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  1. noobs buying premium ships

    This post made my lunch break. Great laugh for the mid day.
  2. improve radar

    I sincerely hope this is a troll post. As a dd player I cringe when I see a missouri at the same cap as me.
  3. Confession on colours

    My stats are far from the best, but I like looking at mine to see how I am doing. Today has been horrendous.
  4. Congrats on the haul. I already finished with my santa crates... my credit card bill came in.
  5. Main thing I usually see is no one paying attention to the mini map. Which honestly in the heat of things I sometimes forget too.
  6. I am still debating on the purchase. I already have the EXP converted and waiting.
  7. New Years Crate Contents

    Wot crates seem better then wows, however I'm just glad I capitalized on the Halloween event. 300k doubloons left to buy stuff in game.
  8. Thank you so much, hated the new style
  9. Looking to get better

    Alright, Ive been playing for a while off and on. I have recently got back into playing quite regularly. The current clan Im in kind of imploded from all the fighting and now Im looking for a new one. Unfortunately my stats are not the best. I do, however, want to change that. I am looking for a clan that we can have fun and can also help me in getting better. I fear my last clan may have hindered me some, as my game play was increasing then started plummeting again there. I have 4 tier X ships and can be on for clan wars nightly. I like to have fun but have atleast semi serious battles. If you think I may be a good fit in your clan and you could teach me a few tricks, please let me know. -Psycho
  10. Not to mention buying premium time in game.
  11. Ok, so I'm done buying stuff on here for a while... but in a good way. Well kinda. Unfortunately I bought 3 of the x55 packs. But now I have 175k doubloons 400k free exp and a metric crap ton of signals and camos. However I think I got rather lucky on my crates... now for me to cry when my bill comes in.
  12. 2 sets of the 55 crates for me, have every camo 300k free exp and 80k doubloon. Not to mention all the random stuff (1k speed signals). Not a bad buy at all, still debating getting a third but I think I'd faint when I get my credit card bill.
  13. Halloween Crate

    Don't be jelly. Its horrible. They have me wanting to buy more... I need to have more willpower. haha
  14. Halloween Crate

    just bought 55 of them... not gonna list all my prizes, but basically I received all the skins, 40k doubloons 100k free exp and a crap ton of camos and signals. Definitely worth the purchase.
  15. Yes, I have a dedicated card for online purchases and only transfer funds when I'm about to buy something. Works well for me, plus WG billing is in Russia, so my normal banking won't allow the purchase. Fraud department flags it every time