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  1. The CVs win, as usual. It's so hard to kill them, they're always the last ships on the board.
  2. Sadly, this is probably correct. I know for a fact that many players left randoms after the CV rebork to join the PvE side of things, myself included. WG needs as many people to play randoms as possible, so they need to eliminate as many PvE options as they can. They know they can't get rid of Coop, but they can get rid of certain Ops, so that's what they did. I can almost guarantee you that the Ops they've taken out never return.
  3. Her dur, it's bAlanCeD aNd FuN fOr alL.
  4. CVs bring in more low-skill potatoes to the game than DDs do. Even if a player is bad in a CV, they'll still provide invaluable spotting for their team and probably sink a ship or two. A broken clock is right twice a day. WG is going for the lowest common denominator when catering to CVs.
  5. Vector03

    Is WG "rushing" new ship lines?

    Lel, sadly I know this to be true, coming from WoT. Given that game is still going somehow, this one is likely to be strung along at least as long or longer. Well hopefully they never mess with Coop too much...
  6. Vector03

    Is WG "rushing" new ship lines?

    I just want to see what they'll do when they finally run out of ships. They have to eventually. Maybe that will force them to actually make new maps or content they can't immediately monetize?
  7. As others, and myself have said time and time again, OP is 100% correct. WG won't do anything about it though. They simply don't care about the veterans lost because there are still enough whales around and seals coming in to keep them happy financially. I'm simply happy to be a free to play player with 3 tier 10s, and to get some enjoyment out of the game still.
  8. Vector03

    its actually sad how bad italian cruisers are

    The Italians and new British CAs are trash. The sooner people admit it, the sooner we can move on to protesting the new Russian cruisers with pitchforks and torches.
  9. I'd bet Narai and the others are down for a long time. This is WG we're talking about, after all. They really don't have a great track record when it comes to fixing things that don't bring them money.
  10. Tanks was successful because it was first, and unlike anything anyone had seen to that point. WoWS has to have a PvE mode because many of the players here come from WoT, myself included, and are really burned out and sick of PvP. I would definitely say this game is a success though. WG would do well not to discount what the PvE modes in this game bring to both them and the players.
  11. Vector03

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Easily my best game ever. It helped that only 1 other human was in the game, and the Haru is just ridiculously powerful. I'm torn between this or the Smol being my favorite ships now. I ended with around 2k HP, so it was fairly close, but a lot of fun.
  12. You're on the opposite side of an argument against them. Call it conspiracy theory, or whatever you want, but WG wants people to play randoms because it's far more frustrating than anything else. The CV rework was entirely focused on 1) getting fat, low-skill players to play the game, and 2) adding more frustration to randoms, the largest part of the game as a whole.
  13. Why would you trust WG? Seriously I need whatever you're smoking.
  14. I'm talking about PvE in general. Does it really matter if it's Coop or Ops? Stop with the semantics. WG is clearly not interested in people playing PvE and wants to force them into Randoms.
  15. But why should there be such a vast difference from Randoms to Coop? There are many who only play Coop, myself included, and without it, would not play a single match. So just screw these players right? WG needs to realize there are plenty of other games to play and spend money on. It's not really a good idea to alienate people, even if it's only 20-30% or something for Coop.