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  1. Vector03

    Why are so many Shima's using 20km torps?

    One primary law of WG games is that potatoes will potato at every given opportunity.
  2. WG uses the history angle to bring in cash, and uses it only when it benefits their distorted view of what the game should be. Look no further than their version of German CAs, BBs, and Italian CA/CLs. Then take a look at RU BBs and CA/CLs. Is balans komrade.
  3. Vector03

    Update 0.8.10: “Resolute and Rapid”

    A kick in the balls for them is a nice refreshing beverage for the rest of us. Good job WG.
  4. Vector03

    As WoWS goes on, friendliness goes down.

    Same. Without my friends in this game I'd probably not play anymore. I'd say while it's not necessarily easy to make lasting friendships online, it can be done, and can be quite rewarding as well.
  5. Vector03

    Screwed up CVs

    Couldn't agree more with you!
  6. Vector03

    Twilight Battle went downhill...

    Honestly, as long as you offer a truce, abide by that truce, and play the mode how it's supposed to be played, everything almost always goes smoothly. This includes collecting filth in a clockwise manner, and obviously, keeping any truce unless fired upon non-accidentally. This mode is easily some of the most fun I've had in this game, and I hope it sticks around for a long time.
  7. Vector03

    Is the Khabarovsk line still fun?

    Yeah I had way more fun in the Minsk and Kiev than Tash and Khaba. The latter two are a step down in my opinion, sadly. I'm not quite sure what made that the case, I simply just didn't do as well in the tier 9 and 10 than the previous ships.
  8. Vector03

    Is the Khabarovsk line still fun?

    Khaba being my 1st tier 10 I can safely tell you it isn't worth it. I'm going for Groz just because it's like a Russian Gearing or something, but probably better. It has great AA, good torps, stealth, decent guns.
  9. Vector03

    It's been a year or 2, what's changed?

    That's a pretty accurate assessment, sadly. The only reason I still play is because my friends do, I don't want to spend any money on video games right now, and the PvE aspects of this are still at least playable.
  10. I've heard many long-time and skilled players mention they don't want to have anything to do with this game due to CVs alone. Once again I must point out that it's always the skilled players who know that CVs are broken, and the potatoes love them due to the low skill ceiling. WG loves low skill ceiling ships like CVs and Smol because any potato can ruin anyone's day and make themselves seem like a decent player.
  11. Vector03

    It's been a year or 2, what's changed?

    CVs still suck, because they exist, and there are some of the most blatantly OP ships (Smolensk, Friesland, Benham, Kremlin, Kleber) ever to exist in the history of the game :_) The upside is that the Halloween Twilight mode is quite fun, so just play that or Co-op.
  12. Vector03

    Sorry that I'm late, Cv's trash now?

    CVs are just the low-skill ceiling ship that every potato needs to make themselves feel like they can actually play this game.
  13. Vector03

    The truth about CVs now.

    Thank you for giving credibility to what I consider to be the best and also least acknowledged truth about CVs.
  14. Vector03

    The truth about CVs now.

    This post by the OP is this forum in a nutshell: non-unicum players telling others to get better at the game and accept that CVs are actually good for the game. You never see a unicum advocating for CVs remaining in the game, why is that?
  15. The camos are truly awful-looking. It's almost like WG said hey, if we're going to give out free camo that's relatively easy to get, it has to be as ugly as possible. Still, I do appreciate the free camo.