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  1. Looking for a Clan

    Thanks guys, will be looking at all the replies
  2. Looking for a Clan

    Took a break, looking to come back to an active clan.
  3. Looking for a Clan

    Ok thanks
  4. Looking for a Clan

  5. The Teams Lately...

    Pretty much this
  6. The Teams Lately...

    Yeah its been bad
  7. The Teams Lately...

    And the trolls are out tonight
  8. The Teams Lately...

    Make you want to
  9. No I like it, I just wish there was a way to turn that into our Clan Flag and fly it
  10. Ah ok, make sense now lol I wish!
  11. Should have bought it sooner lol
  12. Thats my whole point! Spotting needs to give you more reward....