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  1. I reread your original post after responding and realized that I very likely had a dweeb moment. I was right!
  2. Having just migrated out of the Colorado I can understand your frustration. I think it was actually worse toward the end of the grind. All I can say is hang in there it won't always be like that.
  3. Duma

    DD Limit

    It can be prevalent at mid tier as well. V-VIII. It's a MM thing really.
  4. First match in this beauty. Slapped a couple of flags on her and a camo. Forgot any upgrades and she is of course stock. I am ok with this as a first match.
  5. Duma

    Rex Harrison?

    If he had that wisp of a smile in his eyes and on his face he would indeed look like the picture of Rex Harrison. Good call!
  6. Be free of the Colorado. Get into the North Carolina. Continue working the German BB line up. Currently on the Bayern. Get the Japanese BB line to Tier V. Start thinking about a clan. Pretty simple.
  7. Oh yes that there is a good look.
  8. Duma

    Scenarios! Who knew?!

  9. Duma

    My Drunk Crew

    Jack Elam was a hoot. I never could see how anyone could take him as a "villian".
  10. I opted for the turret rotation mod as well. I find that even with the spotter plane my "range" aim and the RNG tend to troll me at excessive distances. So with the lack of speed and the short duration of co op battles I pretty much head for the center and tend to start my engagements at sub 14k. Not the best style but the speed/time issue tends to dictate these things specifically as I finish grinding through the Colorado.
  11. Duma


    Yes. That is interesting. In a garish sort of way.
  12. Duma


    Thanks for the replies all. I knew that I remembered seeing permanent on the New York which was kind of throwing me.
  13. Duma


    So on a different note. In the afterglow of the CoOp Carnage 2 sponsored by AdmiralThunder I started looking at permanent camo for my Konig. My question being is there no permanent "purchaseable" camo for the Konig at Tier V? Or have I missed something? I notice that Bayern at Tier VI has permanent camo for doubloons. Witbout actually looking around I am kind of figuring that normal tech tree ships have permanent camo starting at VI. Barring "event" "special" stuff.