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  1. the hood? you mean the drum?
  2. is he talking about the mod in the bad mod bundle that extends the line from torps? I dont think that mod is legal, along with the shell line one.
  3. give it time, they will grow on you.
  4. I notice it too, a micro stutter which is very annoying. The longer I play the worse it seems to get.
  5. uggh i reported that guy ages ago, with replays. Thought it was taken care of then.
  6. The Yellow Rose of Texas

    the yellow rose? ehh no, and earl was the tyler rose.
  7. that is her current camo, she wore different camo throughout the war. The premium is measure 31a 8b, which she wore from around oct 44 to jan 45.
  8. just about everything you would want to know about the Texas can be found here. http://battleshiptexas.info/
  9. for me, 3,4 and 9 were the fun ships.
  10. actually 11 were made if you include the 3 juneau class commissioned after the war. A successful run if you ask me.
  11. there were 3 versions of the atlanta class, even some built after the war. It was a very successful class. One of the most decorated ships in the usn was an Atlanta class.
  12. are dd's op

    its the cruisers that are the problem, they are awful at higher tiers thus cant counter DD's. If a cruiser tries to push forward and find some DD's they get murdered by BB. Being BB food is not fun gameplay for the cruiser payers.