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  1. jethro11

    Jean Bart

    I got it with coal, and well worth it. JB is a beast.
  2. jethro11

    Resource cost of Puerto Rico

    Ya, I think I am over 1.5 billion credits. I made it to 2 billion a few months back, but have spent a lot recently. 😉 I would like it to be a credit ship, but Don’t think it’s been announced yet.
  3. jethro11

    Somebody asked the point of the Hill

    Agreed. I enjoy my Hill. It’s a good little ship.
  4. jethro11

    Best Coal Ship?

    I would say Salem, the radar is lower range but it has a great heal. with free xp, you could get the Alaska which should be out fairly soon.
  5. I’m at 1.8 billion, need to make 2 billion before I start spending on t9’s for steel. Thx for the idea.
  6. jethro11

    What premium battleship should I buy?

    Scharn for sure out of those two, but KGV is my fav atm.
  7. I vote for Atago as well. Great all round ship, with good guns, torps, and a heal. Seems to make more money than Atlanta too.
  8. jethro11


    WG has stated they will not be adding Submarines at all. they have mentioned it many many times. But welcome to the game.
  9. jethro11

    Pigeon's Weekly Thought July 26, 2018

    Sharks, because I have been watching shark week on tv.
  10. jethro11

    I am thinking about selling my Helena

    Yup, it’s a fun ship for sure. Keeper.