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  1. Ghawain

    How good are the new German DD's?

    After playing the t8 quite a bit, these things seem to have nothing they are even good at. You are slow and cumbersome. You have no boost in speed for emergencies. No AA to speak of. Smoke helps some, but is very limited. You are out spotted by just about all other DD. You aren't going to win a gun fight against other DD and definitely not cruisers, which are supposed to be your food. The long range torpedoes are nice, but their speed makes them pretty difficult to use reliably. All in all, it feels like you're just fodder for everything out there. The only amusing thing I've found is getting the jump on lower tier cruisers and citadelling them to death. That is really fun.
  2. Ghawain

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    It was due to happen. Interesting concept at least.
  3. Ghawain

    Update 0.10.6, Friesland and the Netherlands.

    Oh, good sir, I ask for nothing. Please note the dash of sarcasm in my previous post. I never thought, or expected, WG to ever give a free captain for a new nation. That would rob them of valuable cash! Long ago, back in the days of only tanks, I learned that asking for anything from this company is often met with disappointment. I've learned that to better enjoy myself its better to not ask for, or expecting, anything. Whatever happens, happens and I will just stay in my lane and enjoy myself for as long as I can.
  4. Ghawain

    Update 0.10.6, Friesland and the Netherlands.

    Lol, wouldn't want to have people using 21 point commanders for the Dutch line for free on day one of that line would we?
  5. Sadly, I think they may be going away soon, if the trend continues and a new system for obtaining containers be put in 😭.
  6. I mean, I can be fired from my job for remarks I make on even this website, should said remark be seen by someone in my company and it be seen as detrimental to the image of the organization. I'm not shocked you can be removed from the CC program for similar behavior. That said, I will miss Zoup, his Twitch channel is the only one I win things on and I've struck gold there three times in the past 😭. He's also pretty entertaining too.
  7. Ghawain

    Battle of the Beasts

    The time restriction is odd... so I get penalized now for working to be able to pay to buy things in this game?
  8. It's just an auction with a reserve. This is used every day for irl whales.
  9. Ghawain

    Auction house - 100k Coal

    I like the idea... but probably will hate the execution in a few months.
  10. Ghawain

    Update 0.10.4. Balance changes.

    Starting to believe that Yukon is going to be a Nelson replacement. Under the idea that she is being replaced for fxp that is.
  11. Why jump to the conclusion that they will be rarer? They could easily make them more abundant this way. Heck, some achievements I got days without getting and others I've only gotten a few times ever. That means my main source of signals for those has been events and boxes. I for one am excited about this and hope they don't intend this to be a way to short us all.
  12. Ghawain

    german dd tokens

    The article said the new series of quests pops up tomorrow. I'd wager a bit higher reward, but a bit harder to complete.
  13. Ghawain

    Qualifying still sucks.

    It would be kind of interesting if once you rank out you qualify for the next rank by winning 1 match after ranking out. That way you can stay where you want if you want to, or easily qualify for the next league if you'd like. Then, to make it a little more interesting, maybe have a few more earnable/loseable stars to count for stars in the next season to give a boost and shorten the grind just a tiny bit.
  14. I actually haven't seen a twitch container hit my account since they started this new drop system. I claim and get the missions just fine, but the crates never show up in my game :(.
  15. Air strike, very interesting.