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  1. Fun and Enraging

  2. Whompity, give us a look; our base is fully built, and we have a few slots open
  3. Looking for the right clan

    OP, you've pretty much described Gray Wolf; feel free to stop by
  4. Offensive words ?? How do I know??

    sounds like my father, who also wintered there
  5. I had this starting with 0.7.4, all versions of Aslain's I disabled a few, and chat is back one of these was the offender: Side Panels by Roslich Clan Icons NA (Screen panels option) Alt Hud, centered navigator Alt Hud, left side smoke I did not, and do not, have any chat mods installed
  6. you're welcome; I was glad to honor those we lost, in Missouri I was no longer active when that incident happened, but remember it at the time
  7. I'm sure Otter will update the first post when he gets in, but we have slots open again. Naval base fully built-out, earlier today we expanded roster to 50.
  8. How to leave clan?

    yes they will
  9. I Need Support help!!!!!

    message sent to your CO
  10. As others have said, WG is not going to buy back paint for doubloons. What they might do (and would be the same end result you're looking for) is offer to swap the type 20 you already have, for the new space theme, for the 3k difference. I have no idea how likely this would be (probably very un-), but that would be the only thing you might look forward to
  11. Cant play with my CLAN

    OP, you're simply not yet able to participate in clan battles. There's no reason you can't play with your clan members. Division up with some folks, and have a good time. You'll generally do better than solo, thus getting to that tier 8 sooner. You'll get to know your clan mates. Tear it up in one of the operations.
  12. it's part of the clan battle rules - https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/clan-battles-s2/#rules
  13. clan battles going on, we don't have space battles yet
  14. Help? Yeah, right!

    OP be aware, if your bank processes a chargeback, WG may very well lock your game account from further use. I've seen it happen before.