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  1. Seal9

    Server instability issue

    Worked for me. Restarted the game and was able to log back in. Thnx.
  2. Seal9

    Clan Battles: "Piranha" Season

    I fully agree with this statement. If we spend so much time in Clan Battles then we don't have enough time to play our regular ships and therefor earn exp/points towards the missions. Why is it that only 1-2 missions are allowing clan battles to be used to complete tasks?
  3. Seal9

    Clan Battles: "Piranha" Season

    So I have to ask, why is the CV Erich Löwenhardt not banned from Clan Wars since you can no longer get it. I see that the Graf Spee is banned but not the tier 6 German CV. Seems kind of odd.
  4. Seal9

    PTS 0.10.6

    It's funny how most people play the test server for the rewards and nag about it. I've played a little bit in round 1 and a little bit in round 2 and already have all the community missions done. Just have to wait for them to come on my live account. The biggest reason why I am replying here is that most of you guys fail to realize that this is a server to test things on. Essentially helping the community by testing certain releases. It seems to me that most of you people fail to do exactly what this server is all about. You are just there to reap special rewards rather then help WG and the community by testing any new lines, special modes etc.
  5. It will be removed Wednesday morning (my time 5 am est) with patch 0.10.1.
  6. Yeah I had the volume at like 75% during the live stream and around 60% during the replays. I already made a support ticket for it. Thanks though.
  7. I still didn't get the Gothic mission drop even after watching a replay on Saturday for 2-3 hours and actually watching the live stream today for 3-4 hours. I have tried unlinking and linking my Twitch and Wargaming account as well but nothing seems to work. I can get the regular Prime loot for WoWs but not these drops during the streams. Have not received any KoTS containers either.
  8. Well after opening all the containers I received 2x Optimus Prime commander and 1x Rumble commander. Why twice the same one, what the heck is the point in that??? I would love to know if there is a way to exchange one of the duplicates for a megatron one.
  9. Seal9

    Bonus Code I Found On FaceBook

    Did not work when I just tried it.
  10. I have been enjoying the subs as well. Easy to figure out, easy to control. Great job WG. Maybe this will replace my cv's after the carrier rework if WG is really going with that.
  11. I would love to try out the Kitakami, I never got the opportunity but I loved the ship in Navyfield. Maybe nerf the reload of the torpedoes so you can't shoot 20 torps every 109 seconds.
  12. Can be deleted. Gneisenau is online :).
  13. Are you logging into the TST server? "Maybe a dumb question but as an IT person I am going through all the options."
  14. What about the XP gained on said Icarus for example? I have the Jervis and have gained 140K exp on it, will this XP stay on the fully researched ship and therefor grant me the ability to unlock the Lightning when the dd's come out?