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  1. I'm sure the feeling of disgust is mutual
  2. Seeing a Missouri as opposed to an Iowa makes me change my behavior quite a bit, so this is blatantly not true.
  3. We're not quite at the "fite me irl" stage, but its getting there.
  4. Pretty sure he's being sarcastic whenever he says stuff like that...
  5. I am absolutely not surprised that you believe this.
  6. Oh look, it's the Baghdad Bob of battleships High tier battleships with accessible citadels are the exception rather than the rule now.
  7. I wouldn't count on it.
  8. You were complaining about how RNG makes skill irrelevant and dumbed down in WoWs. So yeah, in a way you were mentioning the skill gap or a lack of it But really, it seems like you enjoy WoT far more than WoWs so why don't you go back for all our sakes.
  9. So was WoT. But that didn't stop SIMP from being very good in tournament play. I know, because I was a part of that team for a while. RNG didn't stop us from winning against worse teams, or occasionally losing to ones who had played better. You can of course refuse to take the game seriously like most people can and should do, but it's another thing to suggest that there's no skill gap, ceiling or what have you. There obviously is.
  10. I won't get into specifics, because this is how people get heated, but it's obvious the populists got so much support because the political establishment failed. They would have been happy to coast along in their bubble while people struggled to adapt to the wrecking ball of change that is the 21st century. When you have someone that doesn't acknowledge your problems, and someone that does, although in a really flawed way, it makes sense why people would support the second option.
  11. Personally I think people who insist on unconditional flag worship do more harm to the ideals represented by the flag than those who burn flags What Kaep & co. did was pretty tame honestly and it was framed as respectfully as possible. Just let them do their thing, even if you don't agree with it. This is the price you have to pay for being part of a democracy, and not an authoritarian state that insists on respect for flag and government.
  12. It's true, this is exactly what I said, word for word, and the meaning of what I said was perfectly summarized I'm sure your next forum identity will bring the same socially inept and bugfuck crazy posting as the last one.
  13. This guy gets all riled up about the vain purple posters, but then drops references to his "war stats". lol There's nothing really offensive about the 50th vain aakula post. It's just a dumb game with a dumb forum where people strut around like peacocks when they're bored at work However what is offensive are people who use wars and events involving death as some sort of social leverage.
  14. I'm not convinced they're able to steer them all that well. Which means their utility is probably limited to hitting ultra large things like aircraft carriers
  15. Didn't do anything, didn't say anything, so I have no reason to be ashamed.