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  1. I have a weird problem with model swap in 5.5 tough. Can't load a ship with, say a swapped AA gun, in port, it just refuse to appear, and if I try to launch a battle it just freeze the game at the end of the loading. Even tried with a normal ship, and as soon as a ship with a swapped thing enter visual range the camera just get stuck in place and refuse to move. I only can see my ship (which I can still steer) move away from me.
  2. I would like to make a very small request, a reskinning of the german twin 37 mm Flak LM/42. The current dark grey gun shield looks sort of odd with the bright hulls and superstructures of your cruisers skins, is it possible to have the same color you used with the single gun version ? Many thanks
  3. All hail Tanz, Lord of Paint, Master of Skins and Ruler of Camouflages
  4. Udaloi : "She has three quintuple-torpedo launchers with an effective range of 8 km (4,3 miles, requiring a little more than a minute to reload" So Shimakaze number of torpedoes with a tiers V/VI reload speed...
  5. Guys, at least you have the Tirpitz on this "Launch Day". Here on the EU server, we have nothing save a "But, but the launch itself is your reward. At least be happy with the x3. Tough crowd." message from WG staff.
  6. I am an expert programmer now Go to res, content, gameplay, usa, gun, aaircraft, copy AGA008_40mm_Bofors_Mk2 in resmod, content, gameplay, usa, gun, aaircraft and change it's name and all the files names inside to AGA002_40mm_Bofors_Mk1 and done. Made the Langley have F9F jet as stock fighters also
  7. As I find the twin 40 mm really ugly how can I do a model swap ?
  8. IJN Carriers

    From the twitch video (http://www.twitch.tv/wargaming/v/4693920 32:30) you can see the Hōshō branches from the Kawachi (also look up the premium Ishizuchi tiers IV BB)
  9. Windhover118, on 29 October 2012 - 07:06 AM, said: Shhh, we try to keep that under wraps. Could you imagine how mad people would get if they learned the truth? The cat... http://www.espressoe...-of-the-bag.gif is out of the bag...
  10. Never. All this forum is an elaborate scam by WG intended to make random people spend their time talking uselessly.
  11. The All Forward Design

    t42592, on 26 October 2012 - 03:58 AM, said: One should also consider that over the bow fire, will prohibit aft guns to see the MPI. As we have been told by the developers, when firing the main guns, all guns fire. With two turrets engaging the target directly, aft turrets will also fire, sending those shells to left or right of the MPI, perhaps even be considered a threat to one's own team assets. This over the bow, or aft firing scenarios will not be widely applied, since players may opt to turn in order to align all guns on a selected MPI. If the entire secondary battery fire (whether aimed at an enemy or not) when player fire the main gun, it will cause mayhem even in conventional line combat as both port and starboard would fire. I think the system will allow secondary to fire only if their angle allow them to fire on MPI direction. (too many "fire" in these sentences...)
  12. Threat Factor

    Tanz, on 18 October 2012 - 07:17 PM, said: I would think that CV aircraft will play a major part in these battles. Yet, this would depend on aircraft loading time and if changing weapons loads will have any effect on them as well. AA fire will may be randomly accurate. So I dont expect it to shoot down every enemy plane. Look at Operation Ten Go,...Yamato with all her AA guns and 9 escorts where only able to take down 10 aircraft.That make me wonder. Japanese AA defence was not exactly top notch, (limited RoF of the 25 mm, no radar-guided gun etc) while US one was the best of the world (shell with proximity fuse, huge number of 20 & 40 mm guns, excellent late-war 3"/50). How will WG "equilibrate" the ships, with this huge gap in AA capacity between the US and the rest of the world ? I think proximity fuse won't be included, but the sheer number of AA light guns on US ships may give them such an edge...
  13. Favorite Ships!

    t42592, on 22 October 2012 - 07:56 PM, said: I see that many do not know this, as it was deliberately muzzled. "The Navy test fired the IJN 18.1 inch naval guns (the ones built for Shinano) found that the guns were only slightly better than the USN's 16 inch/50 gun. The Montana's 12 16 inch/50 guns firing the 2700 pound super heavy AP rounds would be more than a match for Yamato."From what I read, while being the biggest and most powerful naval rifle ever built, the 18.1 inch ballistic performance was not particularly inspiring, and the performance of its Type 91 shells was inferior to the norm, partly because they were optimized for underwater trajectories. The 16 inch counterbalanced it with an excellent shell, bringing it on par with the Japanese gun. Now in the Q/A KGB stated : Quote "Will the differences in shell quality and design by nation and date be accounted for when considering penetration (IJN diving shells, extra hardened USN AP shells, etc?" NoSo the US equalizer may very well be gone. This would maybe give Montana 12 x 16" a broadside equal to Yamato 9 x 18.1", but would leave Iowa undergunned.
  14. What Ship ya Going for?

    Let's see... - Yamato BB (18. in, what else ?) - Kongo Fast BB (no real reason save being sexy) - Des Moines CA (same) - Mogami in CL configuration (15 x 6. in and torpedoes...) - Richelieu and King George V BB (because quad turrets are awesome)