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  1. TeaPeddler

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Closure at last. Thanks to the WG staff that did the right and proper thing here. Took a while, but it happened. Can't wait to see it myself in game.
  2. TeaPeddler

    Mouse's Catalog of Ship Reviews

    Just saying, again, thanks LWM. The work you've put into these reviews (and all the other work we don't see in front of us) has a ton of value for the players, and I know for a fact that translated into profit for WG. I will never understand why they mistreated you and your colleagues. The disrespect is stunning. Won't touch any premium without your input. Won't put any more money into the game until they make you whole. With "500 employees" they can find a way to do that if they want. Still makes me angry. You are awesome, though, and I really appreciate everything you've done. o7
  3. TeaPeddler

    Co-OP player teams.

    Co-Op was the real PvP all along.
  4. TeaPeddler

    depth charges dmg is worthless

    Was watching Mr Gibbons streaming a ranked battle today. He took his DD right over a sub, dropped 10 depth charges on it, and the sub surface with like 35% health and rammed his destroyer. I mean, it was definitely funny. Doesn't seem entirely "okay" or working properly, though.
  5. I enjoy Warships. I really do. I just WeeGee would relax on the gambling and exploitation of children, veterans, and people that suffer from addiction. Wallet closed until the gamble boxes are removed.

  6. TeaPeddler

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Thank you, LWM, for everything you've done for the players over the years. I've told people that I won't even look at a premium ship until I read one of your reviews on it first. That holds true. So I won't be looking at any premiums ever again. They mistreated you terribly and they should be ashamed.