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  1. Arctander2

    Spotting subs

    Thanks for the replies, info & links... I'm all out of upvotes, but I do appreciate the info.
  2. Arctander2

    Spotting subs

    I know that WG is still "testing" how subs work and keeps tweaking them in our random battles, so I am not sure how the spotting mechanic works these days. It seems that the sub's greatest weapon is its stealth, so I'm curious how this is managed and dealt with. I've watched a few replays and streams and I can't quite figure it out. I know that subs have some limitation of their battery needing air to recharge, but beyond that it seems that a sub can completely control when they're spotted. Any help on these questions? Is there an up to date wiki or WG dev blog page with this info? Can subs stay invisible at any distance from other ships if they're deep enough? Does radar spot subs under the water at any depths? Does hydro spot subs under the water at any depths? Does proximity detection work on subs under the water? Does smoke cover subs on the surface similarly to DDs? How does the "ping" highlight work? It seems to show the direction where the ping comes from, but I've never seen defensive ASW able to aim and hit subs when they drop on the ping location. Thanks
  3. Arctander2

    Subs/Homing Torps Need Major Nerfing

    I haven't followed all the modifications that WG has done to it, but can't a sub dive and become completely invisible to the DD? Impossible to spot by hydro or radar? Stealth is number one tool that a sub does better than any other ship in the game.
  4. Arctander2

    The fun is gone

    I've stopped playing too, I still check in from time to time but the way they've put the subs into the game is about as much fun as a trip to the dentist. I know they're still "testing" it - but they're doing that on the live server so they can call it whatever they want but it's still the actual game as it stands.
  5. Arctander2

    Redonculous PTS Battle Wait Times Necessitate More Bots

    I suggested years ago they to really great things, WG had to dramatically improve the return on the effort for the PTS, but nope... It still pales in comparison to the regular server. So, you get bots and long queue times. :/
  6. Arctander2

    From Stream British BB Split (BC's)

    It would be nice if WG created an actual "class" for all these super cruisers & battle cruisers with a new set of captain skills.
  7. Arctander2

    WG baited me with their 200% XP on a win

    Agreed on both points. True, but have you tried McDowell's burgers?
  8. Arctander2

    WG baited me with their 200% XP on a win

    That's probably close to accurate, but still falls in the fact that saying EVERY is not correct, and it's also a great reminder that 73% of statistics are made up ;)
  9. Arctander2

    WG baited me with their 200% XP on a win

    Oh please drama queen. I'm stating that WG offered 200% xp boost for a win, that was the bait. Then the battles went the way they went. Stop trying to create drama where there isn't. And with that said I'm going to ignore you from here out, you're just a troll desperate for attention and missing the point. Bye.
  10. Arctander2

    WG baited me with their 200% XP on a win

    You clearly don't speak for me. I find lopsided matches boring, even when winning. If I didn't, I'd just go seal club low tier noobs.
  11. Arctander2

    Research Bureau question

    FWIW, the tone of what you wrote came off as condescending to me too. And I'm pretty sure that was your intention, starting off with "Ever heard of Wiki?" rather than "On the wiki page..." absolutely oozes snark. It's accurate AF, and the wiki has some really good info on the RB (other stuff is hit or miss,) but you definitely went with being snarky & helpful rather than just being helpful. So don't clutch your pearls about it.
  12. It had been a while, but what the hell. Three games later, I'm ready to take a break again. Lopsided match after match. Boring, even when you win... but frustrating when you lose.
  13. Arctander2

    My Job prevents half of game modes.

    I've pretty much stopped playing lately since most of the game modes aren't available when I can play.
  14. How likely would you be to recommend WoWS to a friend? 1-10 4 *survey ends* ----- Well, I guess WG got all the valuable opinions they needed to know out of me me today!