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  1. Waht sinks ships the most?

    a lack of buoyancy usually does it
  2. a possible solution (yes I know they were never used on DD's) would be perhaps to introduce the 5"/54 mark 12 guns into the game...give the higher tiered dd's a higher velocity shell with a flater trajectory.
  3. if you're gonna do something, might as well do it to the best of your (or your isp's) ability right
  4. if you were being hit before 3.1 while maneuvering I can tell you one thing about the person shooting at you...they weren't using aim assist
  5. Northampton class cruiser as well...really nice pics
  6. they've already tested it a few weekends ago, it was 2X xp for your first win of the day, half off ship slots and a few other things
  7. Dumb Question

    they're not going to penalize you for leaving a battle after you're dead, before hand is another story
  8. What carries over to OBT?

    don't forget premium time
  9. HMS Thunder Child

    The ship from H G Wells war of the worlds? it's a fictional ship
  10. Is it just me or...

    The Kongo had less secondary guns and a heck of a lot more AA than Hiei did
  11. they're not shared at this time