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  1. Alpha Tester designation

    This I know is silly but in the forums I show as a Beta Tester but was an Alpha Tester. Can this be changed? Thanks in advance.
  2. A needed Ranked Game change.

    The only change I would seriously advovcate is removing any pink (TKer) from Ranked. Go back to standard battles and get back to good status before joining Ranked.
  3. Balancing of the Yamato vs the Montana

    Ok for those new to stats the 6 is 12. The 6% difference you are seeing is actually 12% better than a 48% win rate. 6/48 = 12.5. That is a very significant difference FYI. Not to mention the damage difference.
  4. 18 then its over

    First off, congrats. I would guess that it has to be a temporary limit. Although I vaguely remember in Alpha or Closed Beta that there was a theoretical limit of 20 points.
  5. does fire rate = the supreme stat?

    Agreed - not to mention even when not using AP you can cripple a ship due to the constant module damage and fires from HE.