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  1. Halcion


    So far the Dutch cruisers for me are average across the board in just about every way. Armor seems to hold up pretty well and the AA is decent (40mm Bofors). Everything else is just meh, to the point of being boring. The gun performance doesn’t make up for the lack of torpedoes like other cruiser lines. The airstrike gimmick isn’t exactly game changing for me, even the bots are random enough to evade it thanks to the long lead time. Can’t imagine it being effective against anything but potatoes in Randoms. Probably good for spamming smoke or trying a hail mary zone reset. Maybe the Great Value brand Scharnhorst at T10 will be great.
  2. Halcion

    Missouri is Coming Back

    WG is banking on the large contingent of players who don’t read the forums and only know the Missouri’s credit reputation. If it doesn’t make the same credits as before, I’ll pass, reasons: 1. Iowa is better IMO, the radar doesn’t balance out for its weaknesses. 2. It’s going to be expensive, could be wrong but I foresee it being slightly more expensive due to the name recognition and buying frenzy. 3. I already have better T9’s that will be more fun to play. I have A LOT of T9’s. 4. It’ll be packaged up as a random drop down the line in XYZ crates. 5. She has 2 sister ships that may gimmick their way into the game somehow (reload booster, hydro, uber secondaries), kinda like how the Alabama/Massachusetts situation played out. Hope people enjoy the plaque in the deck though. If you’re not a collector it doesn’t make sense.
  3. They really need to change the name of the video series to: Soviet/Russian ships most people have never heard of. Hardly a “Naval Legend” There are numerous ships with great stories who survived or were sunk during World War Two that rate that title.
  4. They do pay a very steep price in other categories for SAP. To be honest I don’t use SAP 80% of the time, I prefer the AP’s reliability. Too many shatters against armored portions with the wonky spread. One major improvement I could think of is to give the almost useless 90mm secondaries festooning several of the ships SAP shells themselves. The fire chance for them is stupid low anyway. This would give them just enough penetration to threaten DD’s and some superstructure portions on other ships. Outside of that maybe a minor reload or sigma buff. Definitely not both. Update: Well since Napoli has secondaries with SAP, there goes any chance of seeing them on tech tree ships. It’s a selling point now.
  5. Halcion


    The horrific Italian accuracy is made even worse by the widely spaced turrets. This ship is a distilled turd crystal of everything that makes several of the Italian BB’s straight up not fun to play. An enemy ship can be 5-6 km away and the shells will manage to go everywhere but where you want them. It also gets deleted fairly easily, so closing to a range where things get manageable dispersion wise is an ugly option at best. Not sure how people categorize this ship as “tanky”, I’ve found its citadel hit from a decent amount of angles. Reload is tied for worst for the tier with Sinop (whose guns are 16”). Several 16” guns at T7 are 3 seconds faster. AA is alright. Speed and maneuverability are good. It has SAP, so what? Hardly makes a difference if a “good” salvo nets you 1-3 hits. I own or have owned every T7 tech tree BB and I would hands down put this at the bottom.
  6. Yeah, got my first 3, thought, two somethings in each. The only way it could have been more underwhelming is if you had to pay 1,000 credits for shipping. Make the crates single item containers in the future to lessen the “wow, okay, thats a lot of empty space” effect.
  7. Halcion


    That is a 120mm star shell gun. Solely used for illumination. They’re on all the Italian BB’s from T7 on.
  8. Halcion

    Tier 9 Roma....with 12 guns

    I got super lucky and got the Lepanto with my second random bundle. Have a few Co-op games in it and the Battleship is underwhelming so far. I don’t want to bother taking this thing into a Random. As stated above the ship has paid dearly for the oddball smoke feature and SAP. It is a Roma with Roma 15” guns at T9. 37 second reload base and splatter spread. It’s just not a consistent ship at T9, rear gun angle is very limited thanks to some random boats put behind the gun. I’ll revise this if I find a better setup that makes it work. PS- Stupid number of fast firing secondaries, 90mm dual guns put out a huge amount of dakka for nothing but the odd fire or two.
  9. Halcion

    Why Big for Hizen??

    Yeah, its not a very fun ship to take out. Its just lacking a role. Right now its just some weak mid range mutt that isn't very strong in that role either. I didn't really hit fast forward for the Hizen for the ship anyway (steel and research points). But I seriously doubt I'll be taking it out much as it is once I get through the dockyard missions. It can't snipe well due to bad dispersion (vertical and horizontal) and long reload issues. It takes heavy HE damage, its max speed is bleh at 28.2 knots, and it bleeds speed like a pig, so you'll spend most of the game at 22-24 knots. Brawling is suicidal, the citadel is pretty high above the waterline and fairly poorly armored, you're going to get holed from a fairly large number of angles at short range. The secondary guns are useable, but not great. Its missing its premium novelty IJN torpedo launchers as well. The Izumo is better than the Hizen by virtue of having a purpose, sniping with great guns, I'd probably take the Izumo brawling before the Hizen as well. To be honest I think as it is the Hizen is roughly equivalent to the Amagi stuck at tier 9. Out of all the Tier 9 BB's I own or have owned, this is probably near the bottom of the list. If you don't like grinds, don't have to own every ship to ever be released or don't want the last dockyard "prizes" then I would put this one in the skip category.
  10. Halcion

    A Historical Marathon With Gifts!

    Watched the video, input the code and got a set of missions that can only be completed in Randoms and Ranked. Why limit how your players can complete the public relations events? Are you really trying to funnel players into those two game modes? Come on WG.