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  1. Norsehound

    CV counterplay was already in WoWs. They removed it.

    I consider it punishing when you're placed in higher-teir games and the opponent team has untouchable AA- especially if they bunch up. That and American ships make flying planes as a CV tricky propositions when you risk losing your entire squad attempting a drop. That's been my experience at any rate at T8. I don't consider those things you list to be too bad. What I do consider too bad is a complete loss of player agency due to bad luck or insufficient skill. Becoming an unarmed floating target is not something I would wish on anyone, but that's what happened to CV players when they got de-planed. And they were rarely fast enough, or sneaky enough, to effectively ram or cap-steal. I've never managed it anyway. De-planing CVs is not the answer, not if you want the class to be fun.
  2. Norsehound

    CV counterplay was already in WoWs. They removed it.

    Permanent plane loss is why I never played CVs much in the RTS mode- I just saw it as a waste of time. The FS model is punishing, but not to the point where the class becomes pointless to play. Thing is, allowing carrier planes to attack other carrier planes means the CV with the most air supremacy is going to win. They won't be able to touch enemy ships much, but it shuts down the enemy carrier and provides uninhibited scouting for the CV's team. The game gets boring at that point, but that's the natural conclusion I see out of the RTS mode of CV play. That, or when you lost all your planes you have absolutely nothing to do, and it also becomes a waste of time.
  3. Norsehound

    Looking for good predreadnought info

    Hmm... found a review of Fletcher Pratt's that says a referee is needed for play?
  4. Norsehound

    Looking for good predreadnought info

    On the gaming side, I opened up a thread on boardgamegeek with this request and I got some other suggestions. The few that I've looked into (like Seekrieg) seem a bit more complex than I'd like. I was checking out the Quickfire rules as well. Originally I was going to try out a free rules set online called Coal, and the Kaiser (and another for Russio-Japan, Togo)- but they're not as wide (or complete...) as I'd like.
  5. Let's see if I can make a long story short. Have a 3D printer, browsed Thingverse out of boredom, found minis for the Russio-Japanese war. Printed some. Then printed many (including designing my own, particularly for the U.S). Went looking for something to do with these minis. Noted a lot of the games seem to be mired in older simulation mechanics. Have desire to design my own, need resources to voraciously consume to make such a tabletop game semi-accurate but easy to play. There, I think that's about right. I'm interested in that span of history between 1895 into 1920. I'm particularly interested in finding sources that talk about / summarize: Gunnery and technology developments in the period (with distinctions between the nations over that span of time) Naval tactics of the period, again with attention to specifics between the nations. Signal flag messages? Command and control of squadrons in the predreadnought era. I mean, I have a lot of other questions as well, but I'm keen on focusing on these areas to make such a simulation accurate enough to be more interesting than say, Battleship. I'm going for Star-Wars Armada level of complexity, with the ability to easily scale between two squadron engagements to doing Tsushima or jutland in a day. Part of that is understanding and internalizing gunnery advancements over the period, and understanding how squadron organization happened to gamify the experience and try to come up with an engine that allows players to easily build their own squadrons to play. I'm interested in books or online articles, the cheaper the better as this is a side hobby for the moment. In case anyone's curious, I'm going for 1/6000. I have pictures also.
  6. Norsehound

    Ship You Still Wish For in the Game

    The Jaureguiberry Bizzare as they are, I like the French predreadnoughts for being so weird. Love the tumblehome sides. Would like the opportunity to play selections in the fleet of samples. Otherwise, the Surcouf. Love the promise of sneaky submarine play, would love surface-attacks with guns for the extra challenge.
  7. Norsehound


    The reason I'm looking forward to Submarines is, essentially, being "enhanced DDs". I played them for the top speed, maneuver, and stealth. I see Submarines as enhancing all of this, trading away the reliance on main battery guns and demanding your torpedo strikes be more precise. I had a ton of fun dodging and flinging torps during the Halloween event and I'm itching to take this against savvy players to test my skill. I think we're at the point now in development where WG has their model, but it needs to be stress-tested to see how prolific these things need to be and final tweaks. Too much and they'll overcome their counters; too little and they'll die too easily with no meaningful impact on gameplay. My immediate guess is that they'll have their own slots (max 2). Put in DD slots and they'll reduce their counters; put in CV slots and players will realize quickly that SS'es- for all their stealth advantages- do not have the reach of CVs. In fact I'm wondering now that even when Subs come out, CVs are still going to be perceived as overpowered. For all their stealth advantages, CVs striking anywhere while still keeping the ship protected is a lot better than this temporary hiding mechanic.
  8. Norsehound

