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  1. Hate to break it to you but that is not how WG'ing does balancing, all skill levels have equal importance. If thats a problem for you go play a different game. And incidentally WoT alone was the 4th highest grossing online game in 2013, and it's been going up ever since. So you can't use the LoL is successful as counterargument, because Wargaming titles are too.
  2. WG'ing, ( i think WG'ing EU), now has a hall of fame where every month they publish stats of the best performing players for the month. The Best CV players at high tiers are significantly ahead of the best players in other class Actually it is a problem and the reason for the rework, or one of the reasons anyway. It's game design and balance 101. A players 0f X skill should expect Y win rate. Average skill players in BB/CA/CL/DD routinely pull very similar average win rates to each other, and the very best players in those classes also pull similar maximum wn rates. But average CV players pull significantly lower average win rates than average players in other classes whilst the best CV players pull significantly higher average win rates than equally skilled players in non-CV classes. That right there is the entire reason the rework si happening and why it is needed. Like i said the game went through a lot of changes from alpha, the whole way the game played altered in numerous big ways, (there's probably a video or three floating around on youtube if you look), the RTS style was more in line with the pacing of the rest of the game.and fit better with the mechanics. That said i don;t think RTS style can't work, this isn't really the place for a post of that size but if your wanna here my thoughts let me know and i'll shoot you a PM.
  3. I disagree they shouldn't have been put in game or even that they can't work. But the implementation we got initially was horribly flawed. TBh i suspect the changes from Alpha to Beta where a big contributing factor, Manual drops with Torps would have been far less devastating under Alpha conditions and players had more time to react to incoming attack waves and CV's had more time to line up their attacks. But when they chose to artificially sped up movement, restrict ranges, and go to a unified HP pool for both torpedoes and guns/bombs i suspect it really messed things up and they didn't realise how bad the effect was going to be until much too late.
  4. I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic. Cute ship girl, and yeah Mo gives me a lot of grief, mostly for the same reasons, i'm aggressive as all hell and it tends to get me in over my head. For me the best place to be in my favorite BB (Dirptiz #FirstKMDDBestKMDD), is with ships on both sides and in front, secondaries blazing, torps going out, and main batteries blazing at whatever is in front of me. My long range gunnery is also suspect.
  5. It is number one priority. Anyone who's actually paid attention to the Q&A's will know they've had a team working on a CV rework for the last 2 full years with a commitment to keep working if necessery for another couple of years or more. But it's taking a lot of time because this isn;t a simple rebalance, it;s a fundamental redesign. Yep, also they already had to ditch their first attempt and whilst it sound like this second attempt may be a go, they've committed to a 3rd attempt if this falls through. The problems with CV's are fundamental on so many levels that fixing them is going to be incredibly hard, and thats exactly what's proven to be the case.
  6. Ughhh sorry misunderstood you i think.
  7. That rework happened long before kidd came out.
  8. Yeah my KM 19 pointer is setup for manual secondaries with AFT, so i made his last 4 points MCFAA, makes even Tirpitz annoying for CV's to go after. Eh i see enough down at T6 that i think it's justifiable there. But generally your right and it;s one of the big issues with AA IMO. A lot of people don't realise it but Yamato's AA is actually not half bad overall. That said the OP is wrong about AA not mattering vs good CV players, it can and will make a difference but you pretty much have to go all in because of how the effects stack, generally MCFAA is the biggest boost, followed by range extensions, then AA Mod 3, then BFT and last the flag. Thats a lot to invest but it can and does push AA to levels adequate enough on some ships to really tear up an incoming wave. Montana vs a Hak for example will completely without any helpers struggle to take down a full squad of aircraft before they drop, (on average), full investment and she's going to send three and a half squads down in flames before they get to her, that''s going to seriously blunt the power of any strike vs her and if the Montanna driver is prioritising right, doubly so because it will take the torpedo bombers out of the fight before they can drop. And at low tiers it's not even allways about if you personally can survive, if you can hit the enemy CV so hard you strip most of his reserves you can cripple him for the rest of the match which will have a huge positive effect on your team. I had a match in the QE a couple of days ago where i got wiped out fairly early on by both enemy CV's sending successive waves at me combined with surface ship attacks, but i killed 22 strike aircraft in the process. With one bouge and one Independence on the enemy team they only had 43 strike aircraft total. That means i wiped over half their strike total, (and our carriers cleaned up what i missed out of tose waves), That left the Bouge with partial squads and the Indy with full TB's and partial DB's with no reserves left. I destroyed the Bogues ability t perform offensive strikes and crippled the Indy before they got me.
