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  1. So what you're saying is that clans should not be able to make a division? That's silly. Part of the reason people belong to a clan is so they can find division mates more easily!
  2. De Ruyter class for sure. Watched "Admiraal" on Netflix a few months ago. Good movie about a great man.
  3. I would absolutely buy this ship as a premium if it isn't included in a Commonwealth tree.
  4. Never mind this guy. Just another example of someone who has a bad day at ships, then whines without any evidence to support his wild claims. DD's are useless? Nope. Cheating? Huh? Got some evidence there, Limpit? No? Carry on.....
  5. Not a big number of battles yet, but I'm 4-1 on the Hosho, 2338 avg xp, and 5-1 on the Zuiho, 2748 avg xp. I've been avoiding the US fighters for the most part, using the speed of the ship to maneuver, and waiting to use my bombers when I can. Most of the time, I've been up against bombers, not fighters.
  6. I really would like to see this tried out. In effect, you're selecting your offensive/defensive loadout of planes at the start, but after that the CV captain can use whatever mix of squadrons he chooses. In my Essex, I could have 5 flights of fighters, or TB's, or DB's, or any combination 5-0-0, 4-1-0, 3-1-1, 2-2-1, etc..... If you are against a higher tier CV, you could try to fend them off with 3 or 4 squadrons of fighters. If there is no enemy CV, you have full offensive squadrons, and the enemy will have to group up to mass their AA accordingly.
  7. Even at higher tiers, the DB's still suffer when attacking same tier ships. Torp bombers fare better, but my Essex DB's still be chewed to crap if I attack tier X. Like stated earlier, DB's are best for harassment; resetting cap, taking out slowing down DD's, or finishing off low health ships.
  8. No, you can't do anything about torps once they're launched. You simply have to get good at situational awareness to avoid friendly fire incidents. It gets very upsetting to have someone who should have been able to tell that they were going to torp a friendly still go ahead and do it anyways. There's nothing worse that a dopey Kitakami driver, BTW. They can really wreck a friendly team's day if in the wrong hands.......
  9. Try this first....
  10. I feel bad for you. No, really. I do......
  11. No. There ya go.
  12. How about "don't read?" No one's forcing you to open the threads.....