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  1. Duma

    Thank you Jingles.

    Nah the player base has to sleep in it. WG just keeps right on stumbling without pause.
  2. Duma

    Why do players do this?

    I would assume that they are "looking" around them which takes their guns off target.
  3. Catch-22 is absolutely right. Coop/random either way the game is riddled with broken game mechanics and "class" gimmicks that make for divisive game play.
  4. This ^^ Couple this with an inventory of ships/types that can function almost completely autonomously and succeed well the team aspect goes out the window.
  5. Duma

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Now this was a nail biter. Loads of fun.
  6. Duma

    What's the best paint job in the game?

    I am really partial to the expendable "For Meritorious Service" camo. If there were an option to buy it as permanent I would for select ships.
  7. Yessir. That would just about cover it.
  8. Duma

    Des Moines or Salem for PVE

    Most assuredly.
  9. You realize that not all of the incivility is couched in bad language. Personal attacks or otherwise? We have a select group. Small mind you but still present that are what I would refer to as "professional" rhetoriticians. Specializing in muddying and misdirecting topics. Not to mention purposefully goading(trolling) other forum users. This kind of "civility" is really just thinly veiled incivility. Start there
  10. Duma

    Super Container

    This is spot on.
  11. Duma

    Anyone playing PVE anymore?

    I only play PVE. Although there are days that I would swear that it "plays" me. My time of late has dropped a bit due to work. I still manage to get on periodically.
  12. Duma

    Who have you seen in game

    @RainbowFartingUnicorn On Two Brothers in his Mogador. Uttering the famous last word ACK! @Triela50 I forget the map.