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  1. v.8.1.1 #06 (18-03-2019): - updated crew voices: Mermaid's Wrath - updated Mermaid's Wrath commanders - updated Kancolle UI by Garfield - updated clan icons - added Mouse pointers: Capitaine (by leehwongxing) [enlarged] - merged Gun calibers in inches and Lady commander names (you can install both now) v.8.1.1 #05 (15-03-2019): - updated Side Panels by Roslich - updated Companion (Campaign progress) - updated Custom Battle Loading Screen - updated clan icons - added ports: Hamburg v2, Chinese Dragon Aurora, London (by Hateshinaku)
  2. It's a false-positive. You don't have to worry. I reported it to microsoft and they said they removed the detection. Maybe update av definitions.
  3. Yeah, as you can see there is some weird bottleneck with connection to my server with mods, and it's not limited to the US only, some people from the other regions like Europe has it too.
  4. v.8.1.1 #04 (13-03-2019): - updated crew voices: Kizuna AI Voice [JP] - updated crew voices: Ace Combat 04 [EN] - updated side panel BADoBEST v1 - updated contour icons Garfield and Friends: Kancolle icons v1.5 and v2.5 - updated KanColle Ship Preview (by Garfield and Friends) - updated Lady Commanders (by Garfield and Friends) - updated clan icons - added Azur Lane Preview by Garfield and Friends - removed ship girls preview (outdated)
  5. Yeah it's was suspected for problems with "start battle". Try new modpack and let me know. I have one and only tip: if your download is too slow try to use VPN set to Europe. I.e. windscribe
  6. v.8.1.1 #03 (12-03-2019): - updated Navigator: hootorez style (fix attempt) - updated clan icons - updated Side Panels by AutoSpy
  7. v.8.1.1 #02 (08-03-2019): - updated crosshair Nomogram (dynamic) - updated side paneles Hakabase - updated clan icons
  8. Sometimes it's too many users downloading mods at the same time, and another time it's some weird bottleneck between given user and the server with mods. The second one can be usually solved by using some VPN set to some location in EU. I recommend that free one called windscribe, but there are others too.
  9. v.8.1.1 #01 (06-03-2019): - added Tweak: Enable max level of detail in the game options - updated Gun calibers in inches - updated mxmeter - updated clan icons
  10. v.8.1.1 #00 (06-03-2019): - initial compatibility with WoWs - updated Character Voice Mix Mod Creation Tool - updated clan icons
  11. That bigger torpedo markrs are intended - they are part of that mods.
  12. The installer is fine, it's something wrong down there in your windows.
  13. v.8.1.0 #07 (04-03-2019): - updated Alt Hud (should fix smoke timer) - updated Detection icons: It's a trap - updated clan icons - added Detection icons: Bee - added Detection icons: Chain
  14. @MortarrKang Both mentioned mods work fine, installed and played with them.
  15. v.8.1.0 #06 (02-03-2019): - fixed recently added ui packages - fixed crosshair Horizon (dynamic)