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  1. It's still a couple of orders of magnitude better than the 5.25" guns. You can find 10x2 mounts of that type on the QE atm. They have: 5km range 12rpm 1700 HE alpha 8% fire chance In anti-air mode they do: 8.9DPS per mount @ 5km For reference the 5.25" is: 5km range 9rpm 1900 HE alpha 8% fire chance In anti-air mode they do: 8.2DPS per mount @ 4.5km The current 5.25" gun is just awful by comparison to the 4.5", and it has to be said the 4.5" dosen't have excellent stats next to any other DP gun in the game, even the german 105mm laughs at it. In fact it's a near dead ringer for the german 88mm...
  2. Bad. For Reference the 15" KGV has 406mm of pen at 15km. Bear in mind the Hood guns are rated for 344mm and we know despite that, that in game they can't pen a flat broadside Iowa at >12km. The Gnisenau/Tirpitz/Bismark 15" guns are rated for 446mm at 15km, and the NC and her ilk go upto 479mm at that range.
  3. The problem is that well, BB's allready do that well and better and don't have to resort to HE spam vs each other. Given they pulled KGV with 14" back to 7 it clearly couldn't compete on HE spam alone at T8. Which isn't a massive surprise, it;s better than scharnhorst but it's not mega super amazing, so it was always a toss up as to weather it would work. The problem is that even without overmatch issues vs cruisers 2rpm or thereabouts simply dosen;t cut it, hell, even at 3rpm given her angles she wouldn't be that great vs cruisers in comparison to scharnhorst, better but not by leaps and bounds. And frankly something noticeably better vs cruisers tier for tier than scharnhorst is probably too punishing to cruisers generally. Yes. But currently she has the 5.25" and since even lion keeps those i doubt that will change, it would need a fairly serious remodeling for both, despite the fact that it would seriously help their long rnage AAA issues, but we can't have that can we.
  4. I absolutely agree. I said as much back in closed beta, it's why i suspected there might develop an issue. At the same time the RNCL's are the watershed, WG'ing designed smoke for a specific purposes, but decided other uses was ok, and tried experimenting with emphasising those other uses on some ships, but as the way the RNCL's got pulled back and reworked i think it's abundantly clear they decided it can and was being taken too far. But even after that the existing smoke mta has continued to evolve, ultimately pushing things in a specific direction that is clearly undesired, so they feel they now need to step in and bring the offensive uses under control without killing them completely.
  5. Yeah but in terms of end effect it's not that powerful. an AAA spec bismark is just as good. It's just not many run AAA builds so i doubt you've ever had the displeasure of being on the wrong end of that. Check my sig link for the details. Try not to cry when you see how good NC is.
  6. The DF AAA only effects the short range, i.e 20mm's, if they died at 4km it wasn't the DF that got you. Probably someone running a pure AAA spec.
  7. In this case i'm referring to my AAA sheets mofton, though vanguard isn't o there it's easy to run the math. The problem with AAA is that ATM DP AAAA contributes most of the effect. Usually >60% and verging on 70% in some cases, (a few like Gneisenau exceed even that). It may be hard to believe but just 29.7% of an NC's AAA effect on TB's comes from it's 40mm bofors in an AAA build. 67% comes from it's 127mm's, and the last few % is in the 20mm.
  8. I think this is one case where they're thoughts on a specific thing have changed though. I predicted IJ torp nerfs back in beta based on this very thing. I didn't see the cruiser issue coming ofc, no one did, back then BB's explicitly avoided target cruisers because "they're too hard to hit". I predict smoke would be nerfed if it got too much offensive use too, guess what, i was right. Go look at the development of WoT. What are the things players hate on their mechanically? Massive spike damage, and damage from sources they can't shoot back at. Thats why the OWSF change didn;t surprise me, it's why the smoke change doesn't surprise me, it's why the torpedo nerfs didn't surprise me, and it's why when it comes the BB citadels on cruisers nerf won't surprise me. How they do it and when, sure, but not the fact that eventually WG'ing will do somthing about it. This so much. +1 well put mouse. For people who've never seen the sharp end of competitive, Jingle did a video on the kings of the sea tournament, (actually several), whatch it, this is the kind of thing WG'ing wants to stop: At the end of the day offensive smoking was allways secondary to why DD's got smoke. They got it because they needed an "oh crap i'm spotted run" help button. So speed boost and smoke where means of letting them do that. The offensive, the teamwork uses, the competitive stuff, thats all well outside the original vision of what it's for and i think WG'ing have come to the conclusion that the other uses are bad for the game. See above, i think going after the team uses is the entire point, there are many situations now where team smoking has simply gotten wildly out of hand.