  9. You are aware it isn;t a post WW2 term but somthing specific to the era that was actually used at the time they were in service. it stuck long before they became "history".
  10. No offence but maybe you should consider why the nickname stuck historically. Yes the KM classed them as Heavy Cruisers but the reality is they were in a special category of their own. No heavy cruiser ever built bar the Des Moines really had a hope of standing Toe to Toe with the class. And various nations around the world recognised that, which is why the name stuck, they were able to do to cruisers what had previously only been possibble for battlecruisers and battleships. @NoZoupForYou I strongly recommend you take a look at the thread linked in my signature. AAA is so dependent on what build you slap on the ship that it really isn't relevant how good the base AA is, but how much of a build you have. Using my AAA sheets and assuming you got average performance my prediction based off your video is that you where using AFT plus one of either AAMod 2, MCFAA, or BFT. I'm less sue on weather you had the flag. Assuming that guess is accurate, going a full AA build, (BFT, Flag, AFT, AAMod2, and MCFAA), and manual clicking ASAP you'd have had twice the kill rate, which almost certainly would be enough to wipe everything that came at you before it dropped. Thats how much of a difference AAA builds make.
  11. No, my understanding is it's still WIP, According to Sub_Octavian they weren't starting full internal testing till june/july time. Everything before that was getting the coding setup so they could test. They just gave the CC's an early look.
  12. As others have mentioned Fem isn't involved with the rework directly. That said i think it's important to make the point that WG;ing have allready shown that if the solution they try dosen;t work they will throw it in the bin. Thats why we got the US CV changes at the end of last year, middle of last year they had to throw their entire existing CV rework in the bin and start from scratch because it didn't work. People complaining about how long they've left CV's in the lurch need to remember that because they've allready thrown one lot of idea''s in the bin they've been working on CV's for most of the last 2 years. Thats how hard fixing CV's has been for WG;ing. Equally most of the concerns regarding super unicum CV players are precisely the thing's WG'ing have highlighted as reasons they've been putting so much time and effort into CV's. But it;s not an easy fix in the slightest, CV's have many factors that contribute to their balance issues and fixing them is going to be hard even with all new mechanics, (which is what WG'ing have decided is needed), simply because some aspects of CV gameplay problems are inherent to the whole concept. I've had my own idea's but it's definitely not trivial to fix and even my own idea';s have their own problems. I just hope WG;ign gets a solution they can announce something about son IMO.
  13. Hopefully someone from one of the wolves sees this who is an officer. Started my own clan a little while back but it's a solo clan atm as i'm the only one in, don't see any reason the lone wolves can't use it as yet another clan however as that's basically what i am, but would need to recruit someone into it who's a bit more consistent a player than i am, i tend to go on long couple of month+ breaks with brief periods of frenetic activity in between so having someone other than me who can spend oil, recruit new player who want i and so on would be useful :).
  14. I'm pretty sure i've had a 1hp survive at least once, and several matches where i've survived a silly amount of incoming on a few hundred health, once won a match in my tirpitz by drawing the fire of 3 BB's for the better part of several, (i think 3), minutes whilst another BB on our team treated them to his DPM.
  15. Ughhh, fixed it because i need to try and tire myself out.