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  1. They all laugh at it at 15km.
  2. Besides with her buffed DF she's got better AAA than cleveland now.
  3. Aye know this feeling. Different WG'ing title but i'm working through the AT15 in WoT can can;t even break 40% WR in the thing. Bear in mind my average is just under 52%, and it was over 52% before i started on the AT15.
  4. I think what he means is a 50mm deck on top of the belt extensions, like how KGV/Monarch/Lion/Conq have.
  5. Pretty much. Cruiser effectiveness can be summed down to two interacting general statistic pairs, and the ships HP pool. Gun rnage vs maneuverability determines the safety zone the ship has to operate in, one of the USN CA problems is that despite excellent maneuvering capability their rnage is so constrained they have quite narrow safe spaces, which makes keeping an eye on how close your getting to the enemy imperative, and can really constrain your maneuvering options somtimes. The shell flight time and DPM interact to determine the effective DPM the ship can put on target, (this is why Cleveland's very high T6 DPM dosen;t translate into a raw effective damage output advantage over the much lower DPM Budyonny for example). USN CA's for example have quite good flight times, but their raw DP output is so poor that they still have quite low effective DPM compared to most CL's at all ranges. Then these two pairs interact with the first determining the primary engagement range and the second the effective DPM at that range. This determines approximately how well they can deal damage whilst avoiding the majority of return damage. Ship HP, and to a very much lesser degrees, (for CA/CL's), cit placement and armour determine how well the ship handles mistakes and plain old bad luck RNG. For NO at least the low HP is a real issue on this. Lastly consumables then kick in, (especially repair party and smoke), to further modify these variables. Smoke with good ship detection values can reduce the safety range whilst Repair Party increases the available HP to deal with RNG and mistakes. CA's as a whole and especially USN CA's have issues with effective DPM, and being constrained by a small safety range. NO also has HP issues. Thats why any changes to NO's statistics at least worry me, despite the better rnage the extra 0.5 seconds 90 degree turn time adds around a whole extra km to how far she has to stand off and that makes her just as tightly constrained as Pepsi, any kind of rnage nerf without a maneuvering buff will only make this worse. In fact with more than a 1km nerf she'd probably become completely unplayable due to a near total lack of safety range, it would be like trying to stealth torp with just a couple of hundred meters of detection vs rnage difference. Likewise there's a real DPM issue, St Louis for the french has the same DPM as the current T9 Baltimore, and even with her 12 second reload NO only has the same approximate DPM as Myoko, (assuming MBM2 to help with turret rotation), and even thats arguably not exactly awesome given she's performing poorly too these days. As i said i think Pepsi could stand to take a nerf, (primarily to HP but somthing also needs to be done about the guns IMO, 40rpm is probably a tad too high but i'd be hesitant to go above a 15 second reload). And balt might need adjustment, but they need to be really careful IMO.
  6. SInce no one's noticed. Khab also seems to get a few other modules according to GM3D, like aiming systems mod 0. In other words gentlemen we have a bug, it looks like Khab's data got scrambled when they changed the module slots around.
  7. Your Wrong. If all that was going on was greed ships would never be pulled from sale, we'd never see the buyback we got with the Belfast and Kutuzov, (or the very last minute announcement), and we'd never get ships like krazny krym as premiums. Anyone who's been gaming in general for a long time knows, somtimes developers get it, (balancing), wrong, actually they get it wrong quite a bit usually, and greed is rarely a viable excuse on account of it being a pay up front one time purchase game, the fact is devs make honest mistakes quite often. In WoWS i think the small tester pool size coupled with the need to constantly innovate bites them more than they'd like. As for KG. I suspect your forgetting somthing important from WG'ing conqueror data release, BB's shoot a lot of cruisers normally. And non-KM/US cruisers aren't remotely low in numbers, and the 15" MKII has much better flight times, which means much better effective range vs maneuvering cruisers.
  8. Again what do you think there turrets in CV and Z positions are. Do yuo think they're random ornamentation.
  9. Tell that to all the better T7 CL's then. Seriously thats just how bad NO is at T8, quite a few of the T7 CL's are better than her.
  10. From my messing around with tirpitz guns vs cruiers i doubt pens through the deck can cit you, i found the shell had to go in very close to the bow wall with a very short travel distance to not go off before it hit the wall.
  11. All competitive teams bring a CV AFAIK, it's par for the course.
  12. And the Indy is a pepsi with worse armour, worse firepower, and worse maneuverability, but with radar. Basic tips for pepsi: A) learn to WASD hack around incoming shellfire B) try to stay at least 14km from the enemy, and absolutely don't go below 12km unless you have no choice C) learn to WASD hack around incoming shellfire D) Stay on the move, the worst thing you can do is slow down E) learn to WASD hack around incoming shellfire F) Don't be fooled by stories of USN AP, it's not bad, but by and large your not going to get a lot of good situations for it, at least not with a 15 second reload G) learn to WASD hack around incoming shellfire H) Did i Mention learn to WASD hack around incoming shellfire p.s pepsi gets a major boost out of not being stock, this is a real isue with the current USN cruiser line post T6, their stock state is bad enough to make them actively painful.
  13. Um what, what do you think the turrets in Z and C positions, (hope i got that right), are?
  14. I'd agree Pepsi needs some and Balt could stand some, but again, Pepsi and NO are two of the 5 worst in he game, York and Hipper, and Algerie are also hovering around there or just above, There's a limit to how much they can change without resulting in the newly down tiered being just as bad as what they're replacing.
  15. Since this seems to have popped back up: @Mofton&Trainspite: The very brevity of it's existance strongly suggests to me that it so thoroughly underperformed that there wasn't much point to testing other variants on the config. Misbalanced ships in my opinion tends to come down to a variety of factors. Zepplin i think was just a combination of marketing SNAFU's overriding dev concerns and the sadly small number of CV driver out their likely limiting their testing pool size. Let's be fair all the prem CV's have been considered on the strong side prior to zeppelin, i suspect the normal test process just gets short circuited. The others IMO vary by ship as to cause. Belfast was i think a case of balancing against Fiji amongst other things. Fiji ended up misbalanced but at a guess i'd say that had as much to do with the later changes to RNCL's and a failure to appreciate just how big an effect they'd have, there where some completely new never before done mechanics and mechanics combinations, and i think it caught them out. As a sort of TLDR to the above, the more innovative a ship is in terms of diverging from prior ships the more likely WG'ing are to get it wrong, they've only got so much time, and so much data to work with pre-release. Regarding AAA: I'm in the process of updating my AA sheets to include DF, based on them on paper DoY's TB defence is ok but not spectacular. However her pom-pom aura does have the potential to break 1600 DPS, which is virtually identical what hoods rockets without Manual AA and click focus bonus can achieve. SO she may have enough damage per tick to really make her AAA shred planes, hard to say. She should still have 2 quad bofors and 6 quad pom-poms though :(.