  9. With the way they've made the 5.25" so bad it's firmly T8 AAA. High T8 but not as impressive as we thought it would be. Well unless they give her MKIII mounts way buffed stats, but i doubt it.
  10. I genuinely do not care about your frustrations. Sympathise understand, feely sorry, sure, but consider them relevant to discussing the matter at hand. Nope. You treat everything like it's a crusade against you and your class regardless of the reality and i'm going to stop treating your opinion seriously. Start outright lying about what i've said and i'm going to consider you a bloody blithering idiot in ye old british parlance. Don't like it, tough, i don't care.
  11. And i said it wasn;t a nerf where. but if you want to be whiny [edited] and look like a idiot doing it, be my guest, i'll sit here and shake my head in bemusement like i allways do.
  12. Trust me as someone who considers himself a BB main, (despite doing better in cruisers), DD@s are the reason i don't push. Getting focu fired, nah if i push and the team doesn't completely mess up it'll be worth it. Even if they do i usually get a good personal result. As an aside, ran the math on conqueror, if they replace all her single 40mm with twin 20mm it will improve her AAA by 7% when DF is up and nerf it by 11% when it's not. That was so worth the change, not.
  13. So basically their AAA has been mega nerfed, got it. Don't get me wrong 20mm has better rnage than Hoods UP launcher, but TB's will still barely drift into range, without knowing what ratio of single to double 20mm mounts it's hard to make a definitive statement, but my feeling is it will be a net nerf to an allready meh AAA setup. Assuming Monarchs still got the old KGV AAA it will put her on par with Bismark in AAA whilst DF is up.
  14. Oh wait, because needing to do somthing that as an unfortunate side effect will nerf somthing they don't want to nerf is the same as wanting to nerf that thing. Oh wait, it isn't. As for getting people pushing. Please smoke isn't the cause of people hanging back, (at least not much). The reason cruisers hang back is because BB's will blap them and BB's hang back because a DD no one's willing to push up and deal with could blap them. At low tiers players haven;t learned their limits, they can and will push in when it's a completely and utterly stupid idea to do so, but fortunately their opposition is often quite poor so they get away with it. But as they go up in tier they start facuing better players who punish them for being aggressive. There isn't any one class thats at fault here. The BB's are afraid of the destroyers, the CA's are afraid of the BB's, and the DD's are afraid of the CA's, all of them are afraid of one of he others, but none of them really have appropriate options for handling what they're afraid of, and because those that do are just as afraid of something else the cycle perpetuates.
  15. To provide my opinion on several posts. Yes this is about putting smoke back as a defensive tool, back in beta that was the indicated purpose. that didn't mean the devs had an issue back then with offensive use, but it wasn't the real intended purpose. I think kutuzov and the initial RCL's before they got pulled are indications they were even willing to experiment with offensive smoke. But the way the RNCL's got changed in terms of smoke, i think thats was the first sign the devs had said "this is too far". But the way existing smoke was being used has continued to evolve and i think the last two ranked seasons and the kings of the sea tournaments have pushed wargaming into making drastic changes to curb smoke power. My guess is that we'll see all RNCL's except belfast get Perth style smoke, and Belfast will get standard DD smoke if this goes through. It's definitely a DD nerf, and if it goes in i would have no issues with a radical radar change. At the same time i don;t think WG'ing ant to nerf DD's, they just feel offensive smoke has gotten out of control in some situations and needs to be hurt, i think long term we might well see some radical changes to DD's, but i think WG'ing wants to get the DD effect on the meta via spotting/capping/smoking/e.t.c. down into a position they're happy with before they start changing too much.