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  1. Crossfire_187th

    Public Test of Update 0.9.4: Round 2

    I missed the fun due to work schedules on the weekend including Monday... I guess I miss my chances to test them.
  2. Crossfire_187th

    Skip Bombing

    Also, F4u Corsair could do skip bombing. As I recalled, there was a video on Dogfights program, about Robert Hampton Gray who flew the Corsair with Royal Naval Fleet. He was engaging the Japanese destroyer by "flying very low in order to ensure success" like skip bombing. It was direct hit with 500 lbs / 250 kg bomb, although he was hit and his aircraft was in flames. He was KIA. I am searching for this video, but I cannot find it... Damn...
  3. Crossfire_187th

    Skip Bombing

    Here is the video of example of skip bombing... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6zvP_guS9g
  4. Crossfire_187th

    Skip Bombing

    I love to see this new feature, skip bombing against the surface vessel. However, I believe that only plane can do the skip bombing, Sea Hornet via HMS Indomitable because of speed and low level requirement. In history, modified B-25G/J Mitchell and A-20-G Havoc could do the skip bombing, but those were land-base twin-engine bombers. I am not sure about Sea Hornet's performance on skip bombing. It may be harder to find "evidence or argument establishing." Keep looking for it...