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  1. Issues with Lag Spikes - Pulling my hair out!

    southwest US here, same thing been happening to me last 2-3 days; I just close the client, come back later & we're good for 3-4 battles again
  2. that was our first upgrade, in October, and it worked fine then sounds like you should file a support ticket
  3. Cooldown when changing Clans??

    I believe it's 3 days
  4. Painful Defeats

    not a specific battle, but over the course of the day a week ago Sunday, 22 battles, 22 losses, 12 of those I had 3 or 4 kills each, of those 12, 8 of them I had the only kills on the team next day, 16 battles, 16 losses that Friday, 12 battles, 10 losses 2 days ago (this past Sunday), 19 battles, 17 losses I'm not going to carry a team, but c'mon MM, throw me a bone will ya?
  5. Match making question

    You've been lucky. I bought the Omaha back & am grinding XP on it, in preparation for the US cruiser split; nearly every battle has been t7.
  6. GWG completed base construction (except expansion to 50 roster) mid-December; we're a little over 1/2 way toward the 100k needed for that
  7. Is this mod legal?

    based on last-known speed & heading, yes OP, there is no way I'd touch that mod
  8. Schedules for the Clan Battle

    they are, and there is no timeframe -
  9. this came up before, long before clans were implemented in ships, and WG said they're sticking with the term clan
  10. Clan leadership positions.

    in ships, it's only done in-game, rather than website like in tanks & planes positions are CO, XO, Recruiter & Junior Officer
  11. Gary_62, no worries on the delayed reply, however our roster is currently full we are grinding out oil so we can expand to 50, but that's going to take awhile
  12. Engine Boost Mod1 Damage Control Party Mod1 kinda underwhelming . . .
  13. each person's experience is his/her own, for me they've been pretty good (have spent NO money of my own) I bought 2 of the 20-pack of mega crates (paid for entirely with gift cards I was never going to use), and wound up with: October Revolution Arizona Graf Spee Gallant Anshan Huanghe Indianapolis Kii Kidd