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  1. v.7.9.1 #06 (12-10-2018): - updated Consumables icons - updated clan icons - updated Score timer - updated mxstat
  2. v.7.9.1 #05 (02-10-2018): - added No Rust skins [5GB in size!] - added Gun calibers in inches
  3. v.7.9.1 #04 (01-10-2018): - added Battle GUI customization (all that 6th senses and the other icons) - updated Custom Battle Loading Screen
  4. v.7.9.1 #03 (01-10-2018): - added Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio Skins (removed number of incompatible ship skins) - added Historical Camo Pack 'Splinter' - updated clan icons [eu, ru] - updated contour icons: Panzerschiffer
  5. These are small mods. There is a chance that something blocked installation process so it got stuck at some point. Check your AV, if you have admin rights, and preferable launch the installer with that rights too.
  6. Are you installing any huge mod like Crooks skins?
  7. v.7.9.1 #02 (27-09-2018): - updated Advanced HP bar indicator [added dragging ability and rmb menu] - updated Historical Proportions flags [fix to halloween flags] - updated russian installer translation - updated clan icons [eu]
  8. v.7.9.1 #01 (26-09-2018): - updated clan icons - added Class Panel with hp bars v1 - added steam client compatibility for following mods: * Custom Battle Loading Screen * Movable ship parameters panel * Compact Quick Commands * Advanced HP bar indicator - repacked UI package for Crooks Full Nation Skins [to remove unwanted file]
  9. v.7.9.1 #00 (26-09-2018): - compatibility with WoWs
  10. v.7.9.0 #07 (25-09-2018): - added steam support to: Side Panels AutoSpy, Roslich, Hakabase, Improved Chat v3 - tomorrow the other 3 mods will receive steam support which is: Advanced HP bar, Compact Quick Commands, Movable ship parameters panel
  11. v.7.9.0 #06 (24-09-2018): - added Blueman's Detection Mod - added Six sense, custom damage indicator & torpedo markers - added Trap Sense & torpedo markers - updated clan icons
  12. v.7.9.0 #05 (22-09-2018): - added shells & tracers by BlackSkull (TheBigLanowski) - added Chilled Special Camos - updated clan icons - updated semi-transparent fading minimap by fugetsu - updated Crooks Full Nation Skins and UI package - updated Improved chat v1 and v2 (by Hakabase) - updated mxstat
  13. Yeah I had to remove mods sharing hud_lib since they were not displaying icons added in 7.9.0, it's probably matter of time for them being update.
  14. v.7.9.0 #04 (21-09-2018): - updated Custom Battle Loading Screen - updated contour icons: Aslain [fixed Cossack tier] - updated Movable ship parameters panel - removed outdated mods: Battle GUI customization, Blueman's Detection Mod All removed mods will return when their authors update them.
  15. Get new modpack, it's probably fixed there.