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  1. Apologies accepted! :) I prefer to lurk in and work from the shadows anyway. You know, there is a reason to why my location says what it does!
  2. Unless 0.9.10 had any breaking changes the 0.9.9 version should work just as fine. I'll get to it this weekend. Been a busy month.
  3. Yes it should. But the events have been reshuffled a few patches back, so old xml files won't work. Grabbing a current file and modifying it should do the job, though. One of these days I'll get around to updating the topic, sorry.
  4. If anything, the world should use the ISO 8601 standard date, YYYY-MM-DD not the aft-backwards DD/MM/YYYY or even-more-aft-backwards MM/DD/YYYY. Simply because writing your dates in a most-significant-number-first format is what we use, like, literally everywhere. Also makes sorting through your photos/screenshots named in this format a breeze, because it automatically sorts oldest to newest (or newest to oldest if reverse alphabetical). I mean, you can easily tell that 2020-02-29 is a much more recent date than 1997-11-02 or something like that, right? Now try it with 02/29/2020 vs 02/11/1997. You can't even ducking tell if the later is in MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY format! As for the topic at hand, my last one was on 2019-01-20, in a Minotaur. I'm pretty sure the achievement has been removed during the flooding changes, since now floodings don't stick around for nearly as long as they used to, and don't do as much damage either. I remember getting devastating strikes on battleships with a single torp + flooding back in the day, just because the poor sucker had used their damage control at the wrong moment. But from the sender's point of view it was kinda hilarious: get a torp hit on something, then like 1-1.5 minutes later, when you've completely forgotten about it already, bam! kill and devstrike. And you're left wondering whom did you kill when there's no ship in sight :D
  5. Aessaya

    .mo file editor [v1.2]

    That's super weird. Anyway, I used this as a chance to put the entire thing on GitHub. So knock yourself out :) NB: The project is made in an older version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, so you may have to jump some hoops to make it work.
  6. Aessaya

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Bug Reports

    Yes, there is a HUGE discrepancy between the volumes of gunfire sounds on ships. Also huge discrepancy in volume of different gunfire sounds on same ship.
  7. Aessaya

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Bug Reports

    Gunfire sounds are way too loud and inconsistent between ships, calibers, and weapon types (main battery, secondary battery, aircraft, etc.) Overall volume is much louder than it used to be -- this is at ~1/5th general sound volume slider (but that seems to change with every patch, goddamnit, WG, get your ship together) Voice lines are drowned out by everything and i can't hear what my commanders are telling me (both vanilla and modded ones, as well as special commanders). "Player ship destroyed" sound line line is being played for every ship destroyed in the match, for Azur Lane commanders. "Main battery fire", "Torpedo launch" and "Torpedo hit" sound lines are MIA for HSF/AL captains. Victory/Defeat/Draw sound lines are MIA too for HSF/AL commanders. Clock's Tick/Tock sound is out of sync with the wall clock hand movements (not sure if it is new or was like this) in Azur Lane Dorm port. edit: Hey, also while we're at it, can we have voice slider go 0-200% instead of 0-100%? Please? So We don't have to fiddle with all the other settings that work god-knows-how to try and get voices up a little louder than the rest of them. Because not all sounds are even affected by the sliders...
  8. It not only was contemplated, it was actually built and used. It wasn't very effective. But yes, please, add AA puffs to Yamato and Musashi too! Produces 9 puffs of flak every 30 seconds. Roll 20 or more on a d20 for hit chance. Wipes out entire plane squadron on success.
  9. Played about 30 games over today, had masks in like 75% of them, easily. Haven't noticed anything of what you described. for the most part it was just regular (weekend) wows gameplay.
  10. Ex-Seagal is now named "John Doe" in the files. You can find him by the IDS string, IDS_SEAGAL. You can also use my own tool I've linked above to edit global.mo file directly, w/o jumping the conversion hoops.
  11. Aessaya

    Dropping Complement Bombs

    Eeek! I've been compliment-bombed! Why thank you, but I would like to point out that the mod wouldn't exist without @Chobittsu, who's put heart and soul, alongside with rather lump sum of real world cash into it.
  12. Aessaya

    Who have you seen in game

    Hi @Notser, love your vids!
  13. Aessaya

    .mo file editor [v1.2]

    Re-uploaded the file and added a mirror link, because forum is being uncooperative for some reason and borking up the archives.
  14. Updates on a few changes: main battery fire, torpedo launch, torpedo hit audio cues are 100% working, but WG has decreased the frequency the main battery fire audio is triggered. There's also audio cue for player's ship destruction, and hydro/radar activation/deactivation, but some of latter are not 100% working.
  15. Aessaya

    Who have you seen in game

    Found a wild @KinoMyu on my team just now! o7