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  1. Battleship_Constitution

    Angels of Death - ClanAOD - Now Recruiting Active Players!

    We are recruiting for both casual and clan wars at all tiers.
  2. Battleship_Constitution

    ST, Submarines

    And like with navy field i expect this to drive away player base to the point they need to merge severs. like NF the day of release i will self this game and find a knock off ship game
  3. Battleship_Constitution

    Alaska should be a unique secondary-build-viable cruiser

    Short answer is no it does not need some stupid gimick to be sold or her viable. Long answer. Given she is still listed as a CA in game a secondary build would be pointless. She cannot tank well to be that close to anything and be good at it. Her gund are not brawly for her to be an up close CA.
  4. Battleship_Constitution

    Now that we have Ranked, will we start seeing better MM?

    thats is a stupid assumption. We have a tier based MM yes but not a skill based. The randomness comes by ship type tier, and other factors Skill does not nor will it ever be.
  5. Battleship_Constitution

    Now that we have Ranked, will we start seeing better MM?

    No. Random battles are just that. Not skill based and GW Ships is taking the same stance on Skill based MM like tanks has. Will not happen for random battles
  6. Battleship_Constitution

    Report Players Rigging Matches to Support

    1. Your post on the forums does not mean we the community can help you report. 2. Support is a tool you may use to report these players. However you need video replay or screen shots to aid in the reporting. 3. If you fail to provide proof of the issue support cannot help you. In short, We the community do not condone cheating, however you as the accuser have to provide the the proof not us. WG does not save replays on the sever, only for Clanwars or any competitive event. All other games are not saved.
  7. Battleship_Constitution

    A Request to the Community Contributors

    Wow. I mean 99% of the CC hardly use any terms you describe. At the same time As you had stated If you are offended then don't watch. Considering the CC content does not brake any rules by Wg, Youtube, or twitch. I can see you request being denied.
  8. Battleship_Constitution

    This pirate thing is probably one of the worst ideas yet

    Shh reroll
  9. Battleship_Constitution

    Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad changes

    ship class maybe, but the fint for example is a better Atlanta,
  10. Battleship_Constitution

    Dev Blog - ST Stalingrad changes

    Black and Flint are not a simple reskin of a current ship BOTH ships have clear advantages Flint gets better torps and both smoke and Radar.
  11. Battleship_Constitution

    3 Active Players Looking for a Clan

    message sent
  12. Battleship_Constitution

    Should capping be worth more xp now?

    A DD's role is to contest caps early, not so much as capping, Using torps in a cap early and staying around the cap. Like gun ranges a DD ahould learn not just his own ship the the radar of others
  13. Battleship_Constitution

    Breaking Even - The Missouri Misery

    Using the MO as a Radar support is stupid. Her secondary's suck and unless you have 2 or more CA's in close support it is a dumb way to play her.
  14. Battleship_Constitution

    Most fun way to grind credits?

    The Mighty MO is the only way to grind credits.