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  1. Lost my little buddy, and I'm sooo tired..

    my condolences Davos; I will light a candle next Monday for Mikey https://www.rainbowsbridge.com/Poem.htm
  2. I was just amazed at only seeing 8 flags as options
  3. In search of Iwaki Alphas

    I'm on more during the day, than in the evening, but if you catch me on, hit me up
  4. Clan Commander AWOL

    There's a good (possible) solution
  5. other than the roster expansion from 40, to 50, had you built all other buildings? if so, you had used 58250 oil
  6. I haven't yet determined which specific one, but something in there was causing the client to crash on startup. Removing the mod entirely, solved the issue. It'll take me a bit of time to go through & figure out which one it was shells & tracers by blackskull
  7. Posting in other areas of forum

    not on the NA server, on the account you're posting from
  8. Problems opening caln base fixtures.

    no issues here unknown if it matters, our base construction is completely done
  9. RIP Burt Reynolds

    he lived a full life, and had a good time doing it
  10. Clan Base in 0.7.9

    First, thank you to @Kizarvexis for giving me the idea here I took that concept, and put it in a google sheet that anyone can view, or download, for their own use by clicking this link anyone can comment on this sheet as well There are a couple columns to the right showing current expansions & associated costs It would be a simple process for anyone to use a couple more columns to start playing 'what if' using anticipated oil level, to determine what would be best route to go, for their own clan Enjoy!
  11. I got 3 crates earlier when I logged in, which is what I expected
  12. just logged into game, 1 day premium added, plus bonus crates
  13. Researching A ship

    from the Clemson, have you already researched the B-hull?
  14. Can't Access My Support Tickets

    I just went to support, can see the list of my tickets, clicked on one to verify could access it