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  1. Vector03

    If CV's are so balanced

    You're the problem with the game in reality. This attitude that everyone just has to accept the game for what it is, actively drives people away from it. Carriers actively drive people away from the game. CV players are not the majority of players, so the game should not be ruined by this small group, yet it is. By playing the game, you actually make the game worse for others.
  2. I have 1,017 random battles and 2,851 co-op battles to date. I'm also not a great player at all. Happy? I don't think WG really needs you or anyone else to white knight for them. Why do it? Does it give you some kind of satisfaction to defend a company that obviously doesn't care about anything you have to say or think about their game? CVs have fundamentally broken the rock-paper-scissors mechanics of this game for quite some time now. The game is simply much more fun without them, or at least without so many of them in every battle. Also WoWS is about as much a historical simulation as China is a democracy.
  3. Remove CVs, a simple and elegant solution™.
  4. Stop playing the semantics game. Everyone knows WG can't ever balance CVs, and doesn't even care to. The 1.5 years is referring to how long the CV rework has been going on. Just because you pretend to not care about it due to 'not having a dog in the fight' doesn't mean it doesn't affect you.
  5. In 1.5 years, it still hasn't been fixed. Good luck.
  6. Remove CVs, a simple and elegant solution™.
  7. Yeah, AW could've been really good, but the greed and hubris of mail.ru was its downfall. WG's greed and hubris have not been the downfall of this game yet because there isn't really any competition for this type of game. The game that shall not be mentioned comes closest, but with anything except planes, they've always been 1 step behind. Eventually WG will likely remove scenarios for one reason or another.
  8. Couldn't agree more. You can say all you want that DDs are still playable and you can still do well in them, both of which are true of course. This still does not make DDs fun to play for the average player in the current state of the game.
  9. Vector03

    Ban me for protesting dual CV

    The huge amount of veteran players WG has lost due to CVs will never be fully realized. CVs have been the single greatest cause of veterans and new players quitting this game since their rework (bork?). If you want proof, I can pull up countless threads and Reddit posts stating exactly this. WG does not care however, as their model revolves around whales and new players, not necessarily veterans.
  10. Vector03

    0.9.6 Feedback

    Well said, couldn't agree more.
  11. Vector03

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    While I agree in premise with a boycott in this regard, I also know that this simply won't work. There will always be demand for steel and competitive games within both WOWS and WOT. If a few clans boycott, others will fill the void, as people have probably mentioned. Even if everyone on the forums followed this boycott, and that's not even going to happen, that's only a small percentage of the player base. The only way to really make any difference with all this is to not play or pay, and watch the salt wars with amusement.
  12. Vector03

    Champagne is here...

    Oh look, another big BB/Battlecruiser ship that looks nearly identical to at least 20 other ships already in the game, but with slightly different stats. WG is basically selling ice to the Eskimos at this point.
  13. Already made it there awhile ago. Enjoying other games far more now. Amazing the clarity you achieve once you stop playing this game. It's almost like it's designed to be addictive or something.
  14. Vector03

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    Sadly this is the situation. WG ONLY cares about the new players and whales, everyone else is just there. Veterans boycotting financially or otherwise don't matter, because there are always new shiny things to attract new players. Those same new players don't know the game is in the state it's in, and aren't frustrated by it yet, so they'll be more likely to spend. The whales don't care what happens in the game, they just enjoy blowing tons of money on it (and sometimes bragging about that). WG's model focuses solely on getting new players who don't know understand the game to at least play if not pay, and whales dropping $100s or even $1000s per month.
  15. Vector03

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    CVs being in the game is beyond all reason to begin with.