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  1. Ghawain

    Mouse's Morning of Testing

    Are secondaries capable of penetrating the bulges? If so, will you now be able to nickle and dime other ships with these bulges while playing a secondary spaced ship?
  2. Ghawain

    West Virginia 44 - Sniper or Brawler?

    As much as I would love the '44 in game... I think that the way WG went about this kind of shows that it will never show up and if it does, it is years off 😔. Sorry people.
  3. Ghawain

    Mouse's Morning of Testing

    I was hoping the bulge change wouldn't be that but, but it seems it will be every bit as bad as I thought 😞. Thank you for the testing!
  4. Ghawain

    Overchin 5 Mission Set:

    That would be okay too. I just hope they don't decide to extend the event out or something... that would give an unfair advantage to those already able to start it. Though, I guess life isn't fair. :)
  5. Ghawain

    Igor and Transylvania

    I find my highest damage games were in the cruiser... often breaking 200k. The BB only 150ish for my best.
  6. Ghawain

    Overchin 5 Mission Set:

    I wonder what their compensation will be this time... hopefully a few premium chests hehe.
  7. The whole reward system does need a bit of an overhaul. Doing damage is the ultimate goal, sure, but other things should be rewarded. If I'm not mistaken they have overhauled the reward system a few times in WoT, perhaps they could apply something from that here?
  8. This is also a good way to push new players out, who have yet to learn any of the skills needed to be "good."
  9. Ghawain

    [O456] Recruiting enthusiastic casuals

    Hello there, I have been devoting a bit more time to this game lately and figured it was time to try and find a clan to help improve my play. I am probably a below average player, but willing to learn and hoping to improve. If you will have me, I would be happy to join up.