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  1. Ghawain

    Curious email from "WG"

    I got this as well. I found it interesting since I have just about every security option available and didn't get any notices. Definitely a phishing attempt.
  2. I will gladly wear permanent camo if I can earn it in game via mission and so on. I will not purchase camo that has no benefit at all other than taking my money.
  3. Ghawain

    Changes to the Santa's gifts in 2022

    Was there a dev blog posted for this stuff that i missed by chance? I read the op is based off the wiki, but by now I thought a Christmas announcement would have happened.
  4. Jean Bart... i think I work magic in that ship.
  5. Ghawain

    Golden Age of Industry Premium Containers

    Just remember... these sales are optional and voluntary, you don't have to participate! Blah blah blah. I wonder how many times they will do this before they realize people aren't going to buy valueless and useless items at full cost.
  6. Ghawain

    Hampshire and Web Campaign

    Thank you, sir! Seems worth the first five tries... after that your milage may vary.
  7. Ghawain

    Hampshire and Web Campaign

    So do I understand this correctly? 2 "free" tries if you do the web campaign, 3 purchases with silver and 35 with dubs for 1k each?
  8. Ghawain

    G.O.A.T. Ship

    Jean Bart and Benham for me.
  9. Ghawain

    Dockyard: Building Puerto Rico

    I am oh so very excited for the stars n stripes camo and distant voyages boxes! /s. In all seriousness, this looks about how I expected it would. Good luck to everyone!
  10. Ghawain


    Pick your poison! Shotgun in the face, or conga line up the butt? That's how it feels to me when I face them in a BB lol
  11. I just did this and never have to grind for credits again. I hope I don't regret that haha.
  12. Oh that's what is missing! I thought the mission log looked thin...
  13. Ghawain

    Update 0.11.6: British Battleships

    Part of why I did early access stuff was for the camos. If they aren't providing anything other than look, I will pass from here on out. Edit: This right here is an example of why people don't trust WG when they claim they do things to benefit the player... I imagine the player sell price for camo will be gutted to reflect the lack of bonus too. All of you wishing to sell your camo after this to make some credits may be very disapointed...
  14. Ghawain

    players say one more time...

    I wouldn't mind seeing this either, but I also know it won't happen. The economy of this game is built around 12 v 12. If it's suddenly 15 v 15, credit earnings, exp earnings and so on would increase dramatically and so they'd have to figure out how to balance out all of that and we know what kind of a fun headache that could lead to for us players...
  15. Ghawain

    FPS jumps way high in spectator

    I just my FPS globally through Nvidia's software to my monitor refresh rate.