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  1. Norsehound

    Any word on Submarines yet?

    Thank you Kizar! Guess I'll be holding on to that free xp for a while longer...
  2. Weren't submarines supposed to be coming this year? I've been hoarding free XP to devote to their tech tree lines. CV play is more fun than I expected but I really miss what we had in the Halloween runs last year. No word, I'm guessing?
  3. Giving this new CV run a try, I find there are ships with such good AA it's impossible to approach them and do anything. Sometimes BBs are overlapped, making torpedo runs impossible to get to dropping before the entire squadron is shot down. All you can do is... run and...scout? I'm trying to think if this is more preferable to losing all of your planes in the original CV play, when you're reduced to a floating barge with no guns.
  4. Norsehound

    In Praise of Pre-dreadnoughts

    I'd be down for more predreadnoughts. Make lower tiers more interesting to play with different classes.
  5. Norsehound

    I'll say it, I'm gonna miss subs.

    FWIW, I appreciate the arcadey approach to Submarines. I've tried some sub sims in the distant past, but always got tripped up on the nuance involved in running them properly. I like the... thoughtlessness and simplicity presented in the WoWS model.
  6. Updated the game and saw every submarine disappear from the port. I'm sad to see them go. Say what you will about Submarines but gameplay was new with them, and for my part I found it more fun and engaging than even my best DD games. I can see why they'd be overpowered, but I also know why they wouldn't be. It was fun running the Killer Whale to the last, really hope we can see some z-axis submarine attacks in the near future. WoWS is gonna feel a little less interesting without the promise of this class in the game. Anyone else going to miss subs? I feel we needed that PvP test to really give them the run they needed to prove their worth or their unsuitability for the game. Was/Am looking forward to trying them out in this mode.
  7. Norsehound

    Last day for Halloween Ops

    Planes can spot torpedoes just fine, subs won't have a prayer if there's a patient Interceptor driver who decides to kite over a submerged sub (and possibly attack it with rockets/torpedoes/depth charges). If balloons can do it, so can aircraft. We'll see if WG allows spotting below periscope depth, but there are other balance steps to take against submarines going to that level. As it is a Sub has almost no visibility at that depth, and the last thing you need to do is surface with your back to a charge-carrying destroyer and no rear torps. What WG presents us in the OP may not necessarily represent submarines as released. I can imagine them being slower- or in the very least the dive/surface times being so nerfed it takes too long for a submarine to dive out of safety before being run down by a destroyer or other big ship. Any subs trying to knife-fight at close range risk not looking where they're going and ramming a ship to their destruction. Not every submarine is going to have rear-firing torps, and not every submarine is going to have the Zipper's ridiculous dive time. If we go into the future and compare release v1 submarines to the Operation submarines here, I can imagine a lot of players are going to say submarines suck and aren't worth it because of the limitations they will have. But I'm interested in the potential out of them, and I'm debating over whether I should save my OP-given-credit until the submarine trees are released so I can grind up the first lines to get something serviceable.
  8. Norsehound

    Last day for Halloween Ops

    How fun is it to engage nearly invisible IJN destroyers, with excellent captains, who dump wide torp spreads but are never spotted? An IJN spotting radius, especially at high tiers, might as well be submerged. "Invisible torpedo dumpers" are not new. I also can't tell you how many times in a submarine when I've fired lone-column torp streams only for them to miss entirely when the target ship as much as moves several meters to the left or right. It's not like a DD torp spread where one of my five torps is going to hit something. It's also not like I have a battery of guns to make up for how fickle my torpedoes are, and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to survive being rammed. ....and I still hold these myths of sub invincibility, torpedoes from nowhere things would be rendered moot in a PvP test with submarines. You'll soon find maneuverable ships dodging torpedoes and ramming submarines broadside that think they can get away from surface ships at periscope depth. And how about this- interceptor squadrons kiting around and spotting submerged submarines when the subs have ZERO countermeasures to shoot down fighters. If it weren't for the CV revamp, no submarine would be safe from a CV.
  9. Norsehound

