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  1. EmGee42

    Yukon in Bronze League Ranked

    I like Yukon in ranked. She definitely thrives in the t6-7 only games. As a bonus it lets me look at the nice Sackville cammo. It's one of the prettier ships in the game.
  2. Shimi doesn't have guided torps and sonar pings. And ignore all the other surface ships? It's fairly hard to turn a BB around and hunt subs, not to mention opening up your sides to attack. Somewhat. Was holding the right flank with others. Sub drove up the middle and got behind us. There was no one behind as the faster ships had moved forward. Riiiight. Sub controls that engagment. Good luck hunting a sub with a BB.
  3. Islands of Ice in my Ohio and I spent this whole game running from his sonar pings and trying to dodge torps. Never got to see him till the very end when I guess he got to close and my secondaries shot at him. Can't dodge it, can't outrun it, can't shoot at it. Gratz!
  4. EmGee42

    Poll on Negative Aspects of Submarines

    Still don't like the homing mechanic, and the dcp is easily mitigated by sending out another ping.
  5. EmGee42

    FINALLY! Someone gets it!!!!!

    Most DD players don't make it past the 3 minute mark.
  6. EmGee42

    Premium Ship Review - Dido

    Thanks Mouse!
  7. I hate having Sclieffens on my teams in ranked. They get murdered quickly.
  8. Camos and 10k coal. Thanks for the freebies!
  9. Can I have my AA back from five years ago? It's only fair that I be allowed to defend myself for realism's sake
  10. I don't really mind subs that much. If you get in their cross hairs it can be a pain in the [edited], but not much different from an FDR of Hakk that wants to remove you in the first two minutes of a game. At least a sub I can react to, nothing I can do about swarming TBs.
  11. EmGee42

    Is Aiming Messed up in 1.10.10?

    Same issues as everyone else. Been missing lots of easy shots.
  12. EmGee42

    Research Bureau Question

    So am I correct in thinking that a line can be reset multiple times but you only have to play back through it once to get 3-4-5x rewards? If I have a line reset now, I can wait a few days to get the 2x reset and can then play through it for 3x rewards?
  13. EmGee42

    so, how does this work

    For instance, if you buy the Agir, you get it and 19500 dubs with the coupon.
  14. EmGee42

    Rework the Yamato!

    Same for me, all links on this forum come up as text only. Can't see any pics people post and it's only this page that has problems.