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  1. Bear_82

    One Day Only - US Navy Birthday Mission

    embarrassed? not at all, just par for the course with WG; it's what we've come to expect
  2. Bear_82

    One Day Only - US Navy Birthday Mission

    come on WG, how do you not proofread this stuff?
  3. Bear_82

    20mil silver for 1k doubloons buff

    can't speak for anyone else, but I certainly don't
  4. Bear_82

    Problem with main site.

    Using Chrome, main page loads fine for me, whether choosing direct link from forum, or new tab & typing site name. Perhaps related to this issue, or not the links do work, and direct me to where I would expect them to
  5. nothing in the store any longer; you can get a container with 120 tokens in the Armory, for 1250 doubloons, but that's it
  6. already had all the ships, drew Warspite, got 6500 doubloons
  7. I hope to draw whichever one gives the most doubloons; I have them all in port
  8. Bear_82

    Picture your Pets - 23rd - 29th

    this was taken in 2015, when I was mainly doing WoWP; Chloe was my co-pilot
  9. Bear_82

    Green bots and smoke

  10. Bear_82

    $142.49 down the toilet

    maybe #36 will do the deed for you https://imgur.com/a/dHvcnjp
  11. Bear_82

    Ok Star Wars IX Might be Good?

    no surprise, Lucas was not pleased with the direction of TFA/TLJ
  12. happened to me 30 minutes or so ago, got in on 3rd attempt
  13. Bear_82

    Clan brawl rewards

    they're probably sequential, have to finish the first before the second starts, but neglected to include that verbiage
  14. Bear_82

    Stream Takeaway

    it'll grow back; takes about 4-5 years of non-use