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  1. Then there was some sort of bug going round because what i said is how WG;ign themselves said it was supposed to work.And it was what i experienced, (i was actually after the doubloons and super econ flags but obviously got some ships out of it).
  2. I can'r say for sure @DeliciousFart but is suspect the gimped USN secondaries are a holdover from the alpha to beta transition. In alpha secondaries where apparently full rnage and accuracy and consequently tended to out-amage main battery guns. That got changed in the transition to beta and i suspect WG;ing didn't back off from their hard "secondaires must be for show" stance until the KM BB's hit the conceptual stage. AT this point they're afraid to fiddle for fear of making USN stuff OP.
  3. An FYI for you both. The ONLY way to get removed ships in the christmas crates is to allready own every other non-removed premium, it won't even try to roll for them till you have all the others. This makes it very difficult to get practically speaking.
  4. Varyag SCs

    Ahhh. I think i've heard of that . Still, mousie is cool today .
  5. Varyag SCs

    Can anyone translate the third part?
  6. Varyag SCs

    That is gonna be so cool :D.
  7. Varyag SCs

    Damm i love that paperdoll. The things you can make it do.
  8. Depends on that last point. HP formulas have allways been different for different classes and the new health is an exact average of the cruiser and BB formulas so it's effectively a new formula for a new class. If COncealment includes a class level element, (i've allways suspected it does TBH), then none of those positions have changed, they've just defined her as a new class for formulae purposes. Which is somthing many of us have been saying would make sense.
  9. A bit slow, i beat you to it Which makes a change actually :P. Cheers anyway though btw.
  10. My suspicion is they won't backport anything to Stalingrad until they're done with Kronshtadt. The health is exactly the average o the CA and BB formulas btw.
  11. More health, Rof and Accuracy, plus a radar but loses a big chunk of concealment. Radar my be overkill but i think it will be limited by the hull it's on.
  12. Would still be hilarious. No they're called better gunboat destroyers. Radar cruisers cna on occasion surprise a DD, (though it usually involves the cruiser doing somthing boneheaded stupid whilst undetected leading to them being in an unexpected position), but usually if the DD is competent they can deal with them. The DD vs Cruiser balance is generally speaking severely biased towards DD's atm, even a radar cruiser is more of an area denial system than an active hunter-killer.
  13. Is it just me or does fem look like a right cheeky so and so in all the pictures of her? She looks like she's about to stick her tounge out and blow a rasberry any second.
  14. Great Jingles video

    Not exactly, those huge super tall islands where clearly a case of scaling an existing asset in one dimenshion producing severely stretched textures. I imagine a lot of the rest of the islands where reused from elsewhere, just raised or lowered in height and stretched somewhat. That won;t be very visible in a video like this. n game on live it would look awful, cheap, and very tacky.
  15. Great Jingles video

    Dawwww. Poor mousie. And yeah great video, i really hope we get some variant of that map for realsies to, it looks interesting.