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  1. I summoned a fighter group over the enemy CV and this happened.
  2. Looks like it was temporary, it's back up now Tier 6 is a little obnoxious to play with the 2 torpedo attacks. The torps are very slow and there's quite a gap between them. Tier 10 with 4 torpedoes felt about right, and honestly they don't seem to do a huge amount of damage, so I think there should be some readjustment. Maybe 2 is 4-5, three torps is 6-8? You have to fly straight for a decent distance, so I've found it hard to turn around and attack someone again anyway. Either way, the lower tiers need to feel a little stronger, as currently I feel like CVs are overly punishing until you get to tier 8 or so on live. At least, I had way more fun with the current RTS CVs once I got to tier 7 or so. Then again, maybe we'll get used to the controls and make it work. I feel like I am garbage at this but I've only played 4 games so far. Also, didn't the news item covering the basic controls mention being able to use other consumables on planes? Can't swap them out right now, but I imagine that's one knob too many for them to test right now.
  3. Shadowfury1156

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    Edinburgh has repair party, the super duper version at that. I won't deny that it's very powerful though.