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  1. BB players were doing fine before this IFHE nerf. See how this logic works?
  2. Vector03

    Why do we still play?

    Eve is a great example of how a game should be run: for the players. This is one reason it's lasted so long. CCP has more or less genuinely cared about their players. WG only does when we put a gun to their heads and force them to knock off their [edited] (see NTC fiasco). The main reasons I still play are: some friends play, co-op in small doses is relatively fun, and it's a good game to play if you only play 1 game a week for a few hours since you can make decent progress.
  3. Vector03

    Question for you CV players out there

    Every CV player who quits, a new kat is born.
  4. Vector03

    This WILL happen if they remove TK and TD!

    I'd love for them to remove it, but it doesn't fit WG's model. They need as many things in the game that can frustrate you as possible. This is why they've had TKing in both this and WoT forever. It doesn't even make sense to keep in the game because all it does is provide one more way for you to go back to your garage, to be griefed by others (or grief them), and adds more unnecessary toxicity to an already very toxic experience. I'd be surprised if they actually removed this.
  5. CVs create the rage WG wants them to create. WG's model is frustration and rage, the more they have in the game, the more money spent on skipping things like the Izumo or whatever bad ship you want to skip. It's also no coincidence that the tier 10 CVs are by far the best, not even close. It will never be fun playing as a surface ship versus CVs, tolerable sometimes maybe, but never fun. You can't say shooting down planes is fun, because you're not even doing anything, it's just an automated process based on whatever ship you have.
  6. Vector03

    CC Summit 2019: CV Rework Video

    This just goes to show you that, short of catastrophic, game-ending changes like the first iteration of NTC, WG can and will do whatever they want. A CV rework that makes them vastly more annoying to play against, and now vastly more annoying to play? Sure, why not. IFHE, cruiser armor changes? Check.
  7. I mostly agree, but you have a very tough uphill battle, OP. People on these forums won't really say anything good about DDs, period. Yes, AA is better now than it has been, but DDs still suffer because their AA was mostly crap to begin with.
  8. Vector03

    An Open Letter to Wargaimng

    I appreciate the sentiment, but if you think a random letter on the forums will get WG's attention, you've got another thing coming. It literally took almost every player on every platform, these forums, Reddit, Youtube, Twitch, to be united with one voice against the 1st iteration of the NTC to get WG to even care what we think. As long as it doesn't bring that kind of opposition, WG is going to do what WG is going to do. That generally involves separating you from your money.
  9. Vector03

    CC Summit 2019: CV Rework Video

    It's very strange that CV players seem to lack the ability to.....jUsT dOdGe™ the flak. *runs*
  10. WG has already made what they're going to make on Premium CVs, and people spending to get the tier 10 CVs. They've reached the saturation point financially, so they no longer care about making or keeping them competitive. I have no issue with this, since I believe CVs don't belong in the game in the first place, but keep in mind WG only cares about cash, not balance.
  11. No matter how you look at it, yes, it's a massive failure. WG is proving that you simply can't balance CVs, no matter what you do they'll always be under powered or overpowered. This will be the same with subs. You can't introduce a class that ignores all other game mechanics and takes a big dump on everyone, it just doesn't work. Nothing short of removal will work.
  12. Vector03

    An exercise in frustration

    Translation: play the broken OP Premium that no one else can get anymore because it will give you an artificial advantage over others of the same or lower tier. Working as intended™.
  13. Vector03

    Savage Battle opinions.

    If you have good players to div with, it's probably great. If not, and you're also not a CS GO twitch kid, you'll probably not do very well, and it will suck. The divs of great players kinda wreck the whole mode for solo players. One of the reasons I enjoy the normal game is because it's a bit slower and more strategic than a traditional FPS.
  14. CVs are still annoying to play against, and always will be. It doesn't matter what they do to them, they themselves weren't inherently overpowered, it was the mechanics they bring to the game. Say you have some people playing rock-paper-scissors. It's balanced, everyone has a strength, everyone has a weakness. Then another person comes into the room, pours gasoline on the rock-paper-scissors game, lights it on fire, and leaves. That's what CVs bring to the game and it's always going to imbalanced.