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    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    did the same but didn't kno it was an option right away, was this information posted? I happened to see an unrecommended skill greyed out on my Colorado Capt, when I went to go see how much it would cost to redistribute the points it came up as free... really didn't kno b4 hand...
  2. good day sir, am I to assume u actually read previous posts here b4 u posted? The issue's do vary mate... mayb play something other than a cv for a few games so you can actually relate with the others that are posting on here?
  3. this is always the case, I remember they did the same thing with the Bismark mayb a year two ago... was literally in the last game I needed to get the damn ship b4 downtime... I figured I had enough time as the end of the event wasn't supposed to be at downtime... I waited and waited until the servers were back up only to find that they had prematurely ended the event... despite emails and tickets logged, no1 ever responded or cared to respond from wargaming... this has happened b4 and will clearly keep happening as wargaming ultimately cares zero about they'r player base, I mean its obvious, look at cv's now, 1 bad decision after another... it may be a f2p game but with no1 likes grinding and working their [edited]off within a time limit only to get screwed over just b4 the end!!!
  4. Hey, is this confirmed? the 2 first and free gifts are already available? I ask cuz I logged in yesterday and had a power outage not long after b4 I could click on anything, logged back in the following day and I c nothing re banners...
  5. Anubis2k24

    gunboat and pirates

    Does any1 kno if this is a 7 Day Rental?