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  1. Carrier_Enterprise

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel RP Gameplay Thread

    You should have waited a year so we can celebrate the 10 year anniversary.
  2. yet its now 2015 and world of war ships still hasnt come out >.

    1. Th0r666


      so want to play this love tanks but want to play ships

  3. Carrier_Enterprise

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel RP Gameplay Thread

    Welcome to Arpeggio Blue Steel Roleplay! Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio for ya darn weaboos Arpeggio Blue Steel is a manga series created by Ark Performance and published by Shōnen Gahōsha. The story take place in 2039, during an era where global warming has wreaked havoc on human civilization, causing major floods to engulfed huge stretches of land. It's now 17 years after a fleet of mysterious sentient WWII era battleships, dubbed the Fleet of Fog with highly advanced and superior technology appeared and created naval blockades around almost every continent, effectively cutting off trade and all trans continental communication, including undersea cables and satellites. The manga itself tells the story of I-401 and her crew. A Fog submarine who mysteriously defected to the human side. Many Fog ships have what's called a Mental Model, basically a human avatar of the ship in question, this avatar primarily serves to help the Fog understand how humans think. *THE ABOVE IS VOID SEE BELLOW* ........................... Reboot PLEASE READ ME! It is now several decades since Chihaya Gunzou and the I-401 took to the sea. Ever since Blue Steel has vanished into the annals of history, the vibration warhead was delivered but due to internal strife within the US it's production was not as en-masse then one would have wanted. As it stands now the United States are leading a massive counter attack against the fog, working with Russia and China in an attempt to re-take the seas after the advent of Blue Steel. After decades of careful research and development, all three nations have built a fleet that could hopefully take back the seas for good. Armed with a similar kind of technology that was aboard the Hakugei and using data obtained from I-401. The new "Allied" forces begin their assault on the Fog first by introducing a new type of virus, allowing human programmers to effectively take control of Fog vessels and use them as their own. With converted Fog vessel leading an armada very sophisticated vessels and the hard lessons learned from decades prior, a resurgent humankind take to the seas yet again. Along side the converted Fog is a small amount of "spirit" ships, physical ghost like avatars of past vessels, formed out of what they claim to be the sentimental attachment and love for the ship of previous sailors, not much is known but what is clear is that these vessels are capable of almost controlling themselves if push comes to shove, these spirit ships act as a pseudo AI, assisting the crew in it's endeavors. The Fog on the other hand have been enjoying decades of supremacy with little to no advancement of their own, a small force of spies and researchers, both human and Fog keeping an eye on developments on the human front. In this fight however both sides will have aces up their sleeves and nasty surprises of their own. State of the world The United States fares the best but internal dissent and conflict has the populous separated on what to do with the Fog, coastal states find it a lot less necessary to fight while central states are a lot more war happy. Europe remains is very much in turmoil with a war devastating what was left of it, many countries could only assist in the war effort by providing man power for research and development, otherwise conflict still plagues most of Europe. Russia is in a very bad spot struggling to feed it's people and maintain a standing army while keeping itself together, but Russian engineers have proven themselves quite capable by providing excellent designs to fight the Fog in even the hardest of times. These days mother russia and her people gear up to go to war, an entire country mobilizes realizing it will need to make sacrifices to regain control of the oceans. China in a very similar spot, although a lot better off. With trade cut off, and the superpower struggling more and more, only a dedicated effort by people and government can pull the ancient civilization out of this mess. Australia managed somehow, they are not exactly in a position to fight back but will assist in anyway possible. It is one of the most stable nations although it still suffers from political issues after several defunct governments. Most other countries that have somewhat stabilized can