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  1. how much do you have to pay

    Funny... I've paid WarGaming, and then started a losing streak immediately after. This game is not "pay to win." If anything, it's "pay to play" at higher tiers, but only due to ship repair costs. And then the answer to the OP's question is: the price of premium account. I'm not so sure that a 40% hit rate against Bots is something really worthy of bragging about. 10% in random battles is a sign that you still need to work on your aiming, and get used to shooting at real players. I suggest looking up iChase or flamu, and watching one of their how-to-aim videos. Also, finding the right crosshairs helps tremendously.
  2. Smallest Team Ever!

    People are always so anxious to hurry and get the next ship, that low tiers can be quickly abandoned. Then, as the bulk of the server population goes to bed, it leaves very few baby seals and seal clubbers available to make matches with. I played a few games like this a few weeks ago, when I started the Pan Asian grind. They were really fun matches, surprisingly enough. I'm usually the one saying 'I wish battles were 50 versus 50.'
  3. Clan Battle Schedules

    la la la I'll just leave this right here....
  4. He did it! The mad man really did it.

    i had to google it to make sure you weren't pranking, lol
  5. It's taken all this time...

    It's the Radar Mod, though. I've got [at least] one of every other premium upgrade mod, and now that includes the Radar Mod I thought I was doomed to win multiples of everything before getting a Radar Mod. Hopefully you'll get one soon too :) I put in on the Dank Memes, and played one fun/quick match with it. I haven't got a chance to put that 56s to work yet, but I smile just thinking about it
  6. but I finally got one! I get closer to winning this every ranked season, and have drooled over it since it was first introduced to the game. Super containers seem to be a rarity for me, so I was beyond surprised to win one on my first container of the day. But to win Surveillance Radar Mod 1 as well?
  7. Can you disable clan tags?

    Not interested in the clan portion of the game, huh?
  8. You can't blame your personal problems on this forum, bruddah. lmbo What's the point of this thread titled "Welcome to the if you play coop, go jump in a lake weekend," if you weren't complaining about getting everything PVP players do?
  9. What To Do

    Gneis is a really fun boat. New Mex is fun too, but torps on a BB? It's just silly fun.