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  1. Been playing for a long time now. Seen CV's go from RTS 2 CV's per div, to barely ever getting 2 CV's period in a game. DD's aren't the "weak" things that they were at the start. Now I've seen DD's wolf pack together and stack their AAA to make them extremally dangerous to attack, with any hope of keeping your losses down. This ignores how fast the DD's are themselves to maneuver out of danger or use of natural obstacles to use as cover. Also the tactics of DD's that have developed has helped educate DD skippers on the fairly easy ways they can deal with a CV in the game. The AAA strength has increased greatly, especially with upper tier ships making it almost impossible to maintain a series of strikes without denuding the planes. This sounds like it should be this way naturally, but the scaling dmg has not really been addressed nor kept up with by the CV's planes, mods, and skills. If you review the amount of changes that have effected CV players and their ships, it should be rather easy to review and update CV's/planes/et all for how the power shift has become more one sided then should be allowed. For example rocket planes need to have their added attack timer removed, so that a CV player isn't having to go through 2 different timers to setup a attack run. This is also ignoring the fact that there is another timer to relaunch a plane attack again, forcing the planes to loiter inside of their targets AAA. This was a large issue with the FDR and the resultant changes since it's launch have made the FDR a very rare sight now adays as it can't keep up DPS wise to most ships any more. Never mind the crushing loss of planes due to the time it takes to ready up planes from below deck. This also is ignoring the non-standardized timers for launching rockets by nationality, rocket type, etc. All the while there is NO skills or equipment to assist in these issues. Bomber reticles for dive bombers while a good general guide on where the bombs "MIGHT" hit, the lack of showing if the bombs have been effected by the planes momentum *IE: after bombs are released some bombs continue forward like a bomb toss vs a drop from a dive bomber. * a more accurate reticle for drops are needed, especially at upper tiers where these kind of sights would be common. Torp bombers are fine for what they are, though the torp spread on an attack run is something odd as any other torp launches directly where aimed, with no wavering of spread. This is skipping the return of the odd tier CV's that was promised after the rework, that CV's would be allowed to lose some of the "balancing" as the game grows, and things change. The numbers of CV players has dropped off compared to nearly every other ship. As every "balancing" that has come to CV's in the years to follow the rework, has been a net negative for the use of a CV visa vie any other ship class. I would appreciate it if you would review some of these issues to help make the CV planes able to deal with the changing nature of the game visa vie AAA,skills,mods, et al that effect CV 's planes. As well as ignoring the fake arguments that attempt to compare a DD class ship to a CV class ship. CV's should only be judged against OTHER CV's, as we do not compare BB's to CA's. The sheer fallacy of that argument and distraction has gone on long enough. Compare class to class otherwise it doesn't really mean anything. PS. when it's 8+ dd's per game, I think DD's are doing better then fine. Especially when CV's aren't represented in any where near the numbers a DD is.
  2. MaxMcKay

    Why do people complain abought subs?

    Yeah DD's are a pain, that is true. Harder to detect a DD stealth launching a wall o skill, then a sub pinging in. That's also ignoring the wake or sea distortion showing that a sub is doing something.
  3. MaxMcKay

    Why do people complain abought subs?

    Been saying this for 2 years. There are folks on here that can not allow DD's to be called on needed a serious nerfing/rework. Same with fire dmg for that matter.
  4. MaxMcKay

