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  1. POLL: Ship Buffs

    Benson? Buff? Hahahaha is good joke! Very funny! Most amuzing! How about nooooo?
  2. POLL: Ship Buffs

    I still think the Hipper is weaker but the NO is close. Still, when angeling in the NO can at least use 2/3 of her guns so 6 - Hipper is restricted to 1/2 so 4. Effectively 50% more guns when angeling in. IIRC the NO also has vastly better AA. Other factors? Torps and Hydro on the Hipper vs RADAR on the NO. Bit of a wash since the range on the Hippers torps is only 6km.
  3. POLL: Ship Buffs

    In CAs the one that comes to mind as needing buffs - the Admiral Hipper/Prince Eugen. It's the weakest t8 CA by a long shot and IMO it comes down to the RoF - why it has a 13 second reload is a mystery to me.
  4. Except that's WRONG - Anson carried 4 x 4 Bofors and Howe carried 2 x 4 and 18 x 1 Bofors in 1945. We'll leave aside that all KGVs had their planes removed in 1944 or 1945 depending on the ship - aside from Prince of Wales which was.. unavailable for refit.
  5. From what I saw on Flamuu's stream KGV got mauled with the nerf bat to fit her in tier 7 - her AAA in no way represents what she or her sisters actually mounted especially for the B hull which is supposedly her "best" variant. The 40mm guns are all QFs - not a single Bofors - which is laughable. I'm not sure if the armor took a major hit compared to monarch's representation of an "upgraded" KGV design or KGV 15C but I think it did.
  6. I'm willing to bet we'll see the t10 and maybe the t9 with russian cruiser radar. They tested it on the brit BBs so I see no reason to not expect it on the russian ones.
  7. Removing Nelson from the line dumbs it down. That's it - plain and simple. It "frees" players from actually having to think. Bad ones IMO and a terrible reason to switch.
  8. Have to disagree with you there - monarch is a fake tea flavored NC clone.
  9. Quoted for truth - fugly damn thing should never have been put in the game.
  10. Nelson becomes free exp ship.

    Slow? Nagato isn't much faster and the Sharn and Gneis don't carry nearly the same weight of guns.
  11. Nelson becomes free exp ship.

    I still think monarch is a moronic way to handle the line, a uninspireing tea flavored NC clone - but having Nelson be available via free xp is slightly better than selling her for cash.
  12. Octavian Q&A: 15

    Removing the Nelson from the tech line is one of two things. 1. A blatant cash grab. 2. An insult to the intelligence of the players given the continual refering to "smoothness" and "consistent play". I don't know which is actually more insulting.
  13. [WIP] more RN BB line changes

    Consistant progression - also know as "I don't wanna think too much." That excuse is just that - an excuse. Plenty of ship lines have had varying calibers both up and down - Russian CLs, German DDs and to a small extent the German CL/CAs. ell the russians go DOWN in caliber in one of their gun UPGRADES. Smooth progression is an excuse to NOT think.
  14. Nelson and Monarch

    To me the whole thing just stinks of a cash grab - turning the Nelson into a premium let's them use the "smooth progression" excuse which I simply don't buy. Others have argued that the play style change from QE to Nelson and then to KGV would be too hard - which basically accuses us of being dumber that rotten tree stumps.
  15. New T8 RN BB Info

    Because the hull of the Nelson is bad? And the guns should the worst 16in in the game? And the KGV would have to be nerfed in all aspects EXCEPT guns to fit in tier 7.