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  1. berree

    What's in YOUR monthly SC?

    BOO hope you get a dry turkey leg! Kidding good pull and happy thanksgiving!
  2. berree

    Get a coal ship vs. get Lutjens?

    T8his is my thinking as well . Every time I think I have all the coal ships i want and start saving for him they release another coal ship that's to good to pass up.
  3. berree

    Check your EMAIL! (Bonus Codes)

    still working as of this post . TY op
  4. berree

    opinion on supership?

    I think as bad as subs are these "Superships" are worse. The 1st step on the road to the game morphing into something else. With these "abilities" in mind and the inevitability of powercreep, what are ships a few years from now going to look like?
  5. berree

    Let’s hear Your Planes Shot Down records!

    Anyone mention the JB yet? Got 72 in her .
  6. berree

    “Tier 11” super-ships too OP for game?

    So yea I played them last night and no I don't think they should be in randoms. The Conde ...just wow.4 Annap also 12 guns firing like a dm "We will darken the sky with our shells". The bbs are crazy to with the dds only being what you would expect a tier 11 to actually be.
  7. And when is the next reset? sorry if i missed it said.
  8. berree

    Sell Lexington ??? Russian Bias !

    If I had the Midway unlocked? Yes.
  9. berree

    Is Leeuw worth getting over Johan?

    Just finished this grind at I def think they t10 is better than the t9 taking mm into account . And thats just taking the actual ship effectiveness into account and not other goodies t10 get .
  10. berree

    OK, what am I doing wrong..

    Sorry if I missed something obvious but where do you get this mission?
  11. This about sums it up . DD life is a hard life . If they didnt have big rewards no one would play them and they have essential jobs .
  12. berree

    CC Wargaming Official Apology

    Exactly the response I expected. Once long ago WG was trying to make a good game(s) that made money. Now they just want to make money. All the money.
  13. Closed beta I think? Been so long i cant remember. Oh and i think maybe I joined the forum the 1st day possible.
  14. berree

    Is NA server down

    5 on sometime in the next 15 mintues.