'd rather not do, personally, sorry. It's a little bit outside of my paygrade.
  5. Double whammy of updates! Released v2.6 of portraits and v1.2.1 for the captain names tool (you'll want that or re-download the now updated captain names file). Enjoy!
  6. Seems like it has been a while, huh? Well, there's an updated names file for patch, and there's more stuff coming up soon, so stay tuned. This post has been outdated, see below :)
  7. So apparently there was a client update. No version change, but the global.mo file has been touched, and appears to be of different size or something. So just in case grab the newest version off the website.
  8. A bunch of updates for you all! Crew Portraits v2.5! Crew Names for client! Crew Names Tool v1.2! @Grantwhy yup, the client changes in 0.8.3 (namely 64bit client bit) has broken some paths around, which in turn broke the Magic™. I have already uploaded the updated version for the crew names tool, so grab it off the link above and enjoy! It should still be in the root folder, not the bin32 nor bin64.
  9. Hey, it's me again. Announcing Version 2.4 of the Mermaid's Wrath Voiceover Mod! I had to play CVs to test them. Even after training battle vs. bots I still feel dirty, so gonna go take a very long shower now...
  10. Oh, Wargaming, why do you release patches on mondays?! Anyways, now is tuesday, so it's time for updates, and oh boy do I have some for you! Portraits v2.4 released -- adding two new space captains! Stuff updated for v0.8.2.0 Crew Names tool updated for v2.4 portraits. The elusive fighter/scout plane destroyed sound bug has been caught and squashed. All hail the slipper! Download yours now! For those who have the v2.3 of voice pack, you can only download the mod.xml file below and place it into /banks/voice/Mermaid's Wrath/ folder. Don't forget to click "yes" to replace the old file! mod.xml
  11. Did someone say "patches"?! Because I've got one right here! Voice Pack v2.3 has been released, featuring 42 brand new and reworked catapult plane and fighter plane lines! Get yours now from the link in the top post or below! Mermaid's Wrath Voice Pack (v2.3)
  12. It not only was contemplated, it was actually built and used. It wasn't very effective. But yes, please, add AA puffs to Yamato and Musashi too! Produces 9 puffs of flak every 30 seconds. Roll 20 or more on a d20 for hit chance. Wipes out entire plane squadron on success.
  13. Played about 30 games over today, had masks in like 75% of them, easily. Haven't noticed anything of what you described. for the most part it was just regular (weekend) wows gameplay.
  14. Yeah, might have to boop Aslain to update the pack, seems to be older version.
  15. Ex-Seagal is now named "John Doe" in the files. You can find him by the IDS string, IDS_SEAGAL. You can also use my own tool I've linked above to edit global.mo file directly, w/o jumping the conversion hoops.