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  1. QQ_Whine_Moar

    New GPU issue

    RX 580
  2. QQ_Whine_Moar

    New GPU issue

    Ahh. Thanks man. After you posted I found a video showing how to alter the config file. really appreciate it.
  3. QQ_Whine_Moar

    New GPU issue

    Hey all. I'm running the following: CPU - Ryzen 5600x Mobo - ROG Strix b550 -f gaming Ram - 16 GB G. Skill Trident Neo 3600 CAS 16 GPU - Gigabyte 6600 xt OC dual m.2 ssds ******* I didn't see an option to change FPS. Ill have to go back and look again TY
  4. QQ_Whine_Moar

    New GPU issue

    Hey all, Just upgraded my PC a couple of weeks ago. Using my old GPU was running with fairly high graphics at 76 fps. Finally got ahold of a new GPU today and goy it all installed. Removed old drivers and card, clean reinstall of drivers and software. Started WOWS and it is still running the same fps as it was on my 4-year-old card. Changed settings to high and the game literally looks no different than before. Any ideas what's going on?
  5. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Finally experienced the idiocy that is AP rockets

    So everyone cried and cried saying CV rockets we mean and unfair to DDs. So WG comes out with CVs that are largely useless vs DDs but now pose a danger to cruisers. Predicably, now cruiser players are gonna start spamming the forum with CVs are unfair. Just proves that whatever WG does someone gonna cry about it. Anytime someone's preferred ship can be targeted they will cry foul..no matter the ship type...even if it's the players poor play that's to blame. And ppl wonder why WG tends to ignore these boohoo whine moar threads.
  6. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Cartoonish game

    You may be shocked to learn that many fans of underage cartoon girls are over 30..lol.
  7. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Epicenter opinion poll

    +1 Something no one gets about the forums, concerning any topic.
  8. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Two CVs a match ruins gameplay for everyone else

    3 of you agree..boooring
  9. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Time to add voice to the whole team WG

    I think team wide voice cons could be very useful provided there is an opt out or mute option.
  10. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Russain Dasha Captain vrs American Dasha Captain

    Hey, this forum runs on the power of complaints. At least this one is fresh..lol
  11. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Big dumb battleships that sail in straight lines...

    Had a match this morning. I'm in a Shima and I'm leading the pack as a spotter. The red DD sees me and I'm lit up for 3 3BBs and 2 cruisers within 10 km. I smoke, vanish and launch a full spread at a Thunderer who was parallel to me. He never changed course, didn't alter speed... nothing. He eats 6 torps and goes boom. Then the guy starts yelling in chat like what happened was a complete mystery. I pointed out that seeing a Shima and then sailing in a straight line = predicable death. I guess he never got the memo. We ended up losing 3 ships and they lost all.
  12. QQ_Whine_Moar

    I'm think I'm done with ranked

    Yeah...I've seen more poor behavior and play this season than before. Yesterday took the prize though. A cruiser on my team shot me and another BB from the start. Then for about 2 minutes he harassed others on the team until he finally torped and sunk a friendly cruiser before running into a cap and being deleted.
  13. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Thoughts on Current ranked Battles?

    So far it's been the worst ranked i've seen. Doesn't matter what class you play...players are just clueless. Honestly, so far it's as bad as randoms..maybe worse because you have higher expectations that the players aren't total taters.
  14. QQ_Whine_Moar

    What is with these Deutschland CVs?

    I'll gladly take them if possible!
  15. It was DDs before CVs. And of course BBs being OP. Or maybe radar cruisers. It doesn't matter though... people in this forum would find a way to complain about being given free money, a car, and a coupon to IHOP for a rooty tooty fresh and fruity. Kinda funny how the DD mafia used to kill with impunity and everyone hated them and now that they can't hide they do nothing but complain. The worm has turned..lol