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  1. berree

    ban players who honk their horn too much

  2. berree

    Worst T9 - Ibuki or Izumo?

    Well these are the only 2 ship lines I do NOT have but I dont think either is junk especially the Izumo.
  3. berree

    What Flag do you fly on you ships ?

    Only flag worth flying "The Kitty Purrfurst" Whats weird is im not big on ships not looking like ships . Same goes for flags and im not a cat person. I just chuckle whenever I notice this one though. Edit : Oh and I grinded GK for the specific purpose of equipping this flag on the GK
  4. berree

    Conundrum: Lütgens or Thunderer?

    Whats your plan for Lutgens?
  5. berree

    Error Contacting Server

    Was in a match a bit ago and got dc'd from it and am now getting this error. Edit : seems to be working now. did nothing to fix it just waited a bit.
  6. berree

    Directive progression

    I can just picture WG sitting back in their EXECUTIVE chair lacing their fingers and going "MUAWHAHAHAH"
  7. berree

    Refunds for boosters?

    Your right of course but its crazy that they could cut the grind in half and it would still be the longest grind by a million miles than the Benham was.
  8. I believe you will be able to fit the people that finish this completely free on to 1 bus..maybe one of those little transit buses. Reading the fine print on the latter directives you will literally do double takes and say to yourself "Am I reading that right?!? I cant be!!"
  9. Heres the kicker for me though , just the day before yesterday I was going to make a post jokingly demanding Easter Eggs and Flags (snowflakes for Easter and 4th...you get it .) because WG has been pretty good to us these last months.
  10. I dont feel I can adequately describe the requirements to get this ship for free without curse words honestly. Its that bad. I get we are adults and should be respectful to one another but its that out of the realm of believeable. I am or was going to by the first Doubloon pass/thing whatever but even then the grind seems crazy Anyone defending this should have too take a pencil and a (few) sheets of paper write out all the requirements than post of SS of the papers saying this doesn't look bat guano insane.
  11. Man this sucks I was really looking forward to this captain. WG better introduce like 50% captain coupons otherwise its a no go.
  12. You understand that if a wooster is hitting you consistently from 16kms away while your maneuvering means your not maneuvering right? No aim-bot or aim assist is going to change the what 15second shell flight time from him to you while you're moving erratically.
  13. Rebuy all the tier 7-9 ships I sold getting to tier 10 . Which is almost every, single , one.Well the decent ones.
  14. Kurfurst , because with a tank spec its quite good, with a 2ndary spec its o hit and miss though. They really need to fix those captain skills so you dont need a 4600 skill point captain to make it "okay"