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  1. v.7.11.1 #02 (10-12-2018): - added Functioning MS22 Camo Replacements - added Historical IJN DDs camouflage mod with markings & numbering - updated Matchmaking Monitor v1.2.0.6 [Minimum window width is now 720px, Fixed a bug that came from the last version which resulted in an error when selecting the path]
  2. Nothing is going on, just the fact that antivir hate adly, and sometimes hates my exe too, due to false-positive.
  3. v.7.11.1 #01 (08-12-2018): - updated Matchmaking Monitor v1.2.0.5 - updated clan icons - added new mod: Ships Win Rate on the ship carousel (by DragonTM)
  4. v.7.11.1 #00 (05-12-2018): - compatibility with WoWs - updated clan icons - updated Chilled Special Camos - updated mxmeter - updated Helpme - updated Gun calibers in inches - updated Ship Name Romanization with lady commander name
  5. v.7.11.0 #04 (29-11-2018): - updated Crooks Full Nation Skins - updated UI package for Crooks Full Nation Skins - updated clan icons - updated contour icons: Panzerschiffer - updated Battle GUI customization
  6. "Not Secure" comes from chrome browser. You can ignore it here, it means that the connection to the site is not encrypted, but it doesn't has to be when it comes to my forums.
  7. v.7.11.0 #03 (25-11-2018): - updated contour icons: Aslain, DeceasedDaisy - updated Shipgirl Preview Icons - added contour icons: MajorRenegade - added flags by MajorRenegade - added Return commander to his ship - added tweaks option: Allow to hear sounds when the game is minimalized (at Tweaks section) - removed More visible trained commander perks
  8. v.7.11.0 #02 (24-11-2018): - added Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Inferface by Sea Group [fixed] - added contour icons: garfield001 - updated Lady Commanders - updated KanColle Ship Preview - updated clan icons - updated mxstat - updated semi-transparent fading minimap by fugetsu - removed: Historical IJN DDs camouflage (for investigation)
  9. If you downloaded it from me, then you can safely use it, even if you see such false-positive notifications. If you got my modpack from 3rd party, then better check it on virustotal.com and compare sha-256 with the one I provide. The most of time you see that notification it's a false-positive and it means nothing that it worked fine for half a year, and started just now.
  10. v.7.11.0 #01 (22-11-2018): - added Gun calibers in inches - added contour icons: Aslain, Panzerschiffer, DeceasedDaisy - added Historical Camo Pack 'Splinter' - added Extended Tech Tree - added Return commander to his ship - added Better compact carousel - updated mxmeter - updated Helpme - updated Mermaid's Wrath - Female Crew Voice [EN]
  11. Yeah, it will be re-added to the modpack.
  12. v.7.11.0 #00 (21-11-2018): - compatibility with WoWs - updated semi-transparent minimap by AutoSpy - removed outdated mods: Gun calibers in inches, Compact carousel extended, Consumables panel, flag mods by MajorRenegade, Extended Tech Tree, Return commander to his ship, Functioning MS22 Camo Replacements, all countour icons except for pold077, Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Inferface by Sea Group - note: Battle GUI customization needs an update, but I keep the old version for now, since it works in general, there might be missing icons in new battle type
  13. v.7.10.2 #00 (12-11-2018): - compatibility with WoWs
  14. v.7.10.1 #02 (10-11-2018): - updated No Rust skins - updated clan icons - updated mxstat
  15. v.7.10.1 #01 (02-11-2018): - updated Side Panel: AutoSpy - updated HelpMe - updated mxStat - updated clan icons