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  1. Code Mistake?

    This, if it's on your account you can't get it again. And if somehow you do you'll get the difference in gold instead.
  2. Ehh i'd be fine with them swapping each 430mm turret for a pair of quad 380's I agree it's a concern but i think it would be the better option. The british 419 has immensely good shell drag, your right you need to push out beyond 15km to see the edge but its there. The real problem is that as far as i remember according to @LittleWhiteMouse they're on the KM dispersion curve so your no more acurratte than Grober whilst Conq is more acurratte. So is Montana and probably Yamato. @_RC1138 Are you the naval design guy that several of use had a big discussion about the feasibility of Khaba with? Got someone else in another thread who's being a real jerk about it but i can;t remember who ti was or where the conversation was so i can;t give him any of the "evidence" he wants.
  3. Yeah but with the main gun reload buff, owww, owww,owww,owww.
  4. If i could remember who it was i'd use the @ function to attempt a summon but name escapes me.
  5. Ohhhh i bet that stung. Liar. I just sat down and mathed it, what your saying is physically impossible, a Lex cannot one salvo kill a Yamato, (or a Musashi). Even with 100% hit rate form HE bombs for maximum normal pen damage and 6 torpedoes it only works ou at just over 100k. Now your probably sitting there gonna aha, Yammie only has 97k health. Yeah Yammie does. But you are NEVER going to get all or even the majority of the torps past the belt, and if more than 2 hit the belt you cannot be one shot. And even if somehow they could get them all past the belt, 100% hit rate from 2 DB squads and 1 Tor squads, odds of that happening aren't much better than those of winning the lottery. There's simply no way it happened the way you say it did. Not given mouse dropped so many AP bombs on Musashi and couldn't get a cit.
  6. But awful guns AFAIK they're WW1 vintage. Ehh Yamato the british 18" and arguably the british 419mm beat it and the Montanna isn't far behind, only the Km really fall off and eve they're enough. And the DPM sucks hot garbage. I don't expect anything good from the T10 in her current config.
  7. indeed. I'm just sitting here facepalming. Statistically Yamato is performing on par with the other T10 BB's. Yet she has fewer guns in worse handling turrets with the worst AAA the worst cit height, and very meh secondaries. Despite that she matches them, and the only thing she has over them is the overmatch, (given the Missouri vs Musashi dispersion comparision i think it's safe to say Montana has the accuracy edge). And yet she works. Thats the power of overmatch. People really don;t understand how much of a difference it makes, at least at the highest tiers with their immense pen numbers.
  8. Wrong, wrong, and wrong again. If your in a hard core top tier matchup you still have 1 huge advantages over Yamato. The MM considers you a T9 BB, so unless there's an equal number of Musashi's on the enemy team your being matched against an inferiour opponent meaning your team has one more >T9 BB on it's team than the enemy. Whilst you personally get huge credit and XP bonuses for fighting up tier.
  9. Yeah but there's no reason to play against bots except for A) testing B)Credit/xp. So training rooms with live bots where not an issue in that respect.
  10. I think thats the entire point, they don't want people digging into the game mechanics and by nerfing training rooms they make that impossible.
  11. WTR is setup so that 1000 occurs when your performing average in a ship. MO is mostly played by better layers, her averages are far higher.
  12. It's easy to tell your a jingles fan :D.
  13. Ditto. If you don't already have such shots i've got a number of good games where i saved not only earning but very detailed info on exactly what i did in that battle. If you want i can provide though from the sounds of it your approaching information overload right now. HE, HE for days. OVERMATCH: I want to try and have a bit of a discussion on this though i'd be happy to drop it or move it to a separate thread if you prefer. I don;t think trying to compare low tier to high tier really works, (mid tiers is more variable but give me a minute), for several reasons. 1. A lot of people at this tier clearly don;t understand overmatch or it's implications very well and i've often used my knowledge to exploit my opponent's by putting AP rounds through the bow for mass normal pen damage, but few opponents do it in return. This makes the ability to overmatch at these low tier much less relevant or powerful. 2. A lot of low and even some mid tier BB's have part or all of their upper belt be thick enough it can't be overmatched. This makes good angling much more effective as only your bow and stern, (and somtimes not all of that), vulnerable. 3. Higher tier ships are bigger targets and this has an obvious positive effect on hit rates and hit rates on specific parts of ships at various ranges. Based on some very preliminary results from some secondary science i'm doing ATM i'd say the difference is probably much bigger than most people realise. But i wouldn;t be suprised in the least if you've allready figured that out. You like your cheese 4. Whilst i'm with you that sigma isn't a night and day difference, before T8 ships either have good sigma and few guns or bad sigma and lots of guns, T8+ increasingly get some or all of both with corresponding subtle but present increases in hit rates. Now mid tiers do reduce most of the above at least somewhat, but at the same time mid tier ships, tend to be some of the best armour all round relative to gun penetration at any tier. This makes them much less vulnerable at angles just outside of autobounce, and in most cases moderately outside of autobounce than higher tiered ships. This gives them room to acknowledge they're going to get overmatched and exploit it under the right circumstances, at higher tiers the sheer gun pen means you more or less in most cases have to keep your main belt at autobounce. Musashi is an exception but as you note thats one of hr big strengths over her competitors. It also means many of their higher tier ships would IMHO manage less well with being overmatched than their lower tier counterparts. And that last part is why i think the high tier autobounce mechanics are in general terms a good idea, without them many of the higher tier ships would be incredibly fragile, and i don't see that as a god thing for high tier play. And it would likely require a lot of rebalancing too. Imagine Roma in that environment, she's an example of a high tier ship that does have the main belt, upper belt, extra bow armour, deck armour, and lack of desire to full close the range to exploit being able to overmatch T8-10 BB's to an immense degree.
  14. Flags and camo don't affect your displayed average XP, only premium time does. So that indicates you've been performing better :). I'm aware you gave a limit of 500 days, but the point i'm trying to make is that you can do it a hell of a lot faster than that. Those last 70 battle in my tirp were played over the last 30 days and earned me 60% of the total XP i need for a 19 pointer. I think tis captain came with 10 points base from somwhere so in practise the fraction is doubtless higher than that. I'm not saying i expect everyone to match this but looking at a 500 day time to get isnl;t really even worth thinking about, it;s so far in the future with so much subject to change that there's no guarantee the goal will even be relevant 500 days from now. 500 days is only a few hundred less than the time the game has been out and look at how much has changed in that time.