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    [PSA] Giulio Cesare testing and premium ships status

    Sadly this is a situation no matter the outcome a large % of players would be unhappy. This is a failure on WG part of seeing an overperfoming ship and nipping it in the bud ASAP.
  2. WG can you please make Doubloons have value again. As right now they are about as worthless as a Zimbabwean 100 Million Dollar bill. As there isnt a selection of prem ships to be bought with them as there havent been a new prem ship for gold in ages. WG can you please release more prem ships in the tech tree.

    The dangerous road of bait and switch.

    I would be fine with it if WG refunded everyone in the method they got it from. I dont want doubloons as they are almost worthless as there are not many prem ships in the tech tree to buy. Only thing they are useful is converting XP if there is a sale going on.

    CV Rework Going Live early 2019

    I think you are giving WG too much credit. WG could easily release this mess of a CV rework.

    WG Finally Ruined Tier 7

    Is it hard to implement a system where someone as a 33% chance of being top mid and bottom?
  6. Next they need to buff the Seattle. Its a worse Cleveland at T9. Only saving grace is that it gets a heal.

    STW now Recruiting

    I just sent in an application. Im looking for an active clan that is doing clan battles as I want to start doing that. I recently left a clan that was kinda empty.
  8. At this point what difference does it make. If WG is going to go all out put regular Tier X ships for sale.
  9. WG are you that desperate for money that you now need to sell Tier IX ships? Now people who havent played a single battle can now buy a tier IX ship.
  10. What happen to WG saying they will never directly sell Tier IX Prems.

    Mouse's Morning of Testing

    This continues to prove WG does not play their own game. The Torpedo Bulges are designed to adsorb damage to protect the main hull of the ship. How can you sink a ship by hitting it in the bulges while no shot pens the hull?
  12. WG will you ever do a Promotion for long time players instead of leaving us out to dry? Also this is bad idea as someone will spend 20 dollars and instantly hop into a Tier VIII battle with a Tirpitz or something. If you want to incentivze new players offer them free prem time or something.

    Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    Why is this ship at Tier VI? What makes this ship a Tier VI ship? WG just drop it to Tier V and keep everything the same and you got a decent Tier V.

    Mouse's (New) Summary of Premium Ships

    I noticed the Arpeggio Takao Class Cruser is listed as a MehBote but the Regular Atago is a GudBote. Is that a slight oversight or is there enough of a difference between these ships to make the Atago better? I thought both ships are the same but one has the Anime style to it.