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  1. A basic level of self-awareness would tell you that there's bad people and [edited] ups in every generation, including yours. But someone will always keep rambling on about "participation trophies" and how "kids these days just dont get it" like they've discovered a groundbreaking explanation for people being people It's really tedious and making those kinds of generalizations only makes you look like a moron
  2. lol The reason why I don't like ranked is because its a poor imitation of competition, not because I am jealous. But feel free to keep puffing yourself up with these posts, it's pretty hilarious
  3. Certain cruisers need tools to avoid battleship fire because of how squishy/slow they are, even angled. This means smoke from teammates, and islands when teammates are not available. But then again you legitimately think Ocean is the best map in the game, so I think trying to explain this to you is a lost cause.
  4. Well perhaps an alternate way is to not get easily diverted by the red meat that politicians throw at you Perhaps both parties being heavily infiltrated by corporate influence isn't a coincidence. And another not-coincidence is how most of the fighting and outrage happens over social/cultural issues, and not economic issues.
  5. For me to make an intelligent decision on whether to push or not, I'd need to know exactly how bad my magazines are. I'm not going to play totally passive on a maybe. Basically you're getting all angsty with people for not preventing detonations when the mechanic is still like a black box as far as in-game UI goes. Then when it does happen, you go "lol should have seen that coming" It would be like removing the detection awareness mechanic, and then wondering why cruisers can't avoid citadels. People need to have some straightforward awareness of whats going on with a mechanic to be able to mitigate or take advantage of the mechanic. Your skill based meme is nonsense.
  6. I get the sense that your avatar corresponds with the way you look as a person. A dumb uneducated goober who struggles to understand basic concepts
  7. The point being made wasn't how 'good' you were at T1, but rather how bad you were at T8.
  8. The shokaku player is on the same level as people who drive slowly in the left lane. Going to the right lane (playing a normal, less impactful class) would be so easy, but they don't do it because they're oblivious mongoloids.
  9. I just replied to your dumb assumptions with dumb assumptions of my own. Can't get mad about that. Or can you?
  10. This is the demographic that supports detonations Its okay though, you "contributed" by staying away from any risk of random detonation, namely by sitting 20km back in your spawn. Well done
  11. how dumb "Just never get hit and you won't ever get detonated!" Brilliant insight there, comrade
  12. There is no exploiting the mechanic, because trying to actively exploit it runs counter to good play. Just think of where you should aim at for DDs. You don't aim at the front or the back where the dispersion can toss off half your shells into the sea. You aim center mass so more of them can hit. Any that hit the front or back magazine happen to be an accident of dispersion Same for cruisers and battleships. Center mass, at the waterline gives the best chance for citadels at mid to long range. If HE spamming, you aim for the superstructure. None of these are very close to the magazines, and to aim for the magazines you need to gimp your damage output. Despite what some det apologists may say, there is no good way to substantially influence it and also be a good player. There's a handful of edge cases where you might be able to (brawling going for just under number 1 turret) But these situations often end up with annihilating volleys of 5-6 cits, so what does it matter honestly
  13. I mean he articulated it awfully, but he's not wrong. It's a ship that upsets inter class balance by having a thing only cruisers should have. BBs should do two things in this game - deal lots of damage and tank. Having more utility beyond this breaks the class balance, especially considering the vulnerability of most cruisers. I imagine its fun to press buttan and solo wreck minotaurs or DDs, but that should be a capability left to squishier things like baltimores, and not a slab of 78K hitpoints that can bow tank 16in If there ever was a tier 9 ranked/comp mode, I suspect it would be pretty dumb thanks to this one ship
  14. Hydro and radar on cruisers? Deal with it. Hydro and radar on battleships? I completely agree that it's [edited]
  15. "technical problems" just like "paperwork problems" with Soviet-era border guard A contribution of $15 fixes all, comrade