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  1. That is correct. Even then, if new nation is added, it wouldn't break the tool completely, just the new nation's captains would retain their original names, that's all. Same thing with new special captains. So unless WeeGee completely changes the file format to something that is unreadable by the tool, it'll continue to work. Funny thing is, I've never had access to that ever since they changed it...
  2. That's weird, but glad to know it's working for you. There must be some under-the-hood shenanigans going on in the audio engine to have caused this
  3. New update. New names file. That's all for now. Stay tuned. Mermaid's Wrath Crew Names File (for WoWS client ver.
  4. [eurobeat intensifies] It would indeed look like that. Plus, over this time no one else has chimed in with this issue, so it would appear that's a problem unique to your install. Have you tried downloading a fresh copy of the mod from the web?
  5. Nope. In fact, these are usually generated via the "magic tool" anyway. I provide them for those who can't or do not want to run the tool on their own, for whatever reason. If you are using it, then feel free to skip these.
  6. A smol update: Mermaid's Wrath Crew Names File (for WoWS client ver.
  7. Sorry, haven't had to do anything WoWs-related lately. Literally buried under a pile of work. Send halp.
  8. I'll investigate this weekend. In the mean time, anyone else is having this problem?
  9. Word on the grapewine is that there's a new patch out. So, have a smol update: Mermaid's Wrath Crew Names File (for WoWS client ver.
  10. Wow, I somehow managed to completely miss that post, sorry! Yes, you're absolutely correct, the tool is supposed to be located in wows root folder, alongside where the rest of wows executables. Looks like the poster is trying to write to the same place they've opened the file originally from, which does not work, because the tool will keep the file lock on the source file for exactly the purpose of preventing accidental overwriting of the original file (even if it does all the editing in-memory).
  11. Hey, look, we're back from the thread graveyard again!~ I got some news for y'all too: Mermaid's Wrath Crew Portraits Pack (v2.9.7.5) Mermaid's Wrath Crew Names File (for WoWS client ver. Mermaid's Wrath Crew Names Tool v1.4.3 Also, since the names tool relies on captain's IDS string to rename the captains, I had to pick one of the two european ones that shared the string. Skadi won. So there's that.
  12. I am aware of the new patch being out, but I'm being a little bit of a busy bee... So update some time soon™. Looks like just the names file needs updating anyway, which you can do with the tool! edit: yup, just the names needed regenerating. Everything else appears to be fine. Mermaid's Wrath Crew Names File (for WoWS client ver.
  13. In case that unthinkable happens I'll opensource all of my tools for someone else to pick up. But the tool itself is based on the .MO file editor that I have released as a stand-alone tool.
  14. Indeed I am alive. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do regarding to ModStation wiping the mods -- you just have to remember to make backups before applying the ModStation mods, then restoring them. Unless someone can convince ModStation developers to stop nuking MW's files every time... Now, on to some good news for once!! Mermaid's Wrath Crew Portraits Pack (v2.9.7) has been released! Minor Factions Update #1~! Complete overhaul of Pan-Euro, Pan-American and Commonwealth captains from the ground up with 37 new captains covering 11 nations! As well as a whopping 402 edits and fixes to the existing captains so they better fit with the latest UI updates, and a whole new rank system to make it easier to tell at a glance which of your captains are standard, advanced or unique! NOTICE: Following a shuffle in where several event captains are placed in the nations, we will be discontinuing the optional Historical and Dasha Historical packs until further notice.