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  1. I mean , its better than them making it coal or steel or free xp isnt it?
  2. berree

    Million credit club: Cossack

    Jean Bart , no matter what the matchup is Jb will do fine and make it fun while you do it.
  3. berree

    Just got the Minotaur. Any suggestions?

    Your hydro will only save you from torps in smoke if you are positioned properly . Also your torps , use them.
  4. berree

    Where's premium ammo?

    Dont think some of the community have thought what the logical conclusion to not have balance as the number 1 priority in a game is.
  5. berree

    Wait till you see 8.2

    Yea probably to ease new players into the game.....Though sticking a vet in that with no clue I was like "uhhhh......" for a good minute or 2 lol
  6. berree

    Update 8.+ problems

    To be more precise bugs that players have use to exploit the game in some way . Otherwise what would be the purpose?
  7. Jean Bart and Minitaur they offer the most diverse gameplay
  8. berree

    Less CV players.

    Cv's an equal member of the other classes just isn't going to happen. The whole concept of them are at odds with how the developers developed the game AND how the majority of the player base plays the game. You see what they did in real life and yes I know this isnt real life but in a pvp game based on ships anything that is not a CV is going to be a disadvantage and NO ONE is gong to want to play a character that is inherently weaker by all standards than another. how could anyone possibly balance cv's to be equal to the other ships and still even be a CV?!?...............It cant . Just want to add im not picking sides here. I would love to see them work and overall everyone be happy about it. I just dont see how that can be.
  9. I like to think i am one of the oldest (in terms of join date) players still playing in the game/s . I think my join date for WOT is Early july 2010 for closed beta. "Since the 2nd battle in tanks I was like woah they need to translate this to ships!". Things have changes so much in all the games.
  10. berree

    Hindy vs DM

    I know it may seem like splitting hairs but you should be creeping forward and backward in Moskva , changing speed and stuff. If not your going to get your bell rung by a Yammy or Repub. if you arent spotted stopping is "okay" but that can be said for every ship.
  11. berree


    I dont know what to say to these types I dont bring up stats or consider them when I am reading a post....except in these cases . The one thing most of these seem to have in common is a abnormally low winrate and hit rate. Going to guess you do . Stop playing blindly and PAY ATTENTION and REMEMBER what works and doesnt.
  12. berree

    can we stop posting PSAs

    Nothing you can do about multiple PSA's about the same thing . You dont think it irks everyone? it does but everyone knows theres nothing that can be done besides mods merging them.
  13. berree

    Hindy vs DM

    If you like Moskva then the closest to it would be Hindi and I imagine Henri. Do not get Des Moines thinking it is similar as someone earlier said, it is not , not at all. Not saying DM is bad it is great just not similar to BB Moskva.
  14. berree

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    watch the videos people posted , it wasnt that
  15. berree

    Stealth Torps on Tier X CV's

    You must have some pretty steady ping like no change whatsoever if you call that jumping around