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  1. Umm Wargaming...

    I highly doubt you guys will fix it...the bug has been there since Alpha...
  2. It was, last post before i did was 10 hours ago, the night before...
  3. Umm Wargaming...

    I think your crane operator fell asleep...
  4. [RUST] Rusty Old Frigates [OXIDE]

    I am interested
  5. Looking for a Clan

    At this time I am responding as fast as I can, but I am still looking.
  6. I am interested
  7. Looking for a Clan

    Thanks, I just might
  8. Looking for a Clan

    ****Update*** Still looking
  9. Navygaming America [NGA]

    Looking for someone to give me Teamspeak Password so we can talk, submitted app
  10. Looking for a Clan

    Thanks everyone, I am responding as fast as I can
  11. GPU heat

    Its helps alot, not 100%, but a lot
  12. GPU heat

    Because since day one, the net code/optimization of Port has been a complete joke since day 1. They refuse to fix it, but have no problem adding ports....Here is a simple fix I do every patch that seems to help a lot. What I'd changed was: <cacheEffects>false</cacheEffects> to <cacheEffects>true</cacheEffects> <streamCacheSizeKB>2048</streamCacheSizeKB> to <streamCacheSizeKB>8192</streamCacheSizeKB> Hit save The engine_config.xml file resides in the 'res' folder.
  13. Looking for a Clan

    Lets set the record straight, I didn't "fail" your recruitment process, I turned your offer down, big difference. Anyways, I am back, I had a family emergency, so i will reply to everyone's messages asap. Thanks!