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  1. Blight111

    Important message for the community

    I posted my thoughts in a reply a few minutes ago above. Regarding this though, maybe setup a monthly or bi-weekly update that has the points you laid out in the OP and updates on them. I know it's counter intuitive business strategy to not let this die and keep bringing it up through updates, but the feeling in this thread here seems to be in general (and for me) that people aren't sold that changes are really going to happen. Also, the CC's aren't going to let it die for a good long while, because they've left the program, but didn't quit the game (which I think may actually be worse, lol) For me personally, i've committed to not spend money again until I see real, sustained change, but also to monitor the situation and re-engage if it does. This is something weird and new for me- I normally don't care about things like this in games. I just play games, pay money if I see something shiney, get bored and move on. I dont know - or care - what drama is going on. So, it says something about the game being good that I'm willing to take the time and write forum posts (which I hate) in a feeble attempt to get things to change. I know it must be frustrating, because I'm sure there are a hundred things going on behind the scenes that people can't see, where you ARE doing the things that people are requesting and do care about how they feel. Also, that you are a business that needs to make money, so you DO need to have your hands on our pocket books. I get that, but perception IS reality, however horribly inaccurate it may be. A hard lesson I had to learn in my own work-life. Communication. ....and never use the word 'spread sheet' again, lol. it's been ruined ;)
  2. Blight111

    Important message for the community

    I do like some of the things proposed here. Especially showing loot box odds and adjusting the age rating (since many kids don't play anyway). Most of the things are "coming soon" or "going to be discussed" and that's fair to say since this is mostly new stuff, but as a player I would like to see updates to this regularly, because it is a common (and good) business tactic to say that you will investigate something, wait for the dust to settle, and then decide to not re-open the can of worms once everyone calms down. To reiterate to the community from the OP: Let's let them know how we feel, but as he said, don't be an [edited]. Most of the people we interact with aren't making the final decisions and are people just trying to do their job and feed their family, just like you and me. One suggestion to WG: I would try to reach out to the CCs and ex-CCs (especially the handful that are very involved/passionate currently) and extend a real olive branch to them and try to mend fences- not just make some changes to the CC program as it is and wait for more CCs. Some may be unreasonable and frustrating, but others may be more receptive if you offer real change. Because, like it or not, they have the ears of the community more than any other channels, like this thread, and I don't see this changing any time soon, even if they aren't CCs. o7 Blight111, willing 'whale' if things really do change I have previously posted my feelings on this topic in general here:
  3. Blight111

    One Thing Too Many

    I have been playing WoWS since launch, and WoT before that. I would imagine that I embody the ideal customer. I have drained thousands of dollars into this game over the years - more money, I'm sure, than every other game I've ever played.....combined. I probably bought someone over at corporate a (used) car, lol. I have to give the marketing team credit. I paid the money and was mostly happy to do so. The first year of santa boxes was great! I felt good about spending (way too much) money. Then, each new thing and each new event felt slightly worse as the screws got tighter and the events got worse as it felt like a test was being done as to just how much someone would be willing to pay. Things like the Puerto Rico, Makarov etc. as people got angry - and I did - but I still spent the money. I bought the Puerto Rico in the middle of complaining about the system. So, I was probably part of the problem. But more recently it just got too much, even for me. Starting with things like removing signals and forcing us to buy them, and expensive Dockyard events, or feeling like the community is not being heard anymore. Then, to the most recent things, which brings me to my point. With the changes to the Missouri sale; adding it to a campaign just to be able to buy it for money after the community got angry about it..... and then keeping it in boxes to entice just about everyone to get the boxes by preying on them not wanting to wait. It felt like some magic trick was being done, where someone looking at the surface would think you changed something, but really did not- even I saw through that before the media started reporting on it. I mean I already have a Missouri. I 'whaled' it years ago, so I don't even need one, but I couldn't help but feeling like a damp washcloth that a few more drops of water could be squeezed out of. Adding to that, my love of reading LWM reviews or watching CC videos on Youtube - gone now, due to either being screwed over or neglected. So, in short, after feeling used and the people I enjoy to read or watch being gone, there really is no more reason to spend money for me. I may play some more matches to get some more mileage out of the money I've spent - it is a fun game after all, but I commit to not spending any more money. I send this post in the hopes that adding one more straw onto the pile by someone who is WGs ideal 'whale' that maybe something will happen (I'm sure it won't). Fixing things with the CCs would be a great (and easy) first step. o7
  4. I would say to take the desired economic gain from the "quest rewards" for CBs and move it into this system. That way the economy remains net-neutral, but CBs is a much more macro-strategic and immersive thing.
  5. Then have the default settings not show it or other people who have it and figure some way to skirt it into the "online interactions are not rated". Or not make it too gruesome and just have it be rated T- I would argue that the number of people who would be pushed away by a T rating is a very close to zero number. Because we all know that chat is 100000 times worse than anything they could possibly put into the game content, lol. But I was more serious about the second thing. I really think that would add a lot of "sticking power" to the game to keep seasoned people playing/spending.
  6. 1: Kind of small and silly, but I would buy it.... Would love a skin (camo) that actually has a crew in game that is like responding to the situation; running around, manning the guns, putting out fires (jumping off the ship into the ocean on fire). On a similar note, when a ship sinks little lifeboats could be seen sailing away from the sinking ship...even if you would just clip through them....or better yet if you could smash through them.... I think that would legit be pretty cool.. 2: A more serious game play idea. Would love clan wars to be a little more like tanks. Instead of just bland missions and rewards like everything else I would love to see clans control areas around the pacific or ports and stuff and that generates steel over time and used up ships get locked out. I thought that was always the coolest part of Tanks and would love to see something similar. Adds a strategic element and encourages actual diplomacy/wars between clans and a huge social aspect. Those ports could generate steel or coal or other resources over time. There could be a a secondary game play type where you raided shipping (like actual wars did) and lower the resource gains or increase the lockout times of their ships or something to try and cripple them before the battle.... Would love something like that way more than say, subs.... ;)
  7. Blight111

