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  1. Carl

    Premium Ship Review #134 - Friesland

    I'll second this. And no i'm not dead. just been on a long break from WoWS mixture of health issues and other IRL stuff.
  2. Carl

    NTC is Being Reworked

    As i've pointed out elsewhere if your not putting enough time into the game to be able to do this you were never the target of this system in the first place. F2P games, (well okay most F2P games), work as well as they do because most forms of online game benefit hugely from a large player base. But not everyone who might want to play and thus help the game be a good experiance, can afford to pay what it's going to cost to supply the game and it's features to them. So F2P games use the spending habits of the much smaller community of big spenders to support the people who spend little or nothing. By doing that they provide a better game experiance for those who do pay a lot into the game. That means the people who put a lot of money, (and thus in general those who put a lot of time), into the game need reasons to keep spending their money to support everyone else. This entire system is about giving those players more things to want to spend money to earn.
  3. And thats how F2P games work. Which seems to be the point you and everyone else has managed to miss here since you clearly meant to mock me when your just stating a truth, (though my long IRl health issue induced absence makes me more of a net neutral at this point IMO). If the whales aren't spending anything because there's no new ships and nothing to spend all their credits, doubloons, and XP on Wargaming can't afford to let everyone who isn't paying play. You get to play so that the people who do spend have people to play against and so that the game otherwise receives the countless benefits that comes with having a large community and playerbase. But if there's too many not playing vs those that are then they have to stop the lowest contributing people from playing. And for a game like WoWS thats pretty much a death knell for the game as a whole because it needs a large community for MM reasons.
  4. If doing all of those things dosen;t make you spend money it dosen;t make WG'ing any money back. Keeping players is literally worthless if it dosen;t get players to spend, thats why so much has been focused on new ships. Weather it's to hep grind them out or buy them from the premium shops, people will spend for new ships.
  5. Right, how does that make back money though? You can't have any of tha for free. they need to keep making money while they're putting dev time into all of that. The problem, as Jingles ahs pointed out is that right now the main way of making money has been to release new tech lines for people to grind and premiums for people to buy, but buy and large thats consuming most of the money it;s making them, leaving precious little for the to do anything else. If you want wargaming to do any of the stuff you just listed you've got to let them put a non-new ship based economic mechanics in. And Even if Wargaming could make enough money of new ships to do everything you want, they can't keep releasing ships at this rate forever, sooner rather than later at this rate they are going to run out of ships. So for that reason as well they need alternate means of soaking up player time and money that aren't new ships or in a few years they're not going to have anything new to pout in and that means development on the game stops completely.
  6. You just showed you didn't even read what I wrote. On phone atm so need to be brief but imo they absolutely NEED some alternative to more ships for players to focus on or the game is going to run into game killing problems in a couple of years or so.
  7. The only valid reason anyone has for hating it is balance related. With proper MM that isn't anything to hate. At the end of the day you have to have a reason to hate something other than because you can. And there really isn't any negative to the proposal if it can't power creep.
  8. There's one simple thing IMO WG'ing could do that would quell a ton of the posts, (it wouldn't quell them all despite the fact that it would give the complainer zero valid reasons to complain IMO, thats human nature for you, we like to complain), Make it clear, (at this point they'd need a fair amount of detail on the how i think), that prestige'd ships will be treated as 0.X tier's higher than non-prestiged ships for each prestige level, and if that 0.X would raise the total MM gap to greater than 2.0 from your ship you couldn't face it. At the end of the day being downtiered upto 2 levels is a part of the game and has been for a while, and whilst we'd all like to see some fixes, (which they have announced i might add), to stop overly long bottom tier streaks the game works and is balanced overall by the MM system provided the MM tier of ships is set correctly. At that point what the Prestige system would really do is change things from 10 tiers of MM to 40 tiers of individually smaller power stepping MM. The whole MM question is the number 1 deal breaker one way or the other for me. If prestiged ships get matched the same as non-prestige i'm grabbing my pitchfork and i'm going to start waving it around and inviting all my friend to join me. But if the MM is addressed in a reasonable and workable way i have no complaint. I won't ever face any situation in game i didn't allready face and the list of benefits for the playerbase and the devs, (Jingles talked about this in his video), is enormous. I can't help but see it as a major positive change. The lack of clarity on this is my biggest gripe right now and WG'ing needs to address it. Fr that matter i'm sure if they'd addressed it initially and stressed the prestiged ships would get different MM from normal and lower prestiged ships in the initial post we wouldn't have this massive screaming hissy fit going on,. And i also admit the fact that they haven't is seriously concerning and may well mean this hissy fit is entirely justified.
  9. I posted this at the end of the massive 32 page general discussions thread thats raging atm but thought i'd quote you here as well to see what you have to say specifically. Whilst i've pretty much been AWOL from WoWS due to IRL issues the last 12 months or so my main feeling here comes back to the question: How will they handle the MM. If the prestige'd ships are treated as equivalent to standard forms. Well i'll gladdy grab a pitchfork and invite friends too. But if they get treated as a separate tier or sub tier by the MM i'm going to be a lot more enthused about the idea. Because being down tiered is pretty much a fact of life for anything that isn't a T10. All this would really do is move us to a slightly more narrowly delineated 40 tier system. Assuming the maximum plus minus tiering factor, (in power level terms), does not change then outside of potential competitive issues i don't see a major issue.
  10. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I'd seriously question how true the claim about dace being the worst is. At least without looking up her torpedo stat. You need a lot of reload for it to make a significant difference. Torp stat however is much more favorable.
  11. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    And she dropped at last. TYwice in the same 10 pull. Went through about 200 cubes to get her alas. But i had a fair few stockpiled so w/e.
  12. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Grrr. Yukikaze is playing hard to get. had enough of several ships to MLB another copy from scratch. Had like 5 Zuzi's. :(.
  13. So 80%+ of the player base then?
  14. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Is that a shop kitty i see there. Also if Belfast is in then we know Edinburgh and QE probably are, they sort of do come as a unit. And i believe we've previously seen Hood too.
  15. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I hate you. Tropes exist for a reason.