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  1. EmGee42

    Rework the Yamato!

    Same for me, all links on this forum come up as text only. Can't see any pics people post and it's only this page that has problems.
  2. Yes all builds are ending up the same. Patch was a total waste of time other than for WG to create a new system of wasting dubs/creds/fxp.
  3. EmGee42

    Goliath - A Pretty Good Boat.

    Think your right. This thing with 16s reload has brutal HE output.
  4. EmGee42

    Goliath - A Pretty Good Boat.

    Goliath needs a reload boost to bring her more in line with Des Moines. She can't snipe and has to play close in which makes the 18 sec reload pretty unforgiving. Bring reload down to 10-12 secs and I think she's a pretty fun boat.
  5. EmGee42

    RANT - Massaxhussets and ps card

    OP has bigger issues if he's hiding game purchases from his wife
  6. EmGee42

    World of Warships retro version

    Did this myself back in the 80s, but with tanks. We would play all Saturday night into Sunday morning re-fighting WWII armor clashes.