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  1. Order of Linguists 3rd Degree: Successfully engage in a foreign language long conversation with members of your team or the enemies. Your ship must not leave your spawn point for the first 5minutes as you treat the battle like your personal chat room. 2nd Degree: As with the 3rd degree but you must also must respond back to your teammates pleas for getting active with the following: "Hey we are not talking to you", or better yet call them racist. The Order recognizes such hardships those who insist on speaking languages other than the designated server language should be encouraged and protected. 1st degree: You have taken the chatting to new heights! Yourself and your enemy correspondent are the two last sole survivors and may speak unhindered by actions such as drivng your ship, firing your guns or taking a cap. Your ships must still be in their original spawn points.
  2. LordBerk

    Thoughts on Hawkins?

    Got it second opening. Weird guns for sure, can hit hard but not consistent.
  3. LordBerk

    Maybe it's time for a new economy?

    I rarely, if ever, feel that WoWS is 'grindy'. If something isn't fun, I don't do it. I'm going to say something many will disagree: You CAN actually be competitive without the latest and greatest. This game, compared to most, is damn gentle on powercreep. Does it exist? Sure! But heads up play, looking at the minimap, looking at what your own team is doing, is far more valuable than having Nikolai in your Kremlin (although it's something I wholeheartedly recommend). Do the flags, coal, camo, and captains make a difference? Sure again! But these are not unobtainable. I consider myself a casual player and still maintain an abundance of them. A little patience, count your blessings, and quit playing if you find it grindy.
  4. LordBerk

    Which BB line to take to T10 1st?

    This. Doing that wins games.
  5. LordBerk

    Dr_Venture returns to WoWS

    I don't know you - but glad you are alive.
  6. LordBerk

    Which BB line to take to T10 1st?

    First choice I'd go Russian right now - nothing fancy, teaches you the basics. Hits hard, tanks hard, good AA, - what more could you want? French isn't a bad idea but I play my repub like a big cruiser. You have to take advantage of that increased mobility and includes strategic thinking and lots of attention to the mini map. The Yammy is like a train, once you are committed to flank you are damn well staying there. Not so for a republic.
  7. LordBerk

    What are we getting in 2020 for new ships?

    Because I would.
  8. LordBerk

    Are flags and camos sustainable?

    Take strategic advantage of the discounts. The 50% off for sigs is always a good buy. Depending on your credit / coal situation use accordingly. Events are another boon, most if not all times if the flavour of the event is not to your liking stock up on the offered camos or flags sometimes thrown in there as default. Protip: Hold back your really good flags and camos for the +200 or +300% XP's events. Pulling down 15K FXP in one battle is always nice. You can get some sick numbers.
  9. LordBerk

    Does anyone else like round numbers?

    Lol I do! nice numbers btw.
  10. I'd just bug them about being poor. Your $$ spend it how u want.
  11. LordBerk

    New Research Bureau ships...

    I did that with the Venzia and Krem (just blew FXP because why not) - thankfully they both seem to agree with me. Drunken ships, still cheaper than an STD.
  12. LordBerk

    New Research Bureau ships...

    Agree but disagree on this. New RB shinies will come out and we will cave. I predict by end of March. Like the OP I don't see anything I like at the moment in RB, but to get a feel for it - I reset the French BB line, dropped close to 4-500K FXP to get near the top and now in final push in Alsace. I can resist the temptation to use money (and make no mistake if you want to FXP this stuff, it's....a LOT) so just something to 'chip away.' WG is gonna win on this one, RB will be more revenue for them, and they won't say no to that.
  13. LordBerk

    Lert & Mouse's Most Memorable Premiums of 2019

    LordBerk on NA Hate to be an echo chamber but Smolly as well. But for different reasons. This ship for me was slap-yer-face dumass at trying playstyles different than my own. I'm an aggressive forward player, I think I see openings and I go for it. Sometimes it wins games, sometimes it loses games. Like when I really tried the Panther 2 in WoT a few years back, once I hung back and played to the machines strengths the wins just racked up. TBH I suck at the smolensking and will not drag my team down by taking it to randoms (strangely i do OK with the venzia, which is an amazing guerilla fighter...so similar but different). Mouse and Lert thank you both for your reviews. Hope 2020 is kind to you both. /B
  14. LordBerk

    Well, 1v1 ranked has started, what is it like?

    4 battles so far: 1. Cossack (me) vs Hak - straight out gunfight which I came out on top 2. Aki (me) vs Bis - loss - nope not doing that again 3. Cossack (me) vs N.C. - I was a little more patient took the caps kept my distance, win for me 4. Cossack (me) vs Vlad (player SJackD) - was a great fight, we both made good tactical moves and both made mistakes, was down to the wire with him in caps and 5.5K hps left and his repair and heal burned off, I was in his range, guessed wrong on the direction he'd go, my torps went sailing by and he landed his next volley. Win for him, but I'll lose like that anytime for how close it was. A real fun fight.
  15. I'd go Cossack while not a DD main - this is a ship you can scout effectively, defend yourself, and actually win the game because you are playing it. When you have teammates who shoot what you spot it's amazeballs. Be prepared to work tho when you play this ship you are ALWAYS busy.