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  1. Oh my. Learning. Learning. Squishy. Very squishy. She is ugly and ungainly looking enough that I might just keep her permanently. But wow.
  2. Thanks! I always wondered about this one.
  3. Agreed Skill... Something that I am acquiring. Nevertheless I like the ship.
  4. Duma

    New York

    I find that I love this gal. Once she is elited and I move on. I plan to keep her. Just curious. Has anyone else "kept" their New York as well?
  5. Fantastic advice here guys. I'm currently working through the Omaha going up the American Heavy Cruiser line. Almost all of this is what I've figured out or picked up from you guys while playing or reading up on the Indianapolis. Much appreciated. Thanks again.
  6. Remove the Coleman Lantern Fluid that she is buffed with and she'd do just fine.
  7. Duma

    Where do you shoot Warspites?

    Matches is a true statement.