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  1. Flatfoot

    modern ships

    Umm. The capability of a modern dd? Modern ships are definitely stronger than anything in game. They could not balance them.
  2. Flatfoot


    They fixed it
  3. Flatfoot


    Except for the fact no one can get into battle.
  4. Flatfoot

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    I still think this is one of the Dumbest ideas they have come up with and a good reason to shut my wallet.
  5. Flatfoot

    NTC 2.0 is actually worse than NTC 1.0

    I'm with the OP on this. If ya want to add the Ohio. Split the line. No more of this prestige bull.
  6. Flatfoot

    PSA: Naval Training Center

    I cannot believe that the dev's can be this blind to the community. If this crapshow goes live it is on them. I refuse to regrind what little I have. This is the most [edited] thing I have seen from the dev's. It's a blatant money grab. And the muppet who thought it up prolly got a friggen raise.
  7. its sad but i quit tanks 3 years ago. and as a smaller whale ill agree with you. Screw these guys.
  8. just have to add i just came back a few months ago. If they roll this out in any way with combat bonuses. Im done.
  9. Wow. This had to be the dumbest idea Ive seen them come up with. Just wow
  10. I have no sympathy for dd,s I think the spotting for them at higher tiers is crap. I wish more ships had radar.