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  1. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Yeah Unicorn and Illustrious are both lead ships of their respective classes. Actually now that i think of it i think Victorious is part of the follow on Class to the Illustrious which were effectively a moderate modification to the existing design.
  2. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Her sister isn't out on NA yet.
  3. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Most of my cubes come from commissions TBH.
  4. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Oh no it's fine, i've actually really enjoyed all the recent events, mini or otherwise, it's really fleshed out the characters of a lot of the girls and thats made me like a lot of them a lot more. Belfast and Edinburgh being two notable converts. Their default shipgirl stuff is basically prim and proper maid and lazy maid respectively. And the tea party event maintained that, but it gave them a lot more depth. And see QE trying desperately to maintain a proper queenly image whilst also wanting to hang out and be friends with the other girls and her tsundere tendencies in full effect by making Belfast taste her own cooking. It really fleshes them out, they're not just a 2D meme anymore. And thats awesome. Heh, fun question if you where building your own "AL Family" who would you have in it. Waifu: Whist i'm not into the sexulising aspects of AL so this isn't the usual Waifu meaning i'd go with Renown, i adore Hood in her own way but Renown is my secretary because for some reason i'm just really comfortable with her. Don't ask me to explain it. Family Pet: Akashi. Not a cat person normally but she's abn exception #ShopKittyBestKitty. She can come for headpats anytime. Children: Glowworm & Laffey: As something of a serious cuddlebug IRL Glowworm's adorable headbutt of love tendencies are just so dawww. And as someone who suffer from a sleep disorder i totally get Laffey and her sleepiness.
  5. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    I wasn't suggesting she was a deliberate clone, jus pointing out how similar they are.
  6. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Is it just me or is Neptune basically Sandy 2.0 :D.
  7. Honesty The KM BB's as a whole have kinda been hurt by meta changes more than anything else, (AP boombs aside but they're a general issue imo),. Once upon a time devastating citadels where a much bigger danger for BB's as a class, the meta as a whole was less campy, and HE whilst allways a favorite threat wasn't quite at the level it's begun to reach now, (note i'm not saying it's OP, just that the HE threat parameters have changed). All of those things greatly favoured the KM designs of ols and the changes whilst not rendering them strictly weak have made it progressively harder to leverage their advantages. Back in the days of skyscraper US citadels and no French/UK BB's the idea of trying to brawl a KM BB was pretty much tantamount to suicide because even if everything else went well, the much greater vulnerability to citadels and weaker overall armour schemes of everyone else gave the KM an inherent advantage even when trading main gun volleys. These days however that advantage has been severely eroded and the secondaries whilst great at backing up the main guns in the old meta aren't really upto carrying as much of the weight as they're being asked to now. Like i said by and large they're not inherently weak, but they need increasingly specific circumstances to really shine and those circumstances are getting increasingly hard to find. p.s as allways adore the christmas avatar. *huggles it*.
  8. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Oh beatring the escort fleets is a complete breeze. It's the boss thats giving me hell.
  9. Carl

    SO, some of you are psychic.

    Or you know you could play it and realsie it's perfectly sensible. But hey, uninformed ranting is allways correct, right?
  10. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Also any tips on beating the EX boss, i can get to it, but once there i get absolutely ripped to pieces even with a full team fo level 100 girls.
  11. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    One of the best tips i can give you if your struggling. Get your hands on Vestal and Akashi, (#ShopKittyBestKitty), the extra unit of ammo each gives and the 3 free repair charges can really keep you going way past your normal limits. The actual in battle healing is cute and all, but not a major factor on it's own. Also yes generally speaking US CL's with their extra salvo really scale well in a way torpedo CL''s mostly don't, (Belfast and Edinburgh are all about their ability to not die and keep the rest of the vanguard from doing so, ditto Leander). nd remember once you get upyto the really hard content CA's are generally at a disadvantage.
  12. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    For me it's Kaga thats playing hard to get. I've run 3-4 more times than i can count at this point, (several hundred at least), 1 Akagi, 0 Kaga.
  13. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    You mean you want your ships to list side to side less due to excessive topweight?
  14. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Also getting to commander Lv 70 whilst not a cure all does help a LOT with that issue.
  15. Carl

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Well in terms of oil cost per snack-point there's no reason when actively buying not to go for the 10% XP food as it's the same oil per snack as cola's. That said i consume more of the soda stuff than any of my shipgirls. So w/e.