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  1. Vector03

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    While I agree in premise with a boycott in this regard, I also know that this simply won't work. There will always be demand for steel and competitive games within both WOWS and WOT. If a few clans boycott, others will fill the void, as people have probably mentioned. Even if everyone on the forums followed this boycott, and that's not even going to happen, that's only a small percentage of the player base. The only way to really make any difference with all this is to not play or pay, and watch the salt wars with amusement.
  2. Vector03

    Champagne is here...

    Oh look, another big BB/Battlecruiser ship that looks nearly identical to at least 20 other ships already in the game, but with slightly different stats. WG is basically selling ice to the Eskimos at this point.
  3. Already made it there awhile ago. Enjoying other games far more now. Amazing the clarity you achieve once you stop playing this game. It's almost like it's designed to be addictive or something.
  4. Vector03

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    Sadly this is the situation. WG ONLY cares about the new players and whales, everyone else is just there. Veterans boycotting financially or otherwise don't matter, because there are always new shiny things to attract new players. Those same new players don't know the game is in the state it's in, and aren't frustrated by it yet, so they'll be more likely to spend. The whales don't care what happens in the game, they just enjoy blowing tons of money on it (and sometimes bragging about that). WG's model focuses solely on getting new players who don't know understand the game to at least play if not pay, and whales dropping $100s or even $1000s per month.
  5. Vector03

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    CVs being in the game is beyond all reason to begin with.
  6. Vector03

    AA is Broken

    Cry me a river dude.
  7. TL;DR of every sub or CV thread: Both subs and CVs are inherently broken for a variety of reasons. One set of people states this, the other denies it. WG will push them into the game regardless for the obvious financial gain. Certain players are shown to be obvious unpaid WG shills, others are shown to actually value the game and are trying to improve it over time. WG is shown to be exactly what everyone knows they are, and have been since the beginning.
  8. Vector03

    Clarification for selling Moskva?

    Good point. People can still buy this camo, that other people are about to get for free. What a joke. WG is going to cash in no matter what, and fools will be parted from their money.
  9. Vector03

    WG please fix AA

    AA is mostly useless, but WG is hoping the dumpster fire of subs will overshadow the dumpster fire of CVs. They're probably right. Most people playing this who can actually still somehow tolerate the game are basically squirrels, 'oh look a new shiny thing to distract me from the massive issues and over-monetization the game is going through'.
  10. Vector03

    Odin reload slowed from 20s to 23s

    But you think everything looks fun just like all the other WG white knights so it really doesn't mean much. Literally WG could take a dump into a napkin and you guys would love it.
  11. Vector03

    Odin reload slowed from 20s to 23s

    Didn't say there were no good German ships, but there is an obvious and irrefutable bias against German ships. There's also a bias against German tanks in WoT, guess which company is behind both games? Is the Mainz going to be used competitively?
  12. Vector03

    Odin reload slowed from 20s to 23s

    This. What's the reason to get it? There isn't one. WG once again shows their love of German stuff.
  13. Everyone wants to be the club and not the seal. Big surprise. The rewards for being the seal aren't worth it, but WG will shove them into Randoms regardless. They'll also blame the players for lack of participation.
  14. I agree that CVs are inherently worse, but you get both, so no point in saying that. One dumpster fire doesn't put the other one out, it's just two dumpster fires. Maybe subs will cause some vets to quit, but WG knows there will still be more new players joining to more than make up for that.