    AA go brrrrr

    AAA is broken though! lol
  5. MaxMcKay

    Sunray in the Darkness

    Well what I'm asking for is two fold, 1) would be the return of the removed CV element from the sunray mission and the return of the camo offered from that mission. 2) the return of holiday specific camo's for CV's that were offered with holidays missions since WG is bringing back older camo's as well. They've brought them back for most ships, but for some reason the CV and plane ones are still missing.
  6. MaxMcKay

    cv and misconduct in brawl

    But it's fine when a DD does it to any other class it can out run and hide from? Just sit at range and spam a wall o skill in stealth? The irony isn't lost on me here lol.
  7. MaxMcKay

    cv and misconduct in brawl

    Kinda like a BB vs Torp DD huh?
  8. Back when Sunray in the Darkness first came out there were roles for CV use in the mission, and special camo's for CV players to possibly get. Same with a few other Halloween and Sci-fi events, With these events coming back through the mission rosters again. Would it be possible to please get those camo's back into circulation for people to win again? Some of these camo's I am speaking about you had 1 chance to win them in the first or second year of the game, and they've never been available to be gotten again. The option for folks to turn off effects is in game so if folks don't like the look of the ships in these special camo's it should be a bother to them. Thanks for the time :)
  9. MaxMcKay

    year break.. quitting after 4 games again.

    LIfe sucks at time. Get a helmet.
  10. MaxMcKay

    People quitting the game

    Yes because your not helping their narrative lol. Also the very things they are complaining about subs, many folks have raised the same complaints about with DD's. Yet these guys will tie themselves in knots explaining how there is a world of difference. Even though you've got more of a heads up something's coming with a SUB then you've ever gotten with a DD. To include better options to break a torp lock. I find it also funny when I'm reading "shotgun torps". Yet wall o skill torp launches and suicide torping is fine by a DD lol.
  11. MaxMcKay

    Very bad sign.........

    The Irony of folks saying this about DD's for the longest of time, being shut down because due to "git gud scrub". Well subs are risking their ship same ranges a DD operates in, with more warnings then a DD gives somethings coming. So git gud scrub and aswd's ftw. Oh and go read the replies to the same comments from the DD threads to see how much that helps the situation.
  12. MaxMcKay


    Epic idea Magic, Surprised in all this time it hasn't been done already.
  13. MaxMcKay

    Tiny Tim and general rocket nerf

    Hate no they don't hate CV's. They just get tired of hearing the same bunch whine all the time, because to those people NOTHING except driving down the CV population or removing CV's is ever enough to do to CV's. I'm sure you know this though. Seen the same folks in every thread, called them out for doing the same thing over and over. Just to keep things fair though right?
  14. MaxMcKay

    Tiny Tim and general rocket nerf

    See all of your previous statements including this one where you know the time tables and how a rocket planes attack timers break down (I posted this and you commented on it in depth). So yeah obfuscating and derailing. Good tries though but that spamming every CV thread will bite you in the [edited]... So welcome to being safely ignored because your not arguing by any reason of good faith. If you don't understand what a good faith argument is try google they explain it real well.
  15. MaxMcKay

    Tiny Tim and general rocket nerf

    Everything you've said about Kearsarge except the testing fact is an opinion on your part, the rocket attack gimmick is a nerf. Flooding got reworking has nothing to do with rocket gimmick as it didn't extend the attack timer on DD's attacks Has nothing to do with extending time of BB or DD attack timers from click to fire. Opinion masquerading as fact. Debunked as well, as every ship has different interactions with each other. I'm SURE BB's would love to be able to do something about Stealth firing DD's torps. DD's have every advantage your speaking, including a radar nerf in their favor, draw distance on spotting in their favor, etc, etc. debunked but good tries. Even WG went through their own spread sheet and stated the only thing CV's are ahead on is survival of game. That's it. CV's damage has been nerfed through the floor. DD's damage hasn't been touched, fire damage alone without talking about torpedo's is a whole kettle of fish alone, because there are very few ships that can out run a DD that's HE spamming using island hopping to do it. Don't worry though you'll bring up one obscure way of doing it and act like it's the primary way of doing it. Alright, if you're of the mind that this won't back fire on DD's why don't you campaign to add this to DD's gun firing. So that every time a DD has to fire it has to go through the same cycling as a CV's rocket planes. Maybe if your being honest about your arguments you wouldn't have to be called out on the utter load of crap your fawning off trying to convince someone that it smells like roses.