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  1. How do I start a clan in WOWS?

    create the clan ingame, cost is 2500 doubloons
  2. haven't got 2 in the same day, did get 1 a couple days ago, after ~5 weeks since the last, had 1500 steel
  3. at this point, I'd say you were deputy commander; you aren't any longer
  4. Unified WG Account and Gold

    premium time is combined across all three titles gold is combined between planes & tanks only doubloons (essentially the same as gold) are only used in ships so, to answer your question, no - gold from tanks or planes is not directly usable in ships, only to purchase premium time
  5. WG, I am now pink for 3 games because...

    they know; they don't care
  6. Albany Tachibana Tachibana L Mikasa Aurora Varyag Campbeltown Arkansas Beta Iwaki Alpha Yubari Ishizuchi Texas Kamikaze Gremyashchy Okhotnik Murmansk Okt Revolutsiya Giulio Cesare Monaghan Arizona Mutsu Molotov Graf Spee Gallant Warspite Aigle De Grasse Anshan Huang He Duca D'Aosta Perth Sims Atlanta Indianapolis Leningrad Scharnhorst Hood Nelson Blyskawica Kidd Alabama HSF Harekaze Kii Kutuzov Prinz Eugen Tirpitz Lo Yang Missouri Musashi
  7. When should you join a Clan?

    most do, although I'm sure there are a few that don't other than that clan might not consider you again in the future, no; if it's not a good fit for both you & the clan, it's probably not worth sticking around
  8. Looks fishy to me

    done that before, always good for a few giggles
  9. Just a random hello and introduction

    Pete's very familiar to me; we've known each other online since at least 2009
  10. not with any regularity; there are a few who play occasionally
  11. Tachibana Lima port slot?

    actually -
  12. Fun and Enraging

  13. Whompity, give us a look; our base is fully built, and we have a few slots open
  14. Looking for the right clan

    OP, you've pretty much described Gray Wolf; feel free to stop by