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  1. Kill other cruisers and destroyers. Assist in killing battleships. The armor on cruisers are there to help defend against shells of the same caliber as your own, so it's not going to help much against 18' shells but it will against 8' shells and below. What you do have is maneuverability over battleships, so it is a lot easier to dodge salvos. Use it to your advantage. IJN CA's have torpedoes and excel at burning everything in sight. USN CA's have highly effective AA and have good ROF (Ex. Pensi and NO) DE CA's have defensive torps and have long range guns with excellent ROF and AP dmg, but lack in the HE department.
  2. Torpedoes MUST be able to be bounced!

    Sweet idea, why don't we also make it to where you can also bounce fires.
  3. Repair & Resupply. Fuel, Ammo, Etc...
  4. Mutsuki, can you be anymore

    Learn to adapt and play the ship, and you will find that it is not terrible. (P.S. The Izumo is and always will be a fan favorite of mine as far as IJN BB's go)
  5. Hold on, This is the WoWS community we're talking about, since when was logic ever a factor in anything?
  6. Marrying Your Favorite Ship

    Oh H44, here I come!
  7. So Battleships got a slight nerf..

    But they're 16'' shells for a reason
  8. Almost All Ships Slower

    I prefer to call it the "Tin-foil hat" nerf
  9. Izumo upgrades?

    It's a phenomenal ship imo. Had some great games in it., but be sure to FULLY UPGRADE IT otherwise you will be stuck with a long grind in practically a stock ship. running full secondaries is pretty fun, or you can do main battery upgrades, I tried both back when I had mine and they were both very fun.
  10. How to lower your ping : destroy router
  11. Iowa Upgrades Etc.

    The idea of a destroyer is to not get seen, with that in mind the shimi gets 20k torps so its very easy to not see it for most of the battle.
  12. Iowa Upgrades Etc.

    Pretty standard build. Should be fine, just remember to pick up vigilance so pesky shimikazes don't catch you with their torpedoes of doom.