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  1. I was really hoping that WG would expand the AA system by giving players more specialized ship abilities, commander skills and equipment/upgrade choices to counter carriers without forcing them to commit to potentially useless AA specialized ships every match. This rework certainly seems like the best opportunity to test and expand the available AA options while tweaking and changing the very thing they are designed to defend against. At the very least, they could allow ships to swap around skills during the 30 second grace period at the start of matches. Or perhaps they could give more ships, especially cruisers, a dedicated DFAA slot to provide some small defense against a strike or two. Many cruisers are still being forced to choose between hydro and DFAA for no good reason despite having very few good skill options to begin with. The addition of powerful new carriers mechanics without the addition of new tools to protect against them is going to make interactions even more frustrating, especially for ships that are already struggling from lackluster skill choices.
  2. Obeyrist

    So many do NOT want the CV rework.

    I just don't understand why Wargaming feels the need to take such a big risk with something as unpopular as carriers. It's all risk with very little reward and potentially horrible consequences for a server population as limited as ours on NA. There are so many areas of the game that have been untouched for years that everyone who plays the game would benefit from. Why not expand the commander skill tree so we can make interesting new builds instead of the same cookie cutter variations we have had for years. Why not add a whole bunch of class and ship skills to create some class identity and offer interesting choices instead of forcing us to choose between two worthless choices aka hydro and defensive AA for another year? There are easy improvements to be made all over Warships that the community would love to see. New and improved frustrations from aircraft carriers is literally the worst place to start.
  3. Obeyrist

    WoWS Goals for 2019

    Not expecting anything new next year big feature wise, just more of the same. The copy paste ranked tank companies format they decided to pass off as endgame indicates to me that Wargaming has very limited ambition for the future of warships and isn't willing to invest in developing anything beyond a simple remix of something else. I think player numbers will continue to decline slowly and Wargaming will respond to this by creating more opportunities then ever to make money from their big spenders to offset the lower player counts. It's going to be the year of the whale and literally everything will be for sale.
  4. I think the worst thing about this unnecessary and awful addition to the Wargaming "free to play" model that nobody wanted is how clearly it indicates the bleak outlook for the future of both games. I remember being a little excited about the idea of some endgame overlap between tanks and ships on a global map and the implications that a unified Wargaming account might have for the future. Instead, the current future we have is one where Wargaming has decided the best course of action for the declining player counts of both games is to find a way to get people to pay for premium time twice. I guess making new content and improvements to the core experience of both games would be too much to ask at this point. You might want to inform your game development team that you don't need them anymore.
  5. Obeyrist

    Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Excellent review as always, thanks for taking the time and effort to put it together.