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  1. The reporting system is .... something. Id like to point out the fact that not everyone will like what everyone else says, especially on a gaming platform. However, favoriting the "snowflakes" that cant take a few trite words about their own gameplay ( especially when it that gameplay cost the win, AND 15 mins of your time) isn't exactly right either. If a player spouts off to me, i usually troll them back and blacklist them. However, there are what id like to call "reporting trolls", people that don't really play the game ( or play it well) yet instigate and provoke AT WILL, and the moment you reply ... chatban ! So enough of this [edited] over words kids. You will never ever EVER make it IRL if the only focus you have is "what offends me today" Get a flipping life ffs. P.S im not condoning verbal attacks on other players. Hell i was chatting with bog on twitch about the Zao the other day, totally pleasant conversation about gaming. But i am saying toughen your skin up a bit, especially when someone is just provoking you.
  2. 40 mega's Won a Vanguard, a Cossack, a Florida, a Strasburg, a Munchen, a Gorizia, a Nueve de Julio, a PEF, and a Hill. Think there was another one i missed in there, but yeah. ~ 10k dubloons (or so) , some camo's and a decent amount of coal.
  3. WG would have to patch fun back into the game.
  4. Truth, about balance being horribly broken. "A" game can never be balanced when RNG is a major factor.
  5. incorrect . 1st of all flags are free I agree..IF you receive an achievement in game. you "may" get a "few" for a "specific" ach. See what I did there ? Admit that this game ( as typical WG games are) p2win. It's easy to plop down a few bucks for flags. But if I choose to remain a free player, you cannot get enough to counter this. As far as actual vs game fires goes, yes fire was a "danger" , BUT not TO THIS extreme. <EDIT> IF A dd/cruiser OR 2 CAN BURN a 100k hp BB down, before the BB can fire 2-3 salvos, something is wrong. if said BB gets a broadside on a lt cruiser and gets 9 overpens and literally no dmg , something is wrong. In using your RL comparison, if that BB overpenned, that means those shells tore through all these "flammable " areas you mentioned....yet low/no dmg. IRL, that ship would be alive sure, but basically ineffective for the battle. If you can list lets say 10 ships ( besides forrestal , we all know that) that burned from 100-0 in ww2, then your argument is very valid. Cherry picking one or 2 ships that burned is not , when you look at the overall scheme of things ( bismark took HOW MANY HITS IRL ?? ) Comparing a game to RL doesn't matter when the parent of the game is shoving down the fire meta onto the players that spend hundred of dollars on a game , just so they can have a super duper win percent. In 5 years, once this game is "really" trash , that $$$ and w/r will really matter right ?
  6. That, is total and utter [edited]. NO ship in ww2 burned 1/2 as bad as this, save maybe the ones that actually got DB'd. And most certainly if 16 inch shells hit a light cruiser and "overpenned" , that cruiser was STILL damaged beyond repair. And as far as "needing" HE spam to kill BB's ...[edited] you're doing it wrong. I guess this arcade 1st person shooter VS reality has gotten out of control lately, but the proof is there if you just simply look at the gaming style prior to the HE buff . Btw ..many of you are saying take this skill take that flag blah blah … do you even realize what you are saying ? use a FLAG ( $$$) on a broken mechanic ( fire) in a FREE to play game … Clearly some of you cant remember battling without HE spam or fire chance of 35%, that is easy mode kids. you lemmings are being fed this by WG to keep spending $$$ on a game that is inevitably headed towards power creep, THATS is the WG business model, need proof, look at WoT and all the "tanks that existed on paper only" .