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  1. Cause hyrdo or radar should never see through solid objects?
  2. I am not asking for 100% realism.....i just want to who had the bright idea of "lets give them x-ray!" herpa derp.....
  3. Once here, I am here to rant on how Radar and Hydro need to have their X-Ray vision removed. Thats not how it worked "back then" and thats not how it works now. This needs to be fixed asap, especially because of the nerf to smoke.
  4. New Tier 8 Premium?
  5. yeah, cause the Tirpitz is the only ship you can mount modules on.....
  6. Why thank you!
  7. Right?
  8. I am pretty sure, that's not an American ship or the Saipan.....could no one on the dev team find a picture of an American ship?
  9. ok thx
  10. ....Thats week 2....week 1 has 3 parts....god you guys are .......
  11. either way, part 2 and 3 arent showing up, even after doing part 1
  12. You are dumb arent you....those events have multiple parts to them...
  13. No dingleberry, re read my post, I said there is supposed to be 3 parts, but only part one is showing over and over
  14. Right???/ but according to Wargaming it supposed to be 3 parts starting the 4th, and going to the 25th..... Week 1 - Where's the Revolution? Starts Oct. 4, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET) Ends Oct. 25, 04:20 PT (07:20 ET)