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  1. Wired Gaming is recruiting worldwide! Check us out at www.WiredGaming.org!

  2. The badges popping up in your god d@mn face when you die is f*cking annoying.

    2. goobergirl


      yep should be smaller badges


  3. USMarine

    Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    Outstanding review! Saved me some money! :D Pretty camo isn't enough to make me shell out that kinda money.
  4. USMarine

    [12.1] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Speedy. Love it.
  5. My daughter was born January 4th and 6:19 PM Eastern! :)

  6. Just thought I'd say it is cool that you're from Monticello. I used to go through there a lot on my way to Live Oak.

    1. Cuesta_Rey


      Back in those early days of our country, cotton was an incredibly valuable resource. It was found to grow wild in Florida as far south as Alachua County (Gainesville). So, it was natural that many farmers started large farms, primarily to grow cotton back then. I've read that a man could homestead 640 acres for free, as long as he worked the land and added to the new economy. That would explain the migration to Florida when it was purchased from Spain and when it first became a State. Obv...

    2. USMarine


      Haha, that's pretty cool. Didn't know all that. Too bad they don't have the option for stuff like that anymore. I miss farm work, but my back sure doesn't.

  7. Got married on the 19th :)

  8. One foot in front of the other.

  9. Sir, how long does it usually take to be accepted into the closed beta?

    1. USMarine


      It depends. They might not be accepting anyone who doesn't buy in since the rumor is that OBT is around the corner.

  10. Depression is a terrible thing....I don't wish this on anyone.

  11. The results are in from across the board. People are enjoying the new ships while hating the change in mechanics.

  12. Hopefully his house will burn down.

  13. It's time for his removal...