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  1. LordBerk

    Quick down and dirty Jean Bart builds?

    Nope - I find I rarely hit 0 in it. Yeah it's full survival style but I play aggressively.
  2. LordBerk

    Quick down and dirty Jean Bart builds?

    This seems to do well for me.
  3. LordBerk


    Brazil makes gud women.
  4. LordBerk

    Space Battle Appreciation

    The art dept really put some work into this - well done guys!
  5. It's free if you play the game.
  6. On everything except ships -they are refreshing as of April 3rd. Almost missed this.
  7. LordBerk

    Not Seeing That Many Azumas

    Considered picking it up. After fighting a few - it's a hard nope. Maybe the players I was fighting are still learning how to use it, but ate them for breakfast with Kron and JB. They try to run, cit, cit, sunk. They can't dish it, and they can't take it. WG, please listen to your testers. You have them for a reason, right?
  8. LordBerk

    Tier X Space Camos?

    Bah - but thanks for the info.
  9. LordBerk

    What will Ironium be used for?

    Yeah - not much interest in playing hard for something I can't keep. Perma space camo for existing boats I frequently play would be well worth it.
  10. LordBerk

    My feedback on the Exeter marathon

    I had no interest in the ship itself - just did it for something to do. Getting 30 cits in cossack was a bit of a pain.
  11. LordBerk

    This is for our TOG clan leader's karma.

    Sorry, I really don't care about your clan leader or see how this merits a post in General Discussion.
  12. Actually I liked that about WoT.
  13. Being on the receiving end of proper spotting from a DD who know what he's doing.
  14. LordBerk

    Exeter missions - an interesting imbalance.

    I think it's a good event - it's quite a bit of work for just a T5 premium but the side rewards are nice and it's always good to switch it up a bit. This IJN portion had me pull out the minekaze and made me realize pretty damn fast why I shelved her. Shinonome did much better for the flooding part. My Cossack is gonna get the workout in the following 2 weeks - which is fine cause it's a great boat.