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  1. QQ_Whine_Moar

    8.6 INSANITY

  2. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Clean Up Your Act

    Making suggestions and being a D-bag are not the same thing. Making suggestions is generally fine even if it's intrusive and unsolicited. Being an abusive [edited]hat should carry consequences, however. Also, too often people chime in in chat, being rude or nasty then have the stones to be offended when you tell them to pound sand. Be nice and mind your own game seems like a logical and simple rule to me and would pretty much avoid any issues with toxicity to begin with.
  3. This was my thought too. This seems like nothing more than a voluntary data mining operation.
  4. I think you have a good outlook. Welcome back! There have definitely been a lot of changes...some great and some not so much. Power creep is real so many older ships haven't done great but others have. It's always a tradeoff. The good thing to me is that WG seems to be trying to keep the game fresh and relevant. That doesn't always go over well, but I think our how we enjoy any game is just as much a reflection of our own attitude as it is the game itself. To me, it a game so fun is the key sprinkled with some self improvement. Have fun and don't let the reacclimation get you down! Blow crap up!
  5. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Karma takes a dive if you do this...

    Or sweet.... but yes. For the most part, Karma is just a mechanism for people to be petty and let them get vengeance for perceived slights. In other words, it's meaningless.
  6. QQ_Whine_Moar

    $9.99 Texas

    Yo Vanilla, Kick it one time boyeee
  7. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Crossteamers fouling up rank battles

    Unless I'm misunderstanding, it seems like the OPs complaint stems from not understand game mechanics and then assuming someone is being cheap.
  8. QQ_Whine_Moar

    $9.99 Texas

  9. QQ_Whine_Moar

    $9.99 Texas

    What? No vanilla frosty? I call that a wasted opportunity.
  10. QQ_Whine_Moar

    FInding consistency, the missing element

    Makes sense. Thanks.
  11. QQ_Whine_Moar

    FInding consistency, the missing element

    I'm not really of the mind that players worse than me are forced upon me by WG and the same goes for those better than me. While I appreciate that some may see it that way, to me it highlights the problem that so many people who play take it far to seriously. That seems to be a leading reason for the over the top anger so many exhibit.n I appreciate your take, and I see some validity, especially the idea that you can't really counter the randomness when soloing. I also think that focusing on my personal metrics is the best way to judge my personal performance.
  12. QQ_Whine_Moar

    WNN 53: Diapering!

    Hey, it's about time we got new ammo types. Move over AP and HE. Get ready for diaper loads.
  13. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Question for you CV players out there

    It's really personal preference. For me I totally stopped grinding the USN line and concentrated on the IJN. They just "felt" better to me plus the Shokaku is my fave CV overall. I have the T4 and 6 Brit CV and I do like the bombers. However, IMO the IJN have better torps and the AP bombs are great for citadels once you get the learning curve handled.
  14. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Ship that Tip! - 8th - 15th

    Shokaku After spotting a DD it's easy to lose him again when trying to turn around for an attack run. Assuming your team doesn't need immediate fighter cover elsewhere, pop a fighter above the dd. This will keep him visible so you can attack, keep him spotted for your team, or force him to waste a smoke when he probably doesn't want to.
  15. QQ_Whine_Moar

    FInding consistency, the missing element

    I'm also one who mostly wants to compete with myself. You definitely go the extra mile. What do you use to record/watch replays? I know they are saved and play in the client but what do you use to really review them?