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  1. Skraeling

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Frankly both are important.
  2. Skraeling

    WG, please buff carriers! - from DD-main

    Damage wasnt my complaint in a DD.. it was never, ever, being able to go dark.
  3. Skraeling

    The Fundamental Flaws of CVs in WoWs

    I wish this was the case. I could almost deal with everything else CV's currently do as is if they also didnt utterly break the vision mechanics in this game. Imagine if artillery in wot could hover over a portion of the map and light up everything there.
  4. Neat so it would take longer to be effective and longer to resupply planes. im ok with that.
  5. Skraeling

    Pretty obvious CV nerf is in order

    I would be if this were a sim, it is not and never has been. for what its worth i play wwiionline as well which IS a sim.
  6. Skraeling

    Pretty obvious CV nerf is in order

    so instead of potentially varying tactics its... murderball everything. thats not interesting.
  7. Skraeling

    Pretty obvious CV nerf is in order

    Im not frankly enjoying the game at high tiers in a dd anymore.
  8. Skraeling

    Too many carriers in co-op now.

    I dont know how this is an issue...
  9. Skraeling

    this is fine;.

    Maybe not post a video where people die?
  10. Skraeling

    New Concealment Expert

    lol go try brawling in a cruiser and see how long you last.
  11. im strongly opposed to this change.
  12. Skraeling

    Should I skip the Monarch?

    I despised the monarch. The HE isnt good enough, and neither is the AP. Its the only kinda turd in the line.
  13. Skraeling

    Anyone else think Kron needs some help?

    The thing is kinda crap. Id rather take pretty much anything else. For having such large guns its ap damage is atrociously random and weak. schizophrenic ap and dispersion does not a fun cruiser make.
  14. Skraeling

    Operation Scrooge

    It is, but they didnt program anything for this.
  15. Skraeling

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    It does but its not a reason to hang a player publicly.