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  1. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Rare ships

    Ships you could buy into the beta with, like the Gremmy. The Beta test gift (Arkansas B). The Alpha gift (Iwaki?). Limited release like ARP and HSF ship lines.
  2. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Hakuryu tips?

    I love the T8 Shokaku. Its amazing and I can do ok even uptiered. But had the Hak about a week and I hate it. So far its inferior to the Sho in every way I can see. Planes of all 3 types seem totally less maneuverable. Torp arm range is odd and the torps seem uber slow to me. My T8 planes have far better survivability as well. I expected the Hak to be better in some way than the T8. After game after game of disappointing play, i'm seriously regretting the time it took to grind for it. I know that WG is still tweaking CV play, and I really hope they make teh Hak worth the grind in the end.
  3. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Mainline IJN DDs

    The torp /stealth line is my favorite by far. Building the skills to sneak up on and delete unsuspecting players is awesome, and take patience. To me, it comes down to your preferred play style. If you hate being stealthy and using guns sparingly, then the Shima line isn't for you IMO.
  4. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Does the Hakuryu get better?

    I'll keep working on it. TY
  5. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Does the Hakuryu get better?

    I have the Shokaku and I adore it. I'm a DD main bit the Shokaku has quickly become one of my favorite ships. I finally got the Hak and I'm finding it to be pretty bad for me. I can do better against T10 targets in my Shokaku. Is it just a matter of getting used to it or what? Thx
  6. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Still a huge skill gap in CV

    The term accessible has nothing to do with "being able to produce consistent results". You are thinking about reliability, which is definitely not the same thing as accessibility. I'm using it like its defined, as is everyone using the word. By definition, CVs are far more useable, by more players, and therefore ACCESSIBLE than before. accessible ADJECTIVE 1(of a place) able to be reached or entered. ‘the town is accessible by bus’ ‘this room is not accessible to elderly people’ More example sentences Synonyms 1.1 Able to be easily obtained or used. ‘making learning opportunities more accessible to adults’ More example sentences Synonyms 1.2 Easily understood or appreciated. ‘an accessible account of his theories’ ********************** reliability NOUN mass noun 1The quality of being trustworthy or of performing consistently well. ‘the car's background gives me every confidence in its reliability’
  7. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Still a huge skill gap in CV

    Its being assumed that WG is creating the gap when they are not. There will always be a skill gap in every aspect of any endeavor that involves humans. It can't be balanced nor should it be. The rework made CVs more accessible. But that's not the same as making everyone who played a CV actually good. That's not something WG can control. That's like saying the NFL should be able to balance the fact that a scrub QB is a third stringer when compared to a hall of fame talent. Equity isn't possible when skill is involved. Some people are better at some things...thats just the human experience 101.
  8. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Post some ship namesakes!

    Another for Shokaku - Crane Flying in Heaven or Happy Crane Ryuji - Sacred Dragon
  9. Thank you! Chalk it up to Luck of the Torp!
  10. Devastating Strike - 589 First Blood - 220 It's Just a Flesh Wound - 158 Hardest - Solo Warrior - 1 Favorite - Double Strike and Kraken equally
  11. QQ_Whine_Moar

    The Level of Detail in World of Warships

    Not the greatest pic but I saw this when I was zooing around after a match and this thread reminded me. Tried to grab this when doing a flyover. There is a steam shovel and yellow dump truck at the top of the pit. Pretty fun.
  12. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Wargamings biggest mistake yet?

    LOL, didn't WG lock this thread once already?
  13. QQ_Whine_Moar

    Why does no one play Hakuryu anymore?

    Cuz I dont have her, yet
  14. My fave was the Lowe. She was great at hiding and distance sniping. That VK was amazing as a medium tho.
  15. QQ_Whine_Moar

    CV Tips and Tricks

    Back to the actual topic..CVs and tips--- Got my first Kraken in the Japanese T8. Did a ton of scouting then relentlessly attacked everything I could find. 1. I scouted a lot. 13 spots. Lots of damage for the team via this. 2. Dropped fighters to keep dds spotted 3. Did the waste 2 waves thing where you drop 2 waves of torps into the sea so the planes go back to your deck for immediate availability rather than getting shot down/replenished. 4. Got lucky because no one zig zagged at all and I was top tier for once. 5. Worked in tandem with the other CV on my team.