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  1. v.7.4.0 #02 (26-04-2018): - updated More visible trained commander perks - updated KanColle Ship Previews mod (by garfield001) - updated Lady Commanders (by garfield001) - updated Functioning MS22 Camo Replacements (Avalon) - added Port zoom out - added Historical Proportions flags - added Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Theme Pack - added Ship Name Romanization - added contour icons: garfield001 - added Kancolle UI by garfield001
  2. Fixed that 404 error. the 1st link is dead, I greyed it out atm.
  3. v.7.4.0 #01 (25-04-2018): - added Improved Chat v1-v2 - added contour icons: Aslain, Panzerschiffer, Hakabase - updated side panels Hakabase, Badobest v1 - updated Mermaid's Wrath commanders (by Chobittsu) - updated Functioning MS22 Camo Replacements (Avalon)
  4. Quick info about current modpack state: shaders are broken, so when you install some ship skins you may not see them glowing. It should be fixed within 1 day max I think. Modpack #00b available with small fix to Range Finder mod (if you're using it get it, otherwise ignore)
  5. v.7.4.0 #00 (25-04-2018): - compatibility with WoWs - temporary removed: Move/shrinked ribbons mods, Port zoom out, most of UI packages, Ship Name Romanization, Improved Chat v1-v2, most of contour icons, most of flag mods - more updates later
  6. Thanks for kind words! :) They're appreciating my work, I was invited to the WoWs studios in St.Petersburg RU and have met all that important people, including WoWs producers, returned 7 days ago. Received few small gifts too, but yeah, full time job would be better :) ps. working on the modpack update to 7.4.0, keep tuned up.
  7. v.7.3.0 #12 (24-04-2018): - replaced Alternative Ship HP bar indicator above compass with new mod Advanced HP bar indicator - the new mod has own menu and can be dragged with a mouse
  8. v.7.3.0 #11 (22-04-2018): - added Ship Movement Indicator: v5 (X33STORM) - updated clan icons [1 asia] - updated Emulated Ambient Occlusion (InnocentiWOWS) - updated Functioning MS22 Camo Replacements (Avalon) - updated Mermaid's Wrath commanders (by Chobittsu)
  9. v.7.3.0 #10 (20-04-2018): - updated clan icons [4 eu, 9 ru] - updated mxstat - updated Mermaid's Wrath - Female Crew Voice [EN] - updated Custom radiolocation marker: light white (by pold77)
  10. This modpack has the picture preview system, just enable it via show preview button then click on mods to see their pictures. My modpack is 100% safe and cannot get you banned. All the mods posted on WG forums are pre-moderated by Wargaming moderators.
  11. v.7.3.0 #09 (16-04-2018): - updated clan icons [9 eu, 4 na, 18 ru] - updated Aircraft Carrier from Red Alert 3 - updated skin Space Battleship Yamato (by SEA Group) - added Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Inferface by Sea Group - added skin ARP Musashi Ultimate (by SEA Group) - added Custom radiolocation marker: light white (by pold77) - added shells & tracers UAN Standard Shell - Type 17
  12. v.7.3.0 #08 (08-04-2018): - updated side panels Roslich - updated clan icons [1 eu, 4 na] - updated mxstat - updated Team Aware - updated the minimap with ship names config - workaround to smoke problems when installing compressed textures
  13. v.7.3.0 #07 (04-04-2018): - updated Compressed textures for weak computers - updated clan icons [1 eu]
  14. v.7.3.0 #06 (02-04-2018): - updated clan icons [2 eu] - updated mxstat - added contour icons: Aslain [corrected their look and their align]