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  1. v.6.13.1 #06 (17-11-2017): - updated clan icons - updated mxstat v57 - updated No Rust skins
  2. v.6.13.1 #05 (16-11-2017): - updated clan icons - updated Help Me! - updated Region Changer - updated logs archiver
  3. Hard to tell, I don't use it with Steam, try to search for worldofwarships.exe maybe. That way you should find game folder, but I cannot promise tho.
  4. All mods in the modpack are allowed. I confirmed it last year, but yesterday I asked the WG staff again, just to be sure, since we had this mods rules update recently. They confirmed that my modpack is fine.
  5. v.6.13.1 #04 (15-11-2017): - added Historical: Admiral Hipper, Prinz Eugen, Bismarck, Tirpitz, Graf Zeppelin - added new mod: Mermaid's Wrath - Female Crew Voice [EN] (by Chobittsu and Aessaya) - updated clan icons - repacked all crew voice mods
  6. Can you update it for the rest? :)
  7. I wanted to bring this to your attention; it's from LWM. 

    Seems like a great idea, it's just not on the main forum so it's getting little traffic. 


    There is a post about 'why' she requested it very early in the responses, it describes what kind of gameplay resulted from a group that tried to do this on the honor system. 



  8. Don't tell me you are trying to use this ancient mod on current wows client? ;) It was not updated for like 2 years? I have made a similar mod in my modpack if you want.
  9. Are there still people who are beliving in HEUR method of detection? ;)
  10. - 300 MODS - PREVIEW FOR SELECTED MODS - WG FAIR PLAY FRIENDLY Downloads & Support visit www.ASLAIN.com