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  1. Bear_82

    WG can you chill please?

    spreadsheet say otherwise, comrades
  2. Bear_82

    Chat ban & Penalty points

    not at all, just don't leave the game running when you're not actually playing, don't leave password saved, problem solved (since you can't trust those who use your computer when you're not around to watch them)
  3. Bear_82

    20mil silver for 1k doubloons buff

    can't speak for anyone else, but I certainly don't
  4. Bear_82

    Problem with main site.

    Using Chrome, main page loads fine for me, whether choosing direct link from forum, or new tab & typing site name. Perhaps related to this issue, or not the links do work, and direct me to where I would expect them to
  5. nothing in the store any longer; you can get a container with 120 tokens in the Armory, for 1250 doubloons, but that's it
  6. already had all the ships, drew Warspite, got 6500 doubloons
  7. I hope to draw whichever one gives the most doubloons; I have them all in port
  8. Bear_82

    Green bots and smoke

  9. Bear_82

    $142.49 down the toilet

    maybe #36 will do the deed for you https://imgur.com/a/dHvcnjp
  10. happened to me 30 minutes or so ago, got in on 3rd attempt
  11. Bear_82

    Clan brawl rewards

    they're probably sequential, have to finish the first before the second starts, but neglected to include that verbiage
  12. Bear_82

    Stream Takeaway

    it'll grow back; takes about 4-5 years of non-use
  13. Bear_82

    I am confusined

    there was a mission with 1,000,000 credits for finishing; it did not show on the after battle summary
  14. never erases mine file a support ticket