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  1. berree

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    Is it just me or does the camo make the back 3rd of the ship look like its wider than the rest?
  2. berree

    Black ships... No thanks!

    By all means sell black premiums.........but sell the camos too for the people that already have those ships.
  3. berree

    Nerf Worcester Harder

    Theres your problem ! I have her , er him ....the ship! You have to work so damn hard in it just to do average. Seems pointless to use without a secondary build since there are better ships you can pick for that and you need a near max captain to make a secondary build work! Just trying to get through it as fast as i can. You should to hopefully the extra guns on GK will make the rng dispersion not as bad
  4. berree

    I am disguted and feel cheated by the game

    Nothing to see , he was moving , you missed.
  5. berree

    New Type of Ships!

    Dont get discouraged most of the replies and people who are on this forum have seen literally dozens and dozens of this exact same idea . I mean besides mine layers probably only one type of ship class has been posted more......we wont name that though lol
  6. berree

    Coal question? Salem or wait?

    Looking for a little more Gorden Gecko /Wolf of Wall Street response than a obi-wan - Splinter one. I say that >>>>>>jokingly<<<<< and not rudely . I'm pretty sure credit wise in the arsenal the Musashi is the upper limit because from what I have seen after that it gets into Missouri territory and the devs apparently dont want that. I would just like someone that been around a while to confirm. I need to cut the gap some on the difference in exp vs credit earned some. its to much for my liking.
  7. berree

    Your worst ranked loss streak?

    so far smoked through early ranks and hit a brick wall at 12 for like 10 games.
  8. berree

    Coal question? Salem or wait?

    To hijack the thread just a bit . Economically speaking there isnt going to be a ship released in aresenal that makes more money than the musashi is there? From what I gather much more would be Mighty Mo territory right? I need money , now lol
  9. berree

    Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    I just wish it would come so we know what currency it is. This coal is burning (see what I did thur!) a whole in my pocket!
  10. berree

    Tips On Coming Back After A Month-Long Vacation?

    Nothing wrong with a little humble brag. Hope you made some good memories! About your problem I suggest a Pillow in your chair. Should ease you right into it nicely
  11. berree

    Stuck at 17 in Ranked

    Baltimore is a good freaking ship when all your seeing is tier 8 in ranked and not 9's and 10's. I mean you can say that for all tier 8's but even taking that into account she is still better very very good. The ONLY 2 ships that caused me trouble were the Amagi and the Atago (if thats the tier 8 ijn cruiser) I think because the first was always staying way out and the others stealth mainly.
  12. Wait and see I meant . No point in getting a terrible ship unless you are a collector.
  13. You summed everything up pretty nice . I would just repeat what your friend said.
  14. berree

    Had to go AFK

    Hope you get well soon Princess Elizabeth!!! Dad if she gets a real cast , Doctor showed this to me when I broke my arm at her age and it blew my mind. Right after you take the cast off have her close her eyes and hold the broken arm out in front her like it is on the arm of the chair . after a few seconds it will float up in the air due to the absence of the weight of the cast lol .
  15. As I see it you can look at it 3 ways. 1. Which animal you like better 2. Which Animal "feels" like the better one" as this is a ship game well sharks kind of feel like the right choice 3. America vs sharks? Sounds like a Sharknado spinoff What I'm saying is , is this something that should cause arguments?