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  1. Suppose that should read "This lack of testing"?
  2. Duma

    There's a new kid in town!

    Alaska feels more tanky to me. PR not so much. PR secondaries seem to fire more. Just my observation. Nothing emperical. Guns hit hard. As stated elsewhere put the rudder boost on her and dance. Mid range support seems to me where PR will shine. I'm not afraid of long range firing in Alaska. Nor of tanking. I don't see myself in PR doing tbose things much right now.
  3. Duma

    Anybody download tanks then never play it?

    Downloaded it almost 10 years ago for closed beta. Stuck around till November of '18. Fired up warships seriously for the first time ever and never went back to tanks. Well upon reflection it was 10 years ago. Seems this is 2020 now.
  4. Duma


    I like the ship. I run it without the expectation that I will be tops in damage and do my best to "support." SAP is great until the BBs get tired of it. Then they start looking at you. Got to avoid that. I play with the expectation of an average match. 30/40k damage and she works fine.
  5. Thats why they prepare us with a nerf that's a kick where it hurts. The "next" wave of pain/buff shouldn' hurt or surprise us as much.
  6. When did CVs turn into CGs? Do we have a hidden room that requires pay to play so we can access CGs CGNs CLGs FFGs DDGs. Guided missle ships.
  7. Duma

    North Carolina/Alabama

    Thank you guys. I really enjoy the North Carolina. Alabama seems to play a "hair" different but i havent put a finger on it and its not enough to be an impedence. I had been giving serious thought to ships and captains and the economy thereof. I.E. sharing a captain or two across premiums from multiple similar playstyle/layout techtree ships. American BBs seemed the easiest line to start with. Now the KM line on the other hand looks to require a couple of extra captains in the BB LINE.
  8. Duma

    Took a trip back to Random

    I tried this recently to "work"/start a campaign. I took the lowest tier ship I had that the first 3 tasks were pertinent to. Yeah. I'm not so good in randoms
  9. Duma

    North Carolina/Alabama

    Hey guys, Quick question. Basically I'm looking at sharing the N.C. and Alabama as a captain trainer. Specifically the Alabama to train my N.C. captain. I currently have a captain in the Alabama that I'm levelling up so I can stick him in the N.C. when I unlock the Iowa. I just swap the N.C. captain out of the Alabama when I'm working on the "new" captain. Are the N.C. and Alabama similar enough in playstyle and stats that this is a realistic option?
  10. Duma

    What Bothers You Most About Co-Op Games Ending Early?

    Other. It's a stinker when I get involved in the match. Really involved and wham it ends. It's like hey what happened? Then oh it's over. Ok. It's the mode I choose to engage in so there you go.
  11. Duma

    Casual players at T8+

    This. The ones actively crying about your ability or lack thereof are the "dead" ones that weren't good enough themselves. It is that simple.
  12. Duma

    Holidays really show WoWs at its absolutely worst.

    A timely lesson. I learned this in World of Tanks some years ago. 3 wins or 3 losses in a row and I was finished. Now I play Co-op here. Obviously not a metric that most PvP folks consider. The other lesson I learned in World of Tanks is that I am not good at PvP and frankly don't care for it. So I have reverted to "playing" video/computer games the way I've played them for 41 years. PvE. The limiting factors for me now are quite simply time and a real consideration of whether my "play" at the time I happen to be logged in reflects any quality. If not then I log off