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  1. DeathSniper

    Best looking ship in the game?

    ARP Takao
  2. We are as casual as casual can be! Come enjoy your perks :)
  3. DeathSniper

    PSA for long time Free XP Enthusiasts

    lol. I sold like 2k...still have a few hundred left since I never use them :s
  4. DeathSniper

    Terrifying Players and Clan Tags

    No one can come close to the fear of one person that you see on your team ... WARBEASTY
  5. Would've dropped some more money for WG if the promotion was for everyone. Oh well.
  6. DeathSniper

    Game Balance

    If you got better you wouldn't need to deal with this issue.
  7. The Oil Barons is a casual clan for people who with to farm oil and reap the benefits from them. There are no commitments, no voice chat, no minimum W/R ratio - all are welcome :) All that is asked is that you do not intentionally break the rules (ie TK repeatedly) and stay active. Remember...the oil must flow!