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  1. Ghawain

    Ranked Battles: Thirteenth Season

    That's way to long to go without a irrevocable rank :(. You could get one win away from rank 1 and have a huge losing streak and slide back far. Why do they keep doing this to us?
  2. Ghawain


    I will give them credit for sticking with the CV rework and trying to get it right. I will give them credit for making a game that is fun, despite its flaws. Good job WG! That being said, I cant stand this game mode and the economics behind it. This is the first event I wont finish in over a year 😐. Edit: I do love their artwork and ship models though.
  3. Ghawain

    Apollo Splashdown - Space Camo

    Holy smokes, who sets the prices for these things??
  4. Their recent post on the dev blog has shown me that they have no clue what the community wants and will be shoving this down our throats regardless of what we say. They think that a small buff isn't mandatory and so they are reworking it to provide a less of a jump. Other games have shown, any bump is mandatory because if you have it and the other player doesn't, you have an edge. They also claim that altering the system to provide just resources, economic benefits and so on won't work because in their experience it requires a performance gain? That's the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard. There are hundreds of games where a freaking hat is enough to drive the player base to do a lengthy grind. The best part about this is they had mentioned earlier in the blog that they were looking to do different seasons where resources and so on where the goal. So you admit above that it will work, but then say below that it wont? Wargaming you're a bunch of hypocrites and I regret ever spending a dime on your game. I regret even more, spending the time I have in this game in the last year and a half.
  5. Anyone else find it sad that their live stream for this is during almost prime bbq and celebration time on July 4th? I'd love to watch, but I think I will be busy with family and friends around then... On a side note, there isnt anything that could make me, as a consumer of this game, like the idea of a pay to win system of improving ships. Cosmetics? Okay, I like that, but the ability to make the elite stronger just so WG can milk the whales more, that's messed up. I do like the line reset option though, please do something like that but without game altering effects. Being able to get steel, camos, flags, signals, emblems and so on would be cool.
  6. I think the idea is really cool. I wouldn't mind replaying a ship line again, especially if there was a benefit to it other than obtaining the ships again. I think giving any sort of combat boost is ridiculous. This will make it even harder for both the new player and casual player to stay motivated and willing to play this game. "Yes I finally unlocked my Montana, now I just have to reset 3 times and that North Carolina I love will be as strong as everyone else's." It just seems wrong 🙁. I am with everyone else, it should be a cosmetic reward, or currency of some type. Steal or coal would be cool, and offer a way to further monetize free exp and those currencies. Heck, even do economic bonuses if you must, but please, don't boost combat effectiveness 🙁. That will just make the hardcore player even more so.
  7. Does this make it even harder for new players to decide they want to stay in the game though? Not only do they have to deal with veterans now, but also ships that will be stronger than the same ships they can get initially...
  8. Ghawain

    WANNA WIN $10,000? - Recruitment Rumble

    Oh my. While it is an interesting move to drive numbers, I can only imagine the amount of accounts a single player will make to win this. I am very sceptical that the winner will have legitimately recruited the numbers that get put up. It should have made it more like a raffle. You get a ticket for each recruit that makes the requirements or something. Good initiative by WG though!
  9. As long as the option to fight against CV comes with more exp and credits, I'm all for this. I can see it now... opt out of CV fights and only fight surface ships! To incentivize fighting CV, you get 25% more credits and exp per battle!
  10. I am totally with you on this. This event has been such a grind that by the time the second stage started, I was already well beyond burnt out on it. I miss directives and the ability to complete them and play normally afterwards 🙁.
  11. Funny you mention this. I have 14 out of 36 with 47 duplicates now lol... this collection seems to love dropping duplicates!
  12. Ghawain

    The iChase Case

    I wonder if getting rid of multiple strikes per attack group would help all this rage. Just bump squadron size a little and bump damage a little bit, but drop plane health to make up for more planes and then make it so you only get one attempt and then back to the carrier for the next group. People wouldn't be spotted all the time, and their perception of being harrassed all battle long would hopefully subside too. Not to mention, DD would have a shot of getting away before the next wave comes.
  13. Man, community managers can't win on these forums can they? Thank you very much for posting and communicating what you did.
  14. Wow at the lack of irrevocable after rank 12. Have a bad streak at 2 and you get shuffled back far.
  15. Ghawain

    Do Russian BB have a weakness?

    I have detonated quite a few with torpedoes from torpedo bombers. It is actually quite sad, my most recent was a 60% Vlad that raged for the rest of the game...