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  1. The best solution is to make Smoke act like a Bush out of WoT. Or to increase the number of Radar-equipped Cruisers because despite peoples crying it's pretty uncommon to have more than -one- Radar Cruiser in a match.
  2. Smoke is going to need to be changed. That much is absolutely clear, there is no two ways about it.
  3. Was what I was thinking.
  4. Hrm very true, wouldn't mind having something more like a Yamato and less pure-Montana (which we have 3 clones of). Would be more like a Super-Iowa, but was an idea to cap off the Top of a second USB BB line.
  5. Yep, pretty much this.
  6. You could go 4x2 otherwise.
  7. Superheavy 18" AP rounds.
  8. What's your thoughts on an 18" Armed Montana for a second Tier 10 BB for the US?
  9. Likely the case but the engine can handle a 'bush' type concealment as seen by WoT, and that's fairly close to what we are suggesting for smoke.
  10. Only thing I can think of is to have a 'progression' effect which each tier gets a steady improvement on X thing. Too bad the US DDs are dying with T4 torpedoes from Tier 4 to Tier 7.
  11. Well they needed to invalidate the other half of the Ships at Tier 10.
  12. Haven't heard that one...ha...ha..ha Well played. And we were "a...no, just no, your things explode"
  13. ISSM's hate at CVs is well known.
  14. ...Ugh...I just saw the stats of the Monarch.. 594mm Penetration at 5km :/
  15. ^https://thearmoredpatrol.com/category/world-of-warships/page/2/