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  1. This, I charge the middle of the cap whenever I get the craphole that is tears of the sun epicenter.
  2. premium purchase problem

    Is your card able to make international purchases? Paying directly or using paypal uses wirecapital llc which being based in cyprus makes it an international transaction and can cause your card to be declined.
  3. Purchasing with a Vanilla Visa Gift Card + Paypal?

    Yes, something has changed, used to be I could purchase via Paypal with no issues, but now I have to call the CC company to get them to allow an international transaction.
  4. Mutsuki the sucky...

    Battleship skipper that doesn't know that he has A and D keys spotted.
  5. Can AA rating go beyond 100?

    From TAP: http://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/03/02/wows-qa-2nd-march-2016/#more-17025
  6. 260 Pearls!

    262 Here, next question is when do we actually get the ship?
  7. DD that can not be seen

    Welcome to the wonderful world of japanese DD's.