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  1. Battleship_Constitution

    NoZoups WoWs State of the Game 2021 Video.

    Oh really? You know nothing you do know Tanks is 10 years old right and players here claim the same issues exist here. WG cares about money not you....this is true and they should never care about you, The player base is dead or deing....yet still here after 10 years in tanks and 4 years in ships... Pleease spare me this the company will die due to bad management. WG been going just fine after 10 years and the flag ship game is going strong
  2. Battleship_Constitution

    Tired of broken almost everything and constantly being squeezed FOR RL $

    post 9k new people each month....claims no growth. Forgets to add 9k growth over the 4 servers total not U.S alone..... Forgets to provide proof
  3. Battleship_Constitution

    Response from Pulicat to Ahskance's Review of a Flamu Video

    Why do below avg players cry stat shaming when it was not even in the post about a player. To be fair CV main have been give a hard carry easy mode for some time now.
  4. Speak of CV,s and arty as if they were added into the game later.....Yet been in both alphas since start....you know nothing sir and should stop speaking at the adult table,
  5. Battleship_Constitution

    Can this game some how coach bad players into playing better?

    Love how OP makes this post when he himself is not even close to "good" player
  6. Battleship_Constitution

    Endless Blowouts

    Complains about blow outs...ave tier played is 5......yeah not buying it.
  7. Battleship_Constitution

    typical example why winning rate is [edited]

    You are right win rate means nothing. However personal average damage, your ship damage vs the server average, frag average per ship and average, and spotting All do matter. Given you hidden you stats one may never know.
  8. Battleship_Constitution

    NA players not located in NA

    No one cares. I have an EU account.
  9. Battleship_Constitution

    CV Karma - a proposal

    All good..however Game Not real life. By you logic. Plane factories would not exist.
  10. Battleship_Constitution

    Moskva - wow

    Petro and Moskva 2 different play styles. Personally I Dont like the Petro compared to the Moskva. Petros ACC over distance is much worse than the Moskva.
  11. Battleship_Constitution

    CV Karma - a proposal

    Broken class- In the past yes With cross drops being the biggest issue sure. However To be fair in the past you can de planed. Does not happen now. You have a Plane factory on board. Should not be in the game - Debatable on many levels. However not one I agree with. Yes they should be in the game. But not broken. Broken AA- Sorry but NEVER has the Numberg been a AA god. However AA is broken. Flack AI can still be tricked. Def AA skill and AA builds no longer effective. And some plane are AA immune while being recalled. Again Dual purpose guns have been made useless. Your a DD main, Yeah thats not a hidden fact. However wait until they hit you with the "AA ON, OFF" cool down and slow ramp up to 100%. of the AA guns. I am a BB main. A U.S BB main. AA build is no longer a thing. AA nerfed to the point where one of the BEST AA ships lines in the game cant even defend again more than one drop from a CV. It can be fixed. No more AA nerfs. Get ride of plane regeneration AP bombs and Rockets removed. These three things would be a good start.
  12. Battleship_Constitution

    Litmus Test of World Of Warship's Match Making

    here is what people dont get about MM. 1. MM is a +2 system from T5 and above 2. MM does not care about your stats 3. Paying into the game does not boost win chance. 4. Random battles are not meant to be competitive team play. 5. No most of us dont what the hear you rage if Randoms forced a voice option Most of use would mute it. What you want is a skill based MM Not going to happen. World of tank Who has 2 to 3 times the player base across all servers compared to ships has been begging for this for 10 years. (World of tank STILL does not have skill based MM) The MM is designed to get people in matches as quickly as possible. While trying to match ship classes to keep a ballance. Rare it is to see 1 DD on one side and 2 on the other. JIggles put is best in a Tanks vid many moons ago. "with the current +2 or even +1 MM per stats sheet of the ships. 2 equally skilled players on in a T7 CA and one in a T9 CA, the T9 CA based on stat sheets alone is better, Add the players being equally good over all per their stats and the T9 Wins every time." basically too much HP pool to make up, Armor, gun size, reload.....too much going on to make it 100% work
  13. Battleship_Constitution

    CV Karma - a proposal

    And you need a MOD to see it. I dont run that mod or care to do so. And willing to bet most dont as well. Again Usless if its not in the game to start.
  14. Battleship_Constitution

    CV Karma - a proposal

    Ahh see here is the deal. DD's caught a stealth fire nerf....well all classes did. Biggest complaint from all classes about the DD....Stealth fire. Boom fixed. As a BB main I dont even mind DD's got the "cant be penned by a BB" thing. Forces us to use HE every once in a while. CA's CAN and are deleted when sailing broadside by a BB However no change made.....And to be fair not a single complaint about it from CA mains. so your last point means nothing when These were fixed or not an issue to start with.
  15. Battleship_Constitution

    CV Karma - a proposal

    No one else can see that karma but you. Its useless.