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  1. OP has bigger issues if he's hiding game purchases from his wife
  2. Did this myself back in the 80s, but with tanks. We would play all Saturday night into Sunday morning re-fighting WWII armor clashes.
  3. The system sucks. I was stopped, zoomed in and a Colo passes right next to me and I hit him with HE starting a fire, which he continued to let burn for the full duration causing me to go pink.
  4. Thought Y'all might like this

    All wrapped up and ready to go into the mothball fleet
  5. What in the world is this?

    I saw one too. Maybe its the start of the Kaiju invasion?
  6. New Years Crate Contents

    7 premium ships +10k Gold and Flags out of both purchases. I'm ok with it. 20x Megas + 2 Legion crates 4x 30 Frosty Camo + 1x5 Frosty Camo 3x30 Ouroboros Flags 3x30 Hydra 2x30 Red Dragon 30 Wyvern 50 Papa Papa 2x2K Dabloons Gallant,Huanghe,Okhotnik,Anshan,Mutsu 20x Big boxes 6x15 Frosty camo 2x15 Ouroboros 2x15 Dragon 2x15 Hydra 6x1000 Dabloon Gulio Ceasar, Indianapolis
  7. OMG ship horns

    It is limited by a recharge and yes you can toggle it on and off in settings.
  8. Impressive to say the least. Wish I could do half that.
  9. Range Marker

    Probably has a mod that got patched or changed his crosshairs. Either way, quit spamming!
  10. The Mighty Mo

    Got my first million cred game, had to work for it, pretty cool to see the monies pop up after game :)
  11. Seeking Info

    No issues here on PC or mobile.
  12. This topic is stupid and pointless. Gratz op.