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  1. Arctander2

    Any new maps EVER going to come?

    I'd love if they focused on the higher tiered 7+ ones, and created something that was at least "semi" random. The maps (at least the majority) are split into three sections, and they're always relatively symmetrical. It wouldn't be too hard to create a few dozen parts that were 3x10, and then a dozen middle 4x10 sections and have them randomized to create a huge number of map variations. Then put that in there for 25% of all battles and voila... players have a virtually limitless variety of possibilities.
  2. Arctander2

    Graf zeppelin+Musashi+Musashi

    If WG just asked them to please not promote the methodology, that's definitely different than what I thought happened.
  3. Arctander2

    Graf zeppelin+Musashi+Musashi

    I thought that WG was banning folks for doing that? Though WG should fix it themselves and just force people to only div up if they're in the same tier.
  4. My bet (though WG won't admit it...) price creep. It's too cheap compared to the other FXP ships now.
  5. I'm sitting here waiting for it to pop and just realized that the time change must've pushed it back. Ah well, no ranked for me today I guess. Maybe I'll find time tonight. :-/
  6. Yeah, he's got a TON of raw data on each ship, but I'm not going to invest all the time to organize it and figure it out... I guess I have to stay curious for now.
  7. Thanks, although unless I'm missing how to use that site, that only shows what happened in the last week (or last two months.) So there's no way to look at past stats (prior to 10.0 ideally,) that I was hoping for. Or am I missing it?
  8. Maybe it's perception, but I seem to see a LOT less of cruisers at higher tier these days. Especially in ranked. I know we've heard a bit of grumbling about how the rework impacts cruisers, especially super cruisers... are there stats we can see to know if that's actually impacted how many are being played? FWIW, I suspect the new Pasta BBs increases BBs a bit, but overall I'm curious how many cruisers are being played now compared to a couple months ago.
  9. Arctander2

    Brawls: Yet Another Waste of Time

    I agree about the Hween crap, but the missions for brawls give out a good bit of credits (at least a few of the early ones,) so for me they're a good return on it. Plus all the XP goes to my regular ships - which is my biggest issue with all the H'ween space alien monster crap. If I wanted to play some weird space ship alien game, I wouldn't be playing WoWS, now would I?
  10. Glad about the limits, surprised about the bans. Either way, happy to see that WG is at least trying to make it interesting - and no CVs is a plus for sure.
  11. Arctander2

    Returning Player With a Question

    I always thought it was a HUGE mistake not to give everyone one full reset no matter what. Limiting it to the time period of the patch was always going to cause problems like this. One possible positive, WG finally admitted they screwed up with at least one skill (dead eye) and are going to announce reworking at least that skill (and hopefully tweaking a few more,) soon... and if they don't give us all another bunch of free resets when they do that, you can be sure the entire community will be up in arms. So hopefully in the near future they'll give another round of resets, and hopefully it'll be soon.
  12. Arctander2

    The heat WG is getting isn't deserved

    Please do. Go take a peek and say I don't understand the game mechanics. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1000055594,Arctander2/
  13. Arctander2

    The heat WG is getting isn't deserved

    I'd say he's ignorant and talking about things he doesn't understand the game well enough at all. And he's just being insulting pretending he does: "The problem is people are spoiled." - Draxbane
  14. Arctander2

    The heat WG is getting isn't deserved

    That's really the perfect expression for the OP. So new he's not at all able to understand what's happening.