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  1. Flatfoot

    Extreme In Game Verbal Abuse

    Replays really aren't needed. I'd just screenshot a few of the bits of the convo. And then submit a ticket. Takes 2 mins. Tops. I don't file often. For me it has to be a complete uncalled for attack.
  2. Flatfoot

    I think the game is approaching end of life.

    It may be at the end of its life for you. I would be lying if I saId I was happy where the game is at currently. Its all a matter of opinion.
  3. I have an old 1080ti. never had any game brick it. Sounds to me your problem is your m/b or Psu-. A game causing a powerspike? Never heard of that. I also play Dcs in VR and its well known for being a spaghetti coded mess and full of memory leaks. look man i suspect you have bigger problems than wows. And no im not a wargaming cheerleader. I really would have your psu tested and m/b. then work out from there.
  4. By the way Wargaming. It's really insulting that you think we are all stupid enough to believe you can't add the MO. to the armory. The treatment we've been getting from you the last year has been despicable. Not worried about the ship myself. It's just with this treatment lately. It's been bad this year. But come on. We aren't morons. I'm sick of the blatant lies.
  5. This is really really bad. Ultra scummy . Jesus are they really that greedy. Looks like there answering that.
  6. Flatfoot

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Greed is the killer of our beloved game. I think that's the basic answer to alot of this. Greed is all consuming. With all the blatant money grabs, loot boxes etc.. Jingles said it well in his vid that he suspects CC,s aren't needed anymore . That any form of partnership and working relationship has been laid to rest long ago.(several CC,s have said along those lines). I'm not a CC. So that's the understanding I have.
  7. Flatfoot

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Well I'm not surprised. A rather large emply response.
  8. Flatfoot

    List of Departed CCs

    Yall are taking this to new levels. Integrity really? We all know wargaming is Greedy as hell. Especially since the loot box infusion. (2018 introduction right????? I think). But don't open fire on any of the CC,s . Regardless if they decide to go or stay. Please dont attack there integrity. They all have there own reasons behind there decisions. For some it is there job and may be there only source of income. For others I bet they honestly believe they can make a difference. And yet others will be on for the free ride (in every working environment there are those who are just there). But Please don't be judgmental about there integrity. You cannot make that call unless you happen to be in the same room with them.
  9. Flatfoot

    Can we make a difference?

    No I dont think anything we do will change anything. Wargaming will do what Wargaming does. They only speak greed. If everybody in the forums uninstalled i bet they wouldnt bat an eye.
  10. Flatfoot

    modern ships

    Umm. The capability of a modern dd? Modern ships are definitely stronger than anything in game. They could not balance them.
  11. Flatfoot


    They fixed it
  12. Flatfoot


    Except for the fact no one can get into battle.
  13. Flatfoot

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    I still think this is one of the Dumbest ideas they have come up with and a good reason to shut my wallet.
  14. Flatfoot

    NTC 2.0 is actually worse than NTC 1.0

    I'm with the OP on this. If ya want to add the Ohio. Split the line. No more of this prestige bull.