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  1. Sakuzhi

    Submarines are Coming

    Yeah, so the idea is to make the most OP ship class in the game (Destroyers) the only ones capable of in theory dealing with Submarines while Subs just are another thing that [edited] on Battleships. ....Yeah, no. Not to Mention Submarines did NOT Make 25-30 knots on the Surface, it was more 15-20. So much for historical speeds.
  2. Sounds like someone needs to be forced to play 100 matches in any non-Graf T8 CV before they start posting on the Subject. The Fact is this, Like it or not, it is MASSIVELY easier for AA-Scrubs to hit a key, and do little to nothing. Meanwhile a CV player has to work their [edited]off to counter it. Which isn't exactly fair given that there is the whole you hit literally 2 keys and wipe out a flight a CV can't replace in under 5 minutes that has literally no counter until TX CVs.
  3. So Tier 4-8 CVs are already easily the worst and most difficult to play ship class at tier in the game. And this Patch is not an improvement of in any way, shape or form. Too bad the 'people' in charge don't actually play anything but TX CVs. We NEED More planes on deck (read the notes closer if you think that it's improved any) OR reduce the god damn plane replacement time under a Minute for anything that isn't a TX CV. Because right now it's "Oh look I lost an entire flight because Cruiser X hit p, then hit p again when I was in unavoidable AA range, and there goes the entire flight", Great news! It takes 5+ Minutes to recover the 'half' squadron (as on non-TX CVs you only get half of a Squad in reserve for each plane type). IT wouldn't be so bad if All plane classes were equally as good, but seeing as how idiotically un-reliable Divebombers have been nerfed into, You get Attackers and Torp bombers. At this point, the Last patch broke the back of all non-TX CVs, this patch is doing literally nothing about it. Beyond 'in theory' changing AA (to make it better, because obviously instantly losing flights before wasn't good enough AA) and doing 'something' with plane HP that they aren't willing to say anything about isn't exactly re-assuring. About time to give out another CV rework get Free XP and refunds handout, [edited] been broke for over a month, and WG is clearly inept at fixing it.
  4. Sakuzhi

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    Good thing all of those shinie AA guns tend to get destroyed in the first wave of Rockets. Seeing as DDs are basically the only thing that you can somewhat engage, but they massively nerfed CVs ability to engage DDs no less than 4 separate times by now.
  5. Sakuzhi

    Survivability Expert - Gimme for free

    Unfortunately for you. And whoever wasted their time with the graph. You failed to understand that while say at T8 (the Tier that is literally the most [edited] of the lot right now, thanks WG). 80 more HP per plane is less than 1 second more of AA fire for all T8-10 Ships. So like I stated earlier, Just something to keep in mind. It's nearly useless. Fun fact, the Yamatos (non-AA specced) Short range AA battery can drop a plane a second. Don't worry they only take 60+ seconds to replace.
  6. Sakuzhi

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    That's because DD players have always been somewhat mildly retarded. <They just couldn't literally run the show anymore with 100% immunity to non-DDs (and yeah, I'm saying Radar is at -best- a soft counter) As for not in a great spot, they are literally the trash class of the game because while this 'nerf' might have helped with TXs. It doesn't just effect TXs, it effects all other CVs, who just fyi, generally struggled as it was when they were bottom tier, and now as bottom tier? You can 1) Try to do something, fail, lose all of your planes, or 2) Wait around for most of the [edited]match try to do something, lose most of your planes for a generally low-damage output strike (because the Devs cut the nuts off of a CVs Alpha Strike ability, and now they cut the nuts off of their gradual damage output). Just goes to show that it's World of DDs and nothing is allowed to truly hard counter them.
  7. Sakuzhi

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    Because Console players wouldn't want to or some business. So they ruined the class. Then Just got done driving the nail into the coffin and threw the [edited]CVs to the bottom of the ocean because "Hey let's massively increase plane casualties and NOT reduce the time it takes to replacement them! That's Balanced as [edited]!" Seriously people need to put this crapthrough a supertester playing base or something before going off half-cocked.
  8. Sakuzhi

    Carrier strats in 8.5

    And they got to run the show before CVs became popular. And now they get back to being the most OP [edited]class in the game. Also, Notster is a hardcore anti-CV hater, the Strat is this. Don't bother playing because they broke the back of all non-TX CVs to aplease the DD-clucks that shouldn't be allowed opinions on balancing.
  9. Sakuzhi

    Survivability Expert - Gimme for free

    Not going to make much of a god damn difference anyway. (never has, a small increase isn't going to magically change the fact they massively screwed over CVs, again) They NEEDED to reduce the replacement times to something around 30-40 seconds over having it [edited] off over a minute. -OR- increase the amount of reserves. This Nerf to CVs is basically "Don't bother playing the class unless you are top tier".
  10. Sakuzhi

    Soviet Battleship Branch Review

    Well that's mostly due to the generally excessive advantage Destroyers have in Map control when CVs aren't about to curtail them in. It's been an issue that gets worse, not better with some truly idiotically OP DDs that they've opted to come out with.
  11. Sakuzhi

    Battleships are far too manouvreable

    Okay so.. We are going to reduce the actual speed of torpedos by a factor of 2.3x~ or so because they close range faster than their knots would suggest. Are we going to have Destroyers be little more than OHK for BB HE rounds? Are we going to have torpedoes be spotted at actual historical ranges? Can we have actual Radar on everyone as a passive to outright remove DD stealth anything? Then also, reduce Torpedo damage against Battleships because unfortunately for you there's a long history that Battleships can handle a torpedo hit better than this game claims. Then Further reduce Torpedo accuracy by removing the aim-guider they get. Then Further, anything that uses those oxygen-fueled Torpedoes have a non-avoidable on-hit Chance of detention. Then give Battleships actually historical Turning radius, because hate to inform you, you very very poorly informed DD/CV git that doesn't clearly know overly much of anything on this subject. That's a Yamato at 27 knots. The developers have done everything botherline on unreasonable to make ships much easier to hit with Torpedoes. And it isn't just BBs. It's literally ALL OF THEM have massive turning radii to reality. The Atlanta is another great example, it could cross it's own wake in a turn, something you can't do with it in game. Maybe you just need to literally get good, or try a high tier BB for a change. I want to see how agile you think they are when a spread of 6+ torpedoes appear 1km off of your side.
  12. Would mostly be fair given the massive nerf to Ships getting detected via Planes.
  13. Not even close to reality. CVs are however, hopelessly difficult to figure out what your target profile is.
  14. Sakuzhi

    8.1 went much smoother then 8.0

    In4 Hotfix to [edited] Divebombers. You know it's coming
  15. Sakuzhi

    Alaska Feedback: Underwhelming

    They seem fine. But it's like Alaska city right now.