    4500 Feet tall

    Roma coke can is so 2018 meta tall. It's been up tiered at least twice since then ;)
  8. Blight111

    4500 Feet tall

    Haha, I know, but it's still fun to give you a little ribbing. Your Vampire's guns would literally shoot normal size Vampires at you. :D
  9. Blight111

    4500 Feet tall

    = 5.3 USS Iowa's end to end. Even if they meant length.... Imagine capping in a DD longer than the cap circle. It's the Deathstar of naval ships. To scale: 400 inch guns and a torpedo warhead weight of ~60,000 pounds. That power creep though..... :) Also fun fact: Even with the typo - still shorter than the Italian battleships with the Legion skin :D
  10. Blight111

    Dead Eye

    That's fair, and I'm not saying that you can't. With Dead Eye being the obvious best choice, everyone is choosing it- whether they want to snipe or not, simply because it's the best. And because everyone else is, the one person who chooses to push and try to brawl in a BB gets absolutely crushed because they are alone so they get focused by literally everyone. I did try other specs, and as much as I wanted to do them, they were obviously inferior to Melons at 20+ KM.
  11. WG, Thanks for redoing the commander skills and shaking things up, there are a lot of good ideas in there. I'm not a big poster, but with Dead Eye encouraging the new camp off meta, games are almost never close. The game is even more controlled by the CVs/DDs than it was. DDs are what CVs were back in the day- the better counter-DD play will win the game 95% of the time. And it's not even fun for the DDs because you only get to fight another DD and then you cant even fight anything else because the BBs are so far back sniping you cant even get there. There is no brawl- there are 2 lines of BBs throwing shells at 20+km, which is not fun gameplay. Please remove Dead Eye and add a skill that further encourages brawling. Thanks!
  12. Blight111

    2 Small bugs

    1: Progress bars on missions extend beyond the window. Just started happening (before the patch is live but after the download) -not running any mods 2: I forgot to screenshot this at the time, but when I was in the dockyard and someone opened a conversation up with me, all keyboard entries were sent in triplicate to them. When i closed the dockyard and was back in port the same conversation window was now fine. (IE HHHeeelllooo hhhooowww aaarrreee yyyooouuu). This was before the pre 0.10.0 download.
  13. In the 50 Camo section you can also get at least some of the "special" premium camos. I got 50 type 59 camos, which I know is in some tier above the standard premium camos and under the "super" camos (based on normal reward volumes). Didn't think to SS the container, but I did SS the notification history. Which is nice but kinda unfortunate due to the fact that because of santa boxes I could never possibly use all my camos.
  14. Blight111

    No Santa Boxes this year?

    I'm pretty sure it always worked that way for santa. Otherwise you would NEVER get those rare ships, just repeats. Some events do dobloons, but santa boxes invite the cash by saying "there is a dollar amount where you can be sure of getting any given ship". For example I have almost all of those ships, so if i just got doubloons I would stop buying after a few repeats because I dont need more. Doubloons have a limited value for me since i have run up about all of the ship lines, but a few ships in the list interest me
  15. Blight111

    No Santa Boxes this year?

    So i found in previous years, as a guess, it seemed to be about 15-20% out of big boxes. However i got some event boxes for a few of the recent events and got nothing and felt like they really lowered the odds and now I am not very likely to buy an event box in the future. If the santa box odds are the same as previous years, I think they hit the right spot between profit and keeping us coming for more. If the odds are any lower than previous years I would be very disappointed and likely not purchase again. I did feel like they dropped the odds for "event" boxes having ships recently. Keep in mind, if you do roll a ship, the odds of it being a lower tier are much higher. Hence the genius trap to get us to buy more boxes. The more ships you have the higher odds for higher tier ships or "rare" ships.