    Submarine Gameplay Suggestions by Public Tester Bigs

    It makes perfect sense to me as aircraft are a natural enemy of submarines. If you're truly paranoid about subs, swapping out your fighter for something to spot torps / subs seems like a no-brainer to me. Forces subs to try attacking from extreme range and risk getting in close. If you don't have air, you're lunch for secondaries. I do like the Radar ability half-circle showing you the approximate direction of the target, in this case the submarine. Rings are a little too on the nose... if the blast effect of Depth Charges is good enough, then gauging successfully on the Radio ability and gauging where the submarine is moving in relation to your ship is good enough. Teams with voice chat can coordinate between two submarines to try establishing where the sub is headed, then hit him. But I do agree again with the acoustic sonar consumable highlighting the submarine. It's essentially radar for DDs hiding in smoke, and the Sub should be aware he's been spotted underwater and try to evade. Hopefully there's a way to do this, since if Subs are slower than DDs it'll be almost impossible now that there's only 3 possible depth settings.
  9. I really don't understand why the anti-sub crowd are claiming these are submersible destroyers. They're not. Subs have no primary battery, their torps go front/back (so no ducking behind islands after vollies), and have at best 6 weapons with long reload times. Subs, IMO, are going to be worse than destroyers in several ways. So why bother? Because it's all about the crazy stealth mechanics submarines bring to the table. I'm willing to trade fire-from-smoke and massed torp vollies to mess with my opponents and dodge their attempts to find me. In the same token, I don't mind being a destroyer on sub hunting duties. It's more satisfying to relentlessly hunt the spy submarine with a ship designed specifically to kill them. Think you can sneak past me? Guess again- I know how Subs work and I know how to kill them. Scouting's been taken over by CVs anyway, and best smoke use means staying with the fleet. With Subs taking the lone strike hunter and scouting roles, DDs are being pushed back into a defensive and support role in the fleet... something I think WG is fine with.
  10. Norsehound

    Submarine Gameplay Suggestions by Public Tester Bigs

    I want to see what WG has in mind, but looking over what Bigs's got, I like the dynamic gameplay suggested within it for sub hunters. I'm skeptical about the circles method myself, but I want to reserve judgement until I see some more about it. I am skeptical about the passive sonar ping method being always on re: Radio location. I feel the mechanism needs to be an activated consumable with no limit, like repair teams or the like.... to counter-balance Submarines being submerged only for a set amount of time. DDs would be using it against Subs as often as Cruisers are using Radar location for smoked DDs- if the DDs use the consumable and miss their chance, then they need to deal with a submarine being in the area taking a bead on them (that is if they can aim on them right, sub torpedoes are pretty narrow via Halloween). Still, I think it would be more fun as a sub hunter to lean on the pings, then swing around and try to get a bead on the sub as long as you have sonar up, then hit him with repeated depth charges. The circle method could feel a little automatic and one-sided... more like a terrain event to dodge than, say, being a DD and trying to evade a torpedo spread while having your torps ready to counter-attack. The only concern I have is whether this would consume so much of a DD's attention that he gets pummeled by that cruiser or carrier that is there to support the subs. But then, we have similar crunch areas as well where lots of ships are amassed in a given area. A Sub would just be a different breed of DD. God help him if he runs out of air in the middle of all of that, and I think Periscope depth may be vulnerable to surface hits, no?
  11. Norsehound

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    For me at least, I enjoy the stealth play. Submarines offer more of this, by allowing me to hide in open water, than squishy DDs. When submerged I can dodge surface guns in ways DDs can't. I can sneak into ambush positions that would be certain death in a Destroyer. I like the ability, in spite of all that vulnerability, to deep-dive under a part of the enemy's battle group and shoot rear torps to keep them guessing on where I'd be. I'm okay sacrificing my main batteries, secondaries, much of my hull, and side-shooting torps for the ability to stay hidden and invulnerable from bullets. The thrill is being able to time your submerge time just right to pull off amazing attacks. That's what I'm looking forward to.
  12. Norsehound

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    I've been around since beta and I'm a casual player. CVs were too poorly performing to play for me to have fun with them, the recent changes have made them appealing at least. I never considered them imbalanced in my experience.
  13. Norsehound

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Subs are going to be DDs without main batteries, and torps aimed front and back. DD players can get away with ducking around cover and shooting torps as they pass, but that's not going to be the case with subs. You need to line up your attack under stealth and get out of there before you 1. Run out of air and are forced to surface (vulnerable to every surface gun) or 2. You are detected and depth-charged. From the Halloween scenario, torpedo drops are also very narrow and are easily missed by maneuverable ships. More than once in my submarine play I was frustrated that minute adjustments from the AI boats made my torps go wide. DDs, ont he other hand, fire large spreads that usually net 1-2 hits. Subs NEED those hits, which will be harder to do. DDs can cover one another with smoke discharges, but every sub's stealth only helps them alone. A surfaced sub without air in spotting range of the enemy is a dead sub. Plenty of gameplay differences, based on last year's Halloween event.
  14. Norsehound

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    While DD is fun, I do enjoy the potential of submarines being the hidden spy class of the game. Sacrificing everything for stealth and forward-facing torps... I enjoy sneaky play, and I'm thrilled to have submarines be a part of the regular game. I feel for all the complaining, once submarines make it into the game, many of these concerns will be moot. WG will not release content that is unfun or unbalanced to play- they will expand upon the concept laid out in the Halloween scenario and provide us with fun ships to use in battle. What disappointed me the most about the Halloween subs was the inability to take them up against real players, I'm eager to see what actual people can do against subs. More than any of the other classes, I think, player fake-outs are going to be a thing. And it's going to be awesome. I think the ones who stand to lose the most from submarine play are lone-wolf ships that didn't anticipate being singled out. If not by running into enemy DDs with sides full of torps, it'll be a Submarine. With teams already clustering together for AA protection, I think the defenses will be the same against Submarines. No sub driver is going to approach a cluster of enemy ships if they can't have a valid exit strategy. Any sub driver who thinks they're invincible all-killing invisible ninjas is going to be in for a rude surprise when they're forced to surface without air in front of every secondary battery on the enemy team. Poof. Subs are going to be the knife-edge of play. One wrong mistake and you'll end up rammed by that destroyer you were trying to torp before diving under them. High risk, high-reward. Natural expected counters would be DDs (which as scouts, would spot the periscopes better), and aircraft.
  15. Norsehound

    Any word on Submarines yet?

    Thank you Kizar! Guess I'll be holding on to that free xp for a while longer...