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  1. Arctander2


    As is typical with WG, rather than fine tune with small adjustments, they throw a wrench into the gears of the machine to see what happens. Anyway, we'll definitely be seeing more DDs in the matches, and then there will be another patch down the road...
  2. Arctander2


    I love when folks whine about all the whining.
  3. Did they add a new ship in and I am just missing it?
  4. Force a CV to "queue" their next group of planes, and it takes 30 seconds to get them airborne. So they would have a group of planes launching and setting up and ready to fly out as a squadron, but they would have to set them 30 seconds before they're ready. And they can only queue one squadron at a time. It isn't like 9 planes would take off at once anyway!
  5. Arctander2

    10-15% drop in players since update?

    I do wish that just "touching" the border would start to cause damage to your ship. Have it be extremely minimal at first, but slowly and steadily go up until the fact that you sat ON the border will definitely sink you.
  6. Arctander2

    The abuse and misuse of karma point

    Does Karma ever actually do anything? I imagine that unless you get a whole TON of negatives for something really inappropriate then it is just noise to make folks feel important. And if it doesn't impact your ability to play or anything... well then, who cares what some anonymous person on the internet thinks? Life isn't a popularity contest ;)
  7. Arctander2

    Server Downtime - Patch

    Sounds about right ;)
  8. Arctander2

    Ranked in a shellnut

    Had 4 radars all on one team this morning. They had 2 Blacks, a Mizzu and a DM Don. In a full team match the radar isn't so critical, but with just 6 ships, it made it brutal on our DDs.
  9. Arctander2

    When will submarines come to World of Warships?

    Did ya see the "conspiracy theory" post this week about subs?
  10. Arctander2

    Why are we not seeing much CV vs Cv combat?

    If WG wanted CV vs CV, they wouldn't have as good AA as they do have. Personally, I'd be fine with it if they tweaked it. Would definitely change CV play in the open if there were more reason to focus on each other (which was realistic,) but as it stands now, as others have mentioned... it is generally a VERY ineffective use of planes, and doesn't happen until late game.
  11. Arctander2

    I Think That I Can Definitely Say...

    Wait a sec... where'd you copy & paste that "World of Warships team" post/quote from? I can't find it in the the thread or forum and there isn't any link to it. But I do like the idea that they've actually ID'd a bug about the AA damage.
  12. Arctander2

    I Think That I Can Definitely Say...

    People were saying this 6 months after World of Tanks was released. They definitely have a different, and by US player thinking, stupid approach to stuff. But the CVs are here, and they're too invested (especially now,) to not keep working and tweaking it. I do wish they would fine tune and not smash things with hammers, but after 10 years of WG gaming, I really think that their mindset and approach is just a totally warped curve ball compared to how an American company gets at things. And that can be quite frustrating. And yet, here I am... chatting on their forums, getting ready to login and play "test" some more...
  13. Arctander2

    I Think That I Can Definitely Say...

    The hotfix patch definitely swung the pendulum too far the other way, but I'll put money that 99% of the "I'm quitting" folks come back a day or two later, or wait til the next patch/tweak and then come in and see what's up. If they cry wolf it is their problem. It certainly is reaching a point though where WG has to consider offering some real free prem time to folks who are watching this "first light on fire, now apply hammer to problem" [edited] of Belarusian gaming developers ;)
  14. As bad as they screwed up CVs with the patch and the hot fix, I'm scared to imagine what they could do with subs!
  15. I think what you've said is both spot on accurate, and totally out of proportion at the same time. Yes, the meta changed. Yes people need to adapt if they want to be good; and your self admitted lack of impulse control and unwillingness to adapt is YOUR own issue. I think the skill set is 95% the same, but that remaining 5% is drastically altered. Folks saying now that "everyone is spotted" are simply incorrect. They're forgetting how it was before if there were 2 CVs in a game (which is what happens about 90% of the time now.) Everyone was always spotted then too. Sure planes didn't often circle around keeping you spotted, but there were a LOT more planes in the air! If/when it gets to the point where one CV is more common, that significantly alters the risk of being spotted.