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  1. ...but Takao best girl!!!
  2. I'd love another ARP collab...although my time and wallet might not ;)
  3. DeathSniper

    Super Container haul, what did you get?

    lol I don't use my Conq much but she netted me T7 Nueve De Julio so yay. :D Minotaur netted me T8 Asahaio which I've been wanting for awhile :D
  4. DeathSniper

    Coupons Thanks, But no thanks

    Bought some doubloons. Too bad I can't accept another one from someone who doesn't want it lol.
  5. DeathSniper

    Now this was a first (1v1)

    At least you stood a chance in that battle unlike here lol
  6. TtT. Flat +5% XP bonus active :D
  7. Boop! We have 3 spots left atm :D Always looking for more active players! :D
  8. I run the 20km torps with TA and I do just fine with scouting and objectives :)
  9. Few more spots left at the moment. We're currently encouraging Naval Battle participation since all you have to do is click Enable for us to get stars & more oil! :D
  10. Bump! Have a few spots open after our new +5 members upgrade! :D
  11. DeathSniper

    Best looking ship in the game?

    ARP Takao
  12. We are as casual as casual can be! Come enjoy your perks :)
  13. DeathSniper

    PSA for long time Free XP Enthusiasts

    lol. I sold like 2k...still have a few hundred left since I never use them :s
  14. DeathSniper

    Terrifying Players and Clan Tags

    No one can come close to the fear of one person that you see on your team ... WARBEASTY
  15. Would've dropped some more money for WG if the promotion was for everyone. Oh well.