only provide logistical and research support, otherwise poorer and less well off nations are still very much still trying to stay in one piece. State of Fog A fleet roster will be available, it will contain information regarding fleet composition and the respective leaders assigned to be in charge. It will proceed something like this. Supreme Flagship---->Fleet Flagship---->Patrol Commander---->Individual Ship. There will also be mission/task specific leaders in charge of small tasks forces, like lead scientist ship (Hyuuga) spymaster (I-400, etc) or small groups of vessels assigned to a specific mission or task. Otherwise everything shall remain basically the same. All vessels that are "sunk" in the manga are unsunk and back to themselves. Think of it as there was being some sort of reset or all ships being reprogrammed. Most vessel will be on patrol, if you wish to make your ship into a member of a specialized task force, please PM me on the forum, skype or post it on the discussion thread, there will be some US/RU/CH fleet action soon. RP STATUS: ONGOING Rules (READ ME!): 1-Each ship will have Mental Models and all sunken ships will be "un-sunk" for the RPs sake. 2-Assisting human crew members can be created at you hearts desire. 3-Turn posts can only include INTENTIONS , not results. In combat, you must include your specific intended target(s) and amount of missiles or torpedoes used if any. Because this isn't a necessarily a game but more an RP we will not limit targets or ammunition or impose target limits for now. 4-We do not have a turn system, RP speed is entirely dependent on players and how they play, please moderate the speed you go at, for it'll be quite frustrating for those who aren't online. 5-Most actions will go through dice rolls and success is determined completely randomly. 6-Read ALL posts since your last post. Human crews: All human aboard Fog ships will be defectors and require a profile Full Name: Age: Physical Description: Position: Bio: Claim your ship bellow: Pacific Fleet Battleships: -Yamato - Upper class Ojousama (drybone12)-Musashi - Mysterious albino loli (Aderan)-Nagato - Elegant older woman (The_Battleship_Nagato)-Mutsu- Unknown (Unit 645) -Fusou- Unknown -Yamashiro- Unknown -Kongou - Stricy commander type -Haruna - Quiet thoughtful one (drybone12)-Kirishima - Loud brash one (Spanisharmada)-Hiei - School disciplinarian -Ise - Pop idol type-Hyuuga - Mad scientist (mr3awsome) -Iowa - Unknown -Missouri - Unknown (mr3awsomel) -New Jersey - Unknown -Wisconsin - Unknown -Alaska - Unknown (Andrewm55) -Colorado - Unknown (Unit 645) -Yavuz (Battlecruiser_Yavuz) -H39 (Battleship_H44) Battlecruisers: -Alaska - Unknown (Spanisharmada) Guam - Unknown (Scootaloo23) Aircraft Carriers:-Zuikaku - Unknown (Unit 645)-Shokaku - Unknown -Amagi - Unknown (Scootaloo23) -Ranger - Unknown (Scootaloo23) -Ark Royal (sargeantgamer) Heavy Cruiser:-Takao - Tsundere heavy cruiser Atago Maya - Airheaded wannabe musician (Unit 645) Choukai -Myoko Nachi Haguro Ashigara -Mogami (Scootaloo23) Mikuma (mr3awesome) Suzuya Kumano -Tone (Raindrops) Chikuma (Raindrops) -Furukata Kako -Aoba -Kinugasa -Houston (Scootaloo23) Light Cruiser: -Nagara (Raindrops) Sakawa (Scootaloo23) Kitakami (Scootaloo23) -Marblehead (Scootaloo23) Destroyers:-Yukikaze -Verniy (Unit 645) Submarines-I-400 - Stoic emotionless I-401 - Stoic emotionless (Higgle) I-402 - Stoic emotionless Type 14 "Milchkuh" (LeLavish) Atlantic Fleet Battleships: -Bismarck (Reserved) -Tipitz (drybone12) -Scharnhorst -Gneisenau (Andrewm55) -Warspite (Matsu_chan) -Repulse - Tsundere Maid (Lorenzo_Ruiz) -Reknown (Fog_BattleCruiser_Repulse) -Prince of Wales - Unknown -Duke of York -Richelieu (GeneralPatton1000) -Jean Bart -Bretagne -Providence -Lorraine -Almirante Latorre -Rivadavia -Moreno -Minas Geraes -Sao Paulo (Scootaloo23) -Littorio (mr3awsome) -Roma -Andrea Doria -Caio Duilio -Veneto (Andrewm55) Battlecruiser: -Hood - Unknown Aircraft Carrier: -Ark Royal Heavy Cruiser: -Prinz Eugen - Unknown -Admiral Graf Spee (RionKrona)-Baleares (mr3awsome) -Gotland (Scootaloo23) Light Cruiser: -Perth (Lorenzo_Ruiz) Destroyer: -Vampire - (Lorenzo_Ruiz)-Electra Submarines: -I-3008 -U-2501 - Super Innocent -U-873 (Andrewm55) U-2513 (LeLavish) Human Fleet Battleships: -Texas - No Mental Model (GeneralPatton1000) -New York (GeneralPatton1000) -South Dakota - No Mental Model (BlitzNeko) Aircraft Carriers: -Enterprise (drybone12) Submarines: -Hakugei - No Mental Model -TK-208 Typhoon Class Sub (RionKrona) *Credits to Super_Dreadnought to pointing out missing ships*All character Archetypes courtesy of Super_Dreadnought *Ships with the (Unavailable) tag are important plot devices that are restricted to Mods and extremely dedicated RP'ers, speak with me if you're interested.