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  1. Ditto.
  2. Even before IFHE that was true. The problem is unless you AP pen crosses a certain very high threshold. HE DPM is what matters and 6" crap all over 8" there. They tend to do the same with AP, but not to such a ludicrous degree.
  3. Awww, poor lert, *Pets head*. Unfortunately you can't filter ships stats by recent time periods. So getting an acurratte estimate of your performance is basically impossible. But yeah i'm beginning to doubt anyone is maintaining warships today it's on the fritz far too often. My guess is the creator's got IRL stuff getting in the way of working on it.
  4. And 60% the rate of fire. With no RNCL heal, Smoke, torps, or RN CL handling.
  5. Here's mine from a few days ago. Sadly unless someone's got a client backup no way to share the replay. Note the Torps spotted, had 2 DD@s on me the whole danged match nearly.
  6. Spee is right there with later era cruisers in displacement and armour, it's only the guns that are out of line with the CA norm, but she carries around 75-60% what was commonly carried by other CA's. Realistically the Km tried to do just a little bit too much on too small a hull. But as a first attempt at a new sub-type of CA she was a resounding success. Alaska should have flight times slightly better than Hindenburg, she's not known for having issues hanging back, (and is known for terrible handling in the water). So no Alaska won't have to get close to do damage IMO, nor will hanging back be an issue IMO. Check my AAA sheets, link in my sig and Phoenix's post above. SHe's on par with Gneisenau, who has better AAA than 9/10ths of the T8 BB. Though it's still only about 75% the output of an NC. Those extra 5"/38 Cals make a big diffrance. In fact NC could lose all her AAA except her DP and still have better AAA than Alaska with everything intact. MCFAA is stupid. 4400 alpha, 27% fire chance, Another link to my spreadsheet for calculating this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bw33FqTXxM80RUIyWXdvQ21OYk0 WHy do you think i put him on ignore.
  7. Given how low down the tables most of the IJN cruisers are thats a debatable statement. Even Zao is so-so these days.
  8. The AAA is still a tad good, but not to the degree atlanta is so i largely agree. Honestly proto-Worchester is what should have been the T7 prem all along.
  9. Yeah it would, in fact it would probably work better than unerfed Cleveland. As for the DP. By 36 i'd expect them to be Benson style single 5" 38 cal mounts.
  10. Ok i though Scheme 8 was the proto Worchester with 4 twin DP turrets. This one: And here's Phoneix's post talking about her AAA. Sorry for the confusion, i thought this was scheme 8.
  11. According to phoenix i think it was 4 worchester 6" DP turrets, some 40mm equivalent to 60 odd DPS, (i assume 6 twins or 4 quads), and i threw on 71DPS worth of 20mm as that was never explicitly planned out.
  12. Okay USN Cruiser split stuff. SCHEME 8: She's actually in my AAA sheets now, and no, nope, uh-u, nopsie, e.t.c. 4k and change AAA. Cleveland is only 5.2k. 2.8k is a good high end T6 cruiser. Breakdown is 3055 from DP, 828 from 40mm, and rest, (200), from 20mm, (i just copied worcester 20mm across). Here's a table giving multipliers to apply to DPS to get the equivalent DPS to a 5km base range weapon with the same range extensions applied, (0 means it won't get to engage TB's before they drop): Weapon Range Multiplier Base Range Multiplier With AA Mod 2 Multiplier With AA Mod 2 & AFT 20mm 2,000 0.00 0.03 0.12 40mm pom-pom 2,500 0.07 0.19 0.27 25mm IJN 3,100 0.30 0.38 0.44 40mm Bofors 3,500 0.44 0.51 0.56 Some French & Italin DP 4,000 0.63 0.68 0.71 Some US DP (5"/25cal mainly) 4,200 0.70 0.74 0.76 KM 105mm DP, French 57mm 4,500 0.81 0.84 0.85 Most 5" guns, 76mm High Tier Guns, KM 55mm Guns 5,000 1.00 1.00 1.00 KM 128mm, US 127mm/54Cal, Most 130mm guns 5,200 1.07 1.06 1.06 6" DP 6,000 1.37 1.32 1.29 As you can see very small amounts of 6km range DPS are worth very large amounts of 3.5km range DPS, add in MCFAA and it's utterly overpowered effects and with AA mod 2 and AFT in play 1 MCFAA affected dps at 6km base is worth 4.6 Non-MCFAA affected dps at 3.5km base. That said as a prototype design there's definitely room to use a prototype turret with de ratted AAA output. USN T6 CA: Aoba has 33 rpm, thanks to her better HE a US cruiser would need 38.89rpm to match her. A 9 gun cruiser has 36rpm. Now sure AFAIK all of the US 9 gun 8" cruiser mass more than Aoba, so they'd have more HP, so some falloff from Aoba is required IMO. But a 9 gun USN CA with a 4rpm RoF is nowhere near automatically too much for T6. BUFFALO: What i'd like to see here is a complete rebuild. Smaller Alaska hull designed to mount 4 DM turrets instead of 3 12" turrets. The much lighter armament should produce a much better displacement from a balance PoV. And the firepower drop should do much to offset the Alaska gun issues. At that point the Alaska grade armour would provide Buffalo with a much needed clear edge over the other high tier cruisers. USN OTHER CA's: I'm going to repeat somthing i've allready said before. Pepsi and Nla are 2 of the 5 worst cruisers in the entire game. Hipper and York are 2 of the rest, with poor Emerald bringing up the bottom and whilst they're not quite so tragically bad, the Ibuki, Mogami, and Myoko are all doing very below average. In general most of the possibble USN CA's need to be better tier for tier than their current USN counterparts by quite a big margin and even the IJN boats which whilst not tragically bad are generally not doing great despite stealing a march on the USN in health and DPM alike. Well Ibuki aside. She's just sad and in need of major love, she's a T7 at T9 no if's or buts atm.
  13. And the US Navy lied. So um,. what.
  14. New Version up. Harakaze added, A, B and C hulls. At some point i'll try to do a video on how to add your own ships to it.
  15. At what point did i say i was using potato play. I gave scenarios for the two normal common types of cruiser player, one not so skilled. One skilled. Like i said in the conclusions, when you get right down to it you have a ships with lss DPM and less durability than an Atago. That just dosen;t fly for me, and these aren't small gaps either, (which would probably produce a very workable ship). They're quite big.