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  1. Bear_82

    haven't got my purchase and i cant even send a ticket

    this is NA forum, was your purchase on a different server?
  2. 5 crates - Kaga, Graf Zeppelin, signals, Enterprise, signals
  3. Bear_82

    What are your professions?

    ROTC/6 years active duty 20 years credit card fraud investigations/call center management laid off 6 years ago, just never went back to work; we haven't said I'm retired, but . . .
  4. Bear_82

    Broken Lag - kills CWars

    title says 7 camo/couple games; I'm trying to do that math
  5. Bear_82


    I usually go commando when I drive my ships, but that's probably not the same thing, huh?
  6. Tanks, closed beta Planes, open beta Ships, alpha
  7. Bear_82

    So I did a Google Search on My Picture...

    Google accurately identified mine as the Kimber Pro CDP II, my EDC piece
  8. Bear_82

    Current Community Sentiment

    great, now I have to pee . . .
  9. Bear_82

    Is there a limit on upvotes or downvotes?

    yes, daily limit
  10. I had a boatload of doubloons from Santa crates, so figured I'd go for it started with 75235 doubloons, already have Loyang, Huanghe & Anshan in port Bundle 1 4 crates of 750 doubloons each, 3000 total 2 crates of type 59 camo, 12 total crate of warships premium, 8 additional days Loyang camo 2 crates of lunar warrior camo, 24 total Huanghe camo crate of 3 asian lantern camo crate with 20000 fxp Anshan camo Irian camo Bundle 2 5000 doubloons for Irian camo from first bundle 2 crates of lunar warrior camo, 24 total crate of 3 spring sky camo crate of 750 doubloons 3 crates of warships premium, 24 additional days crate of 3 asian lantern camo crate of 3 mosaic camo Bundle 3 Irian 2 crates of warships premium, 16 additional days crate with Irian, so 11500 doubloons ended with 68821 doubloons, net cost 6414
  11. Bear_82

    Game hangs on loading screen after 0.8.0 update

    36 minutes ago in News & Announcements
  12. 34 minutes ago, top post in News & Announcements
  13. Bear_82

    Game hangs on loading screen after 0.8.0 update

    server is not yet available for login
  14. Bear_82

    Premium Shop Issue

    make sure when you go to the premium shop that you're actually logged in; I often have to relog even when clicking the link while already logged in on another page