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  1. Cpt_Kill_Jack

    Announcing SKIPPER

    I would say you started the music in the link a tad bit early after I went to start again. I like the lead up.
  2. Cpt_Kill_Jack

    Game freezing in Port and Battle [SOLVED]

    Problem was solved. It ended up that my graphics card was dying. Spent the good part of my day figuring that out out. On to RMA land.
  3. After a while the game will freeze on me. In port the interface will freeze and you wont be able to interact with any buttons but the mouse cursor will continue to move. In battle everything will just stop. In both cases the music also continues to play. You can tell something went wrong with the game because you can no longer use alt+tab. The only way I have found to be able to get out of this situation without restarting the computer has been to use Windows+Tab and move the world of warships window to another desktop and then end the task in task manager. This has happened to me since the update and still happens after a full client reinstall that I performed last night. Also important to note is that my client is vanilla. On another note WGC fails to log my account in more than the first time after opening the program.
  4. I just needed to ask what your avatar is from.

    1. Cpt_Kill_Jack


      Second Season of SAO. When Kirito is playing in ALO.