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  1. Toning down the Tier 10 BBs

    The FDG is a combination of H39 and H41. The GK is a modified H42, basically what Germany actually could have built. This includes the Triple turrets that they designed for the Russians.
  2. Who have you seen in game

    Excellent I have gone unnoticed... Wait what have I done!
  3. How was your weekend spree?

    Teams were somewhat terrible. I think I had 5 that responded to my usual "Where to" question. And of those 5 only 2 executed the plan. But I enjoyed the Hood regardless of a 45% win rate.
  4. BBs do too much dmg to DDs

    This doesnt happen all that often but as a BB when it does its great because there was a lot of calculated lead on those shells. A shot like this from a BB to a DD requires you to Predict what the DD will do and lead far enough in front of the DD that the shells will connect. Once fired all you can do is prey that the DD isnt paying enough attention for the shells to connect. I sometimes split my salvos and go up and down to locations where the DD would try to dodge my shells. It is an art to shoot DDs at range with a BB. When you get good at this it will pay off. But it certainly isnt easy. As A BB you must learn to protect yourself from all enemies including DDs. But the DD isnt specifically suppose to counter the BB. Its the CV thats suppose to counter the BB. The DDs just dont always get to go after their CV so they have chosen to go after the other lumbering target in the sea. But this one can shoot back. As stated in the first few posts hitting a DD with a BBs shells equals an overpen and little damage. Getting multiple hits is reason to celebrate when shooting at the smallest and most maneuverable ships on the sea.
  5. I quite liked the content provided by the original poster. Was quite entertaining and uplifting. I give it a final grade of:
  6. The developers said a long time ago there will be no premium ammunition in world of warships. Besides unlike tanks there were only ever really 2 type of shells used by warships and thats the armor piercing and High explosive.
  7. Its not exactly missing from the game. It was present during early alpha. It sucked. It only had the initial wing of each type of plane and that was it.
  8. 50 new ships in 2017

    French cruisers would be 10 ships not 9 your numbering should be 11-21 not 11-20. Sorry but it was just bothering me because cruisers take up 10 ships in every line.
  9. Warships.Today broken?

    Seems to be breaking quite often lately. And I don't even have any IJN destroyers.
  10. Damn It!

    Can confirm this method still works. My implementation still works and has been working since Closed beta.
  11. How SerB gets people to play WoWs

    As a Kurfurst captain you do need a brain. That ship requires a lot of pre-planning.
  12. I have a slight complaint. None of this options has bacon in them.
  13. history repeating itself?

    These changes come from different departments of the developer. There is a team that does the work of 3d modeling for the ships then it's sent to the texturing team and from there to sound and mechanics. Which is a different department from UI and programming. You can have many different aspects of the game going on at the same time in a studio and not everyone works on the same project at the same time.the skill tree revision happened to be ready for testing and release. We will see a good bit more from the British lines as well as others this year. Along with a CV rework that last told was coming with the British CVs.
  14. Don't forget the dual planes made useless by 90 second plane flight time for fighters.