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  1. berree

    PSA Bonus codes

    Worked for me , just copied and paste
  2. The problem you have is not thinking things through
  3. berree

    Alaska free xp cost

    1,000,000,000 FXP ! you heard it here first!
  4. Right now the Cossack is on the at the bottom of the "good" ranking (IMO) , just above average. The turret traverse buff is going to be huge in getting those rear mounted guns to swing around and the torp reload sure doesnt hurt either. I would say after the buff she will be in the "very good" ranking (IMO) I have 35 battles with a 54% WR in it.
  5. berree

    Is it worth grinding past the Bismarck?

    I have the FDG and it's terrible. Cant hit a %$^%& thing if your life depended on it ....with ether type of guns. The only thing that keeps me grinding it (slowly) is the GK . Usually when the PT comes up I take GK out for a spin and it gives me hope , for I have no hope with the FDG..
  6. Rogers "Sir AP is ready to fire!!" Captain "Wait! With EL we can have our ap shells loaded in 20 seconds! Rogers "But Sir we al.." Captain "Load HE!!" Rogers "But we have AP loa..." Captain "Load the damn HE now!" 10seconds later Rogers "HE is loaded sir we can fi.." Captain "Now load AP!!" Rogers "Sir are you ok.." Captain "Load it!" 10 seconds later Rogers "AP is loaded.....again sir." Captain "See Rogers this is the kind of thinking you must demonstrate if you ever want to see a promotion!" Rogers "Sir!" Captain "What is it Rogers!?! Rogers "We are sinking Sir we must abandon ship" Captain "Next time Rogers! Next time we will get them!" Rogers "........Im sure we will Sir....
  7. A time limit between a persons chats would go a long way without really hampering people that want to really help. Much harder to have an argument with someone when there is a 20-30 second time limit between sentences
  8. berree

    Retraining Captains

    Every captain point is precious for the FDG . You have to work twice as hard in it compared to almost any other ship to get the same results. If you do spend money on the game this might well be one of those times. Alternatively I am miserable in it and how much worse could 10 or so games retraining the captain be? (could be bad lol) Do the 200k retrain and take it out to see what you think and decide.
  9. berree

    Jean Bart/ Alaska soon?

    I dont think anyone thinks it is going to cost doubloons. Everyone thinks it will be FXP or Coal or Steel (steel seems to be the least likely).
  10. berree

    Jean Bart/ Alaska soon?

    Nothing , no news official or otherwise
  11. Stop with the "my Xxxxxx smokes Xxxxxxx easily". It means nothing because we dont know the circumstances or if your even telling the truth. Go duel it out best 2 out of 3 so no one can say fluke and come back and tell us. Replay is even better.
  12. berree

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    Is it just me or does the camo make the back 3rd of the ship look like its wider than the rest?
  13. berree

    Black ships... No thanks!

    By all means sell black premiums.........but sell the camos too for the people that already have those ships.
  14. berree

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    Theres your problem ! I have her , er him ....the ship! You have to work so damn hard in it just to do average. Seems pointless to use without a secondary build since there are better ships you can pick for that and you need a near max captain to make a secondary build work! Just trying to get through it as fast as i can. You should to hopefully the extra guns on GK will make the rng dispersion not as bad
  15. berree

    I am disguted and feel cheated by the game

    Nothing to see , he was moving , you missed.