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  1. v.7.6.0 #10 (17-07-2018): - removed Historical Proportions flags [suspected for detached camera problem when Haida ship is in battle]
  2. v.7.6.0 #09 (15-07-2018): - added Ship Name Romanization with lady commander name (continued by Aslain) - updated clan icons
  3. v.7.6.0 #08 (13-07-2018): - added torpedo warning sound: POI (by Aslain) - added Blue flames (by Sea-Group) - updated clan icons
  4. 7 day ban for not cheating

    Don't listen to cheaters. All they want to do is to shame me, and this topic will be moderated soon. My modpack is officialy approved by WG on their own pre-moderated forums.
  5. @Styrkyr It's not possible to be banned for my modpack, it's checked by WG and pre-moderated on their own forums (here), so you better search for real reason for your ban instead of giving false advises.
  6. Precisely what mod is not working and in what way? (I need name on the installer list).
  7. v.7.6.0 #07 (07-07-2018): - updated clan icons - fixed improved chat v1, v2
  8. v.7.6.0 #06 (05-07-2018): - updated Crooks Full Nation Skins and UI package - updated Custom Battle Loading Screen - updated clan icons
  9. Passed this to the author, but he is saying it's rather impossible that his mod is causing this. Would be good if you can provide logs, when it happens again finish current battle, exit the game, and generate that logs. Note at which hour/minute/second it has occured.
  10. v.7.6.0 #05 (02-07-2018): - updated Kancolle UI - updated contour icons: Hakabase
  11. v.7.6.0 #04 (01-07-2018): - updated camera mod: Zeiss, YAZOM - updated clan icons
  12. @aurther13th Try to reinstall without Zeiss Zoom FOV x20, let me know if this fixed it for you.
  13. v.7.6.0 #03 (30-06-2018): - updated Compact Carousel Extended (full version) - updated Regen Assistant - updated Pan Asia > Taiwan replacement - updated mxstat - added Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Inferface by Sea Group
  14. Link to the left (main one) is for people who want to donate using adly, and second link is for people who would like to donate in a different way (paypal, or patreon) or who are not willing to support my work in any way.