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  1. The Teams Lately...

    And the trolls are out tonight
  2. The Teams Lately...

    Make you want to
  3. No I like it, I just wish there was a way to turn that into our Clan Flag and fly it
  4. Ah ok, make sense now lol I wish!
  5. Should have bought it sooner lol
  6. Thats my whole point! Spotting needs to give you more reward....
  7. Forum Members Represented as Cartoons

    Someone pick one for me?
  8. How do you figure? If you would turn that 100k spotting damage, and turn it into normal damage, I would be much higher up on the point list....so no, its not "working as intended"
  9. Now, any good DD player will know that spotting is one of the main roles of a DD besides torping, capping, smoking, etc...However, I feel, the credit/exp you get for "spotting" is a little low to make it worth it. Especially at higher tiers where everything and their mom has radar/hydro, I think "spotters" need more credit then what they are getting. What do you guys think? As you see, I had over 100k in spotting, holding fire and what not to stay in stealth so my team had eyes.....yet it seems I get punished cause I didn't do massive amounts of damage, which is important to, but still...