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  1. I finished a match with what would have been my first 5 star, but no rewards screen. Then when I got back into port, the game log showed that I had played no matches. ?????
  2. To make matters more confusing, on the EU servers, they ARE having a sale on XP conversion for ships. I wanted to spend my cash on getting a Nelson, but I guess I'll go buy a video game instead.
  3. I strongly dislike the staggered release model coupled with the missions specifically designed for the Hood. I was going to purchase the Hood on day one, so I could have a nice ship AND participate in the Bismarck event, but because you put it out of my price range, I am unable to justify purchasing it early just so I can have the honor of grinding out some missions for skins.
  4. Colorado is "good" because people keep expecting her to be as bad as she was during the Beta days. Because your expectations are so low, she turns out better than expected, even though better than expected still isn't particularily good. She's "not terrible". She'll sail, she'll fight, and she'll citadel people showing their sides.
  5. Alabama vs North Carolina

    You can get into closer ranges with much more confidence in the Alabama than in the North Carolina. That alone makes it much more fun to play for me.
  6. Chat Bastard

    Yeah there's always one of "those guys", who gallantly die in the first minute of the match, then spend the rest of the game backseat driving! I was in a match where me and my 2 divisionmates (all in Fusos) were the only ones still alive. The enemy still had 6 ships, and 5 of them were sailing them into our base. We fell back and started defending the base with our 3 battleships. Meanwhile, "That Guy" started lighting up chat, spamming that our aim sucked and that we all needed to go back to Co-Op to learn how to aim, despite the fact that we managed to sink 5 of the enemy ships (the 6th one was a CV so we couldn't sink him), before time ran out. Checked the scoreboard at the end, and sure enough, "That Guy" was at the very bottom, having contributed nothing other than dying within the first minute of the game.
  7. The shells are on the floaty side and the accuracy isn't anything to write home about, but I'm not having issues hitting things in the Alabama.
  8. I don't know what it is about the Alabama, but it's a lot more "comfortable" to play than the North Carolina. I'm much more confident getting up close with it and pummeling people with her, and, although I have no evidence for this, she seems to take catastrophic damage a lot less than the NC. In the North Carolina, every other game where I turned slightly too early or too late, exposing my broadside, I'd immediately take so much damage I'd physically feel pain in real life, whereas in the Alabama, if I'm exposed, I do take damage, but in a way that I can fix up with my repairs. It's nice! I'm even confident enough to brawl with it sometimes...
  9. Pretty happy about this one!
  10. Finally, the Colorado can be better than another battleship!!!
  11. Please let us keep him! I need a proper captain for my Nikolai!
  12. Oh man, I totally forgot she got a permanent camo option! I think I hear the sound of my wallet opening....
  13. Yes, slap IFHE on your 152mm HE-spammers! I now have this skill on my Budyonny and Cleveland, and it's an absolute joy having your HE shells strike the enemy with wild abandon, doing hilarious amounts of damage.
  14. The Cardinal Sin of Gaming

    It would be nice to have more game modes and other activities to do in game though. I'd love an excellent PvE mode that's not Co-Op, in the vein of the Halloween event.
  15. I don't know, the Arizona always had better accuracy than the New Mexico at the longer ranges. It's nice shooting a 12 gun broadside and actually hitting something, rather than having your shells attempt to hit every island on the map simultaneously. Although with this buff I might buy my New Mexico back....I actually really miss her after I sold her for the Arizona. Maybe it's the rose-tinted glasses, but I remember her being much more fun than the Arizona....