    Last day for Halloween Ops

    Also against fleet actions... when in history have assemblies of IJN and USN forces fought against other mixed task forces of other ships? Saying subs don't fit into fleet actions doesn't matter here because these "fleets" never existed.
  10. Norsehound

    Last day for Halloween Ops

    Why doesn't it fit? This is an arcade game with simulacrums of ships from WWI to WWII. It fits better than flying around airplanes in a game about boats, which is an entirely different medium. At least a submarine is a kind of boat.
  11. Norsehound

    Last day for Halloween Ops

    For the sake of the critics and the fans I see this as being kind of necessary. We need to know how capable ships vs subs are in player hands. The event proved players can understand subs, but it's a turkey shoot. Showing how easily submarines are destroyed will show to the community that they aren't overpowered monsters, and are in fact kind of disappointing. That, or they'll reveal the need for more balance tweaks to bring them in line with the rest of the ships' performance. Either way I think this hyperbolic aversion to submarines is firing because there's no model in the hands of the players to prove one way or another. We're discussing in a vacuum, and while some people can see the promise in the new class, others don't want to introduce something untested. Had Submarines been introduced into this PvP portion of the event, it would be a temporary stage for players to see that interaction. Without that, a portion of the community will always judge submarines poorly. I really don't understand why players are saying no to new content.
  12. Norsehound

    Last day for Halloween Ops

    I'm really going to miss subs. Think they'll show up in PvP mode? That'll be a really interesting test of how they sit in power with the rest of the fleet.
  13. Norsehound

    Auxiliary ship (medic) lines

    I'd be down for some kind of support class ship, but if Heal is too much of a bonus then it has to be something else. If Operations were more constant of a thing I think it would be cool to have a Q-ship in rotation that spawns with the objective ships and that you could actually use in an ambush role. That's so niche and specific it'll never happen, but the concept sounds interesting.
  14. Norsehound

    Feedback on Submarines

    I don't understand why this broken promise should be held against WG- it's new content, isn't that good? And Submarines are a form of boat, wouldn't that be welcome? Of course I'm also the guy who would try to give float plane carriers and Q-ships a try if they came to the game.
  15. Norsehound

    Feedback on Submarines

    The Killer Whale is hands down the best submarine of the OP, since it has all the advantages and better from the other subs. About the only thing it can't do is outrace the Gyrfalcon. In terms of being a gameplay unit I really enjoy the potential out of Submarines. In the Killer Whale I really enjoy the up-down torp dodging knife-fight at close range with the fore and aft torpedoes- amassing 12 kills in a 5 star game and I loved every moment of it. Most amount of fun I've had in WoWs in a while... the kind of fun I turn to DD play to enjoy. Submergence offers a protection that DDs could only dream of having when they have closed with their opponents. So long as you're not smacked by DD magic depth charges, you'll do all right. But that kind of game is not possible in PvP. The amount of Torp damage possible out of submarines in a similar situation is not going to be very fun to face. If there's no recourse/strategy to trying to evade a submarine that suddenly pops up on your broadside, then the class isn't going to work, since nobody would want to play against them. What I'd really look forward to out of submarines is stealth play. Watch your air meter as you're making your approach and surface to periscope depth for that essential torp drop, then try to escape. The battle between trying to stay tail-on to that enemy cruiser you missed and get just enough time on the surface to buy some seconds before diving again. Submarines offer another dimension of rapid assault that DDs cannot deliver with, and the stealth play at closer ranges is unmatched. DDs can only do it with islands or being Japanese. I think Submarines offer new, fresh potential to the game. The class is not so extreme that they'd end up as difficult-to-balance carriers, but not so similar to DDs that you're essentially playing a submerging DD. I'm interested in allowing Wargaming the chance to develop some tech trees and actually put development work into it.