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  1. I believe the OP is correct. There's no real way to balance CV's in this game. They're either going to be stupidly overpowered, which the new iteration seems to be, or just useless. There are going to be lot of unhappy players when this update goes through.
  2. Couldn't have said it better myself. Everyone can complain about DD's all they want, but the fact is they're the hardest ships in the game to play, period. I think WG will follow their normal modus operandi by waiting for enough people to free experience to the Kitakaze/Harugumo to nerf them. This will likely be in a few months. I certainly hope it doesn't happen, because honestly the IJN gunboat line is probably my favorite line in the game.
  3. Mostly playing DD's, I'd have to say much less fun. Forget about human players, even the AI bots focus on DD's when you have even 1 CV in the game. To be focused on by a CV as a DD is very frustrating since most DD's really don't have any appreciable AA. You can tell me to spec for AA, but that should not be the role of a any DD, period. CV's only add to the game for the people who play them the most. For everyone else, you can't say it's fun to get torped or dive-bombed and have literally no recourse, except to hope that the RNG AA comes to your rescue.
  4. The game's population and player retention are both low, so the small number of skilled veteran players are able to farm the unskilled and rarely have to deal with fighting fair competition in random battles. This leads to the unskilled going to co-op, operations, or leaving the game. It's a vicious cycle that will continue only as long as there are plenty of new/unskilled players to farm.
  5. Vector03

    Lag spikes

    I'm also experiencing this, and it's only with this game. I have Verizon Fios as well, and as the person above mentioned, WoWS usually runs at 30-40 ping with no lag whatsoever. This is a recent issue that needs to get resolved.
  6. Vector03

    Win rate

    In WoT I would've disagreed with the OP, but in this game, he kinda has a bit of a point. This game is much more team-dependent, and it's considerably harder to carry.
  7. Vector03

    Farragut or Monaghan

    I'm glad people are saying the Farragut is actually good, going for it right now. I figure it has to be better than the truly awful Nicholas.
  8. Vector03

    WoWS Dev Blog: New CV Gameplay Coming With 0.8.0

    This is also what I expect. CVs should've never been introduced in the first place. It's not even a comparison to WoT arty because at least arty can't spot for itself and cover the entire map. WG just doesn't want to give a real money refund for them, so they keep them in the game no matter how flawed they are and this rework will be.
  9. Vector03

    WoWS Dev Blog: New CV Gameplay Coming With 0.8.0

    Honestly I couldn't agree more. CVs are so imbalanced and overpowered that the only option is to remove them. In this new iteration, I doubt they'll be any better, and they may even be worse. WG is making a bad move here.
  10. Vector03

    WoWS Dev Blog: New CV Gameplay Coming With 0.8.0

    Finally people can see that WG just does whatever they want, and your feedback is absolutely worthless. This was true back in the day in WoT, and it's still true today. WG never changes.
  11. Vector03

    DD captains need a stat shown

    I'm in favor of this, since if I have a DD that can actually cap, I'm going to cap early and often if possible. Even if I'm in an Akizuki/Tashkent etc, I'll still cap when the time is right. I don't think everything should always be about damage, especially regarding DDs.
  12. Vector03

    Forum Observations

    Why people stick up for WG will always be a mystery to me.
  13. Vector03

    Forum Observations

    Tell us all where the bad bad Shima touched you.
  14. Vector03

    Forum Observations

    This has been true for quite some time. I'm glad others are noticing it finally. This is one primary reason I don't spend anything on this.
  15. Vector03

    Which ship is your most fun?

    Normally I'm a DD player, but been really loving the IJN cruiser line recently. The Tenryu and Kuma are great fun since they're basically large DDs with more guns. The Russian and IJN gunboat DD's are also very fun, although people asking you to cap in the beginning of the match in them gets old. I've hardly had more fun than in the Minsk/Kiev/Tashkent, kite all the way, rudder shift to the max, dakka dakka for days and burn the world down.