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  1. To me the whole thing just stinks of a cash grab - turning the Nelson into a premium let's them use the "smooth progression" excuse which I simply don't buy. Others have argued that the play style change from QE to Nelson and then to KGV would be too hard - which basically accuses us of being dumber that rotten tree stumps.
  2. Because the hull of the Nelson is bad? And the guns should the worst 16in in the game? And the KGV would have to be nerfed in all aspects EXCEPT guns to fit in tier 7.
  3. With all the Independance drivers who insist on running standard or even strike it's hard not to get salty.
  4. Later war AA suite? Like the 1945 fit? 6 × QF 4.7 in (120 mm)/40 Mk VIII anti-aircraft guns (6 × 1) 48 × QF 2-pdr 40 mm (2 in)/39 Mk VIA anti-aircraft guns (6 × 8) 16 × Bofors 40 mm (2 in)/60 Mk II anti-aircraft guns (4 × 4) 61 × Oerlikon 20 mm (1 in)/70 Mk III anti-aircraft guns
  5. check the bottom of the achivements screen - it should be there if you sort them alphabeticaly.
  6. Yes - just tried to sell the Edinburgh A Hull - same result.
  7. looks like it - great had an excellent match in the Myoko so ofc the server packs it in.
  8. Maybe that a clue then - AP works a treat on CVs with the KB. She's really good at picking people apart using her range, accuracy and RoF. But I can't recommend getting close with your enemies - keep a sharp look on